How to Use a Hand Impact Driver ?

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How to Use a Hand Impact Driver

If you still don’t know how to use a hand impact driver, then you are literally missing one of the most inquisitive things in all your household works. A best impact driver is something through which, you can save a lot of your working times and reduce your efforts to a great stake as well. We do a lot of tasks daily that might be maintenance works, household repairing works, small operational tasks, refurbishment tasks etc. at home or office. However, all the things that we are having in our vicinity are nothing but a complete connection of several pieces connected through screws. An impact driver is something that can help you to torque or un-torque those screws within a very short time period and allow you to do such works in way easier form.

Why to use a hand impact driver ?

Hand impact drivers are nowadays readily available in markets. Within a handheld best impact driver package, you’ll get all the necessary accessories along with different sized bits. Those bits are necessary for matching the screws on the specimen where you are to work on. You can always use a screw driver and use them which are way lower in price and are available in most of the small to big sized stores. But instead of those manual hand held screw drivers, why would you use a hand held impact driver? This is because; hand impact drivers have following features that cannot be obtained through bare hands-

  1. Greater power: Hand held impact drivers are typically equipped with powerful motor that revolves the bits on the front lid. The revolving torque/force is way greater than a strong and adult person can attain through bare hands. Therefore, unscrewing or screwing becomes much more rigid and reliable.
  2. Precision control: Most of the hand held impact drivers are like grooves and hold mechanism. This is the mechanism through which the bit of the impact drivers gets set on the screws lid within the grooves. Therefore, applying greater torque is absolutely precise and locked for better precision. This is very necessary for light material screws otherwise, the grooves on the lid of such screws might get tampered which will certainly hassle future works.
  3. Controlled revolving: In most of the handheld impact rivers, the revolving speed is variable. Therefore, you get the ease access of controlling the torque application. Sometimes, fast revolving damages the product on which you place screws for attaching or detaching. But controlled pushing or pulling any screws through controlled speed allows you to do the work not only perfectly but also very precisely.
  4. Works on hidden screws: Hidden screws means the screws which are located at places where bare hand application is very tough or predominantly impossible. For examples, opening screws that is in the messy wiring system board of a vehicle can truly be tough if you are thinking of it with your bare hands. But with a handheld best impact driver, you can go for that deep screw with longer bits. Longer bits will go deep to the place where you need it to be and then you can easily unscrew that very easily. This is one of the primary reasons why people prefer using a handheld impact driver.

How to use a hand impact driver:

Unless you know the simultaneous steps about how to use a hand impact driver, then you won’t be able to make the best use of such a nice tool. Follow the following steps simultaneously in order to get yourself served the best-

  1. Groove matching first: after identifying the screw to work on, you have to select the best perfect and fitting bit on the impact driver. If the screw is deep inside any mess and your bare hands aren’t enough to reach the screw, you an extended bit. Recheck through a bit hand twisting to see if the bit has fit into the screw grooves or not.
  2. Lock the bit very tightly: After you’ve selected the best match for applying force, you have to make sure that the bit is tightly held on the impact driver lid. Otherwise, traumatic accidents can breach out in case of hard and harsh works. This is very important and be very cautious about it.
  3. Plug the power on the driver on: After you’ve done the previous 2 steps very prudently; then you can plug the driver in any power source in your vicinity. It is always recommended to hold the driver on the hand on which you are good at (right hand for right-handed persons and vice-versa).
  4. Hold the specimen with the other hand: When you are holding the driver on your stronger hand, hold the specimen (on which the screw is situated) very firmly whether you are screwing or unscrewing, make sure that your grip on the specimen is pretty strong.
  5. Trigger the driver and make your work accomplished: use the handheld impact driver through triggering it. Use low speed first with greater force. Slowly go for screwing or unscrewing. You’ll be able to get the work finished pretty convincingly.

Through following these steps simultaneously, you can get any of the works associated with this product very finely.


Many people possessing a powerful handheld impact driver, are still unaware of the perfect ways of using such a marvelous product. Instead of using bare hand application tools, make sure that you learn all the whereabouts of such a nice product. After getting acquainted with all the features of such product, know how to use a hand impact driver; then certainly you’ll be able to make the best use of it.