How to Cut Metal with a Miter Saw ?

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A miter saw is really a saw utilized to create precise crosscuts plus miters inside a work piece. The miter saw can make cuts by tugging a spinning round saw blade straight down onto a work piece in a brief controlled motion. The work piece is kept against a fence which supplies an accurate cutting position. In regular placement, this position is fixed in 90°.

It is possible to cut metal alongside metal utilizing a miter saw, so long as the cutting blades you utilize are appropriate. Also remember that it will more wear than normal wood working use. If you anticipate cutting plenty of metals I would get yourself a proper saw for this. If you simply need to cut a couple of items for a task you will be okay. (Don’t forget goggles and metal shavings in your eyes are not fun)

With regard to steel those metal cutting disks work good, for aluminum you need something along with teeth, if not just clog up the disk it’ll. I use old just-about-junk carbide blades to cut aluminum normally. Clamp the materials nicely, and go sluggish or the saw might bend the aluminum. Both saws should run significantly less than 5000 RPM and work regarding the same.

If you’re making a large amount of cuts or trimming thick metal together, do it within actions letting the particular metal awesome among each stage. Trimming metal along with a miter saw demands a good rough cut-off blade. A coarse blade appears much like the grinding wheel that’s as slim because a normal saw blade. Most producers usually do not recommend trimming metal having a harsh blade upon the miter saw as sparks may spoil the blade protect and function desk.

The sparks may keep marks upon the final of one’s miter saw. Once you make use of your miter saw it is best to wear security goggles plus gloves. It is a good notion to wear an extended sleeved shirt to safeguard your own arms if you’re likely to cut metal together with your best miter saw.

Required Tools:

  • Abrasive cut-off blade
  • Wrench arranged
  • Leather work hand protection
  • Goggles
  • Helper
  • Fire extinguisher

How to Cut:

  • Disconnect your miter saw cord from the electric outlet. Push the particular spindle lock switch for your miter saw to lock the particular spindle.
  • Enhance the blade safeguard plus remove the present blade from the saw. Take away the bolt securing the particular blade to the spindle with a wrench. Take away the external washer from your spindle and take away the saw blade.
  • Locate the abrasive cut-off wheel on the location and spindle the washer on the spindle. Secure the blade to the spindle using the retaining bolt.
  • Lower the blade safeguard and launch the spindle secure. Spot your little bit of metal against the back again fence on your own miter saw deck. Safe the metal using the clamp on your own miter saw.
  • Wear leather hand gloves and eye protection and ensure that there are zero flammable liquids or even rags close by. When trimming metal you will create a showering of sparks.
  • Plug the particular miter saw cord into the electrical store. Inquire an assistant to the stand by position having a fire extinguisher in order to become your “fire watch.” Your helper should have gloves and goggles on also.
  • Press the actual trigger to start out the saw and gradually bring the blade on the piece of metal. Gradually shift the blade through the metallic, applying small pressure. Permit the abrasive cut-off wheel to accomplish the ongoing work. When you slice through the metal, raise the blade out from the work item and release the particular result in. Unplug the actual power cord from the walls outlet.

Trimming metal shouldn’t be considered a problem. So long as the blade offers carbide teeth it’ll cut it fine. I have utilized regular wooden trimming blades in order to saw sheet aluminum on a miter saw. You can purchase cutting blades which is specially made to design for trimming non-ferrous metals. I’ve never really had an issue with burning aluminum on a saw.