Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best reciprocating saw

3 truly necessary things for household chores: If you have to maintain your homely toolbox comprising lots of tools and gears necessary for your household works, then you better keep at least one best reciprocating saw with all your gadgets. A reciprocating saw is one of the most important yet necessary electrical tools that can take care of different arduous tasks.  From cutting metal nails dipped into any wood log/ board, making a very thin slice of plywood shortening the breadth of any wood board, making a straight cut inside any wood board, etc. you can do a lot more other things with the help of a nice reciprocating saw. However, working with a reciprocating saw requires strong and steady hands; otherwise, your intention might turn into a disaster.

Reciprocating saw can be of different types and powers. The perfect one should be chosen according to your own requirements of working and needs. This calls for your better understanding on different reciprocating saw reviews. In order to get acquainted with the technical or other specifications of a reciprocating saw, you have to go for online news and portals where you’ll get a lot of news about them. When you are well acquainted with the specifications of different reciprocating saws, then you can differentiate between different types products, which will ultimately result you to have your preferred yet the best one.

The basic principle of a reciprocating saw is that, it works in an up n down mechanism. This is like a gun shaped saw on the lid of which, you have to mount a sharp blade having strong reciprocating and edgy teethes. This teeth blade will move up and down fast causing a faster cutting and separating works. The speed of this moving can be varied according to your working discretion. However, in the market nowadays, you’ll find a lot of reciprocating saw products. But in this content, you’ll get to know the 3 best reciprocating saw available in the markets-

Top 3 Best Reciprocating Saw in Breaf

1.DEWALT Bare tool DC385B:

This is a battery operated reciprocating saw that makes it’s operating very portable and classy. The DC385B is a18V powerful reciprocating saw. The motor inside has a powerful armature that can revolve up to 3000 rpm. Every rotation causes a movement of the blade teeth in the front. There are more to learn from this reciprocating saw-

  1. The blade strikes within 1 inch to 1/8 inch. In between this movement of this blade, you can have a powerful output from the blade cutting your desired target.
  2. The blade can be positioned at 4 different places. This makes the product to be affordable at most of the working cases. This increased versatility makes you even go for flush cutting which is literally hard while working with bare hands.
  3. You have to hold this product at its anti slip comfortable grip. This is the part where you get a silent yet rigid lock on the product while working.
  4. The blade is lever operated without any key mechanism for mounting and detaching. This makes blade changing very comfortable, time saving and ultimately, very easy.


The DEWALTDWE304 is another exquisite reciprocating saw, which has a set of tremendous qualities. The only differential matter between this one and the last one is that, this product is more portable than the previous one. However, the technical specifications also have got some changes like-

  1. This literally is one best reciprocating saw, which involves a powerful motor capable of handling heavy duty working applications. The motor sucks about 10 ampere of current, which can literally go beyond imagination.
  2. You get increased versatility from this product due to its easy and 4 different positioning of the blade. The blades can be put to any convenient position according to your working need and comfort.
  3. This product also provides you keyless action for easy and quiet blade changing.
  4. You can have about 2800 strokes per minute in between of 1 to 1/8 inches. This is literally enough for a portable device like this.
  5. The most important feature of such a device is that, you have variable stroking speed for the blade through just pushing a single button. You have to go for a speed that matches with your working needs and specimen affordability.

3. Black & Decker BDCR20B:

Black & Decker have provided mankind with one massive reciprocating saw modeled BDCR20B. This is one of the strikingly smartest, classy and portable necessary tools for different household works. However, this reciprocating saw reviews will get you acquainted with lot new things like-

  1. The product comes with an extremely powerful battery the battery can provide maximum 20v power to fed the product without any external AC power source.
  2. When you are thinking of blade changing hassle, you have none because there isn’t any tool required for replacing the blade.
  3. You have the variable speed trigger with this product with which, you can easily maintain your desired stroking speed of cutting or flushing.
  4. This total product weighs only 4 pounds excluding the blade. Therefore, you can work very easily with such a light product. However, you have to keep your hands really steady while working for any loaded applications.

Things you should remember before working with a reciprocating saw:

A reciprocating saw is best efficient when you have known all the reciprocating saw reviews and all the techniques properly to operate this product. Any discrimination or disobedience to working rule might cause different typed accidents or even damage the product to a good extent. For examples-

  1. Make sure that you’ve held the product very strong and steady prior to triggering for stroke.
  2. Always wear safety measures like safety gloves, eye goggles, keep fire extinguishers, use heavy-duty dresses etc.

Tips and tricks for buying the best reciprocating saw:

Reciprocating saws are basically a pen typed product that has the primary control over the person operating the product. But you have to make sure first that the operator of this product is well capable of handling this product and is allegedly eligible to handle this product. After this first compliance, you have to go for different points which are briefly detailed below for your ease of buying the best reciprocating saw-

  1. See the grip of the product first before you are submitting money to the vendor. Make sure that you are comfortable with the grip mechanism of your preferred product. Reciprocating saw solely relies on the grip of the user because the performance of the product relies on the rigid hold of the user.
  2. After the grip mechanism, comes the stroke length. A reciprocating saw works solely on the stroke length. This length is the primary specification which distinguishes among different models. The higher the stroke length, the better the product will be and will be powerful. Check the stroke length again and again and see if the length is enough for your application. Check the SPM firstly that is Stroke per Minute.
  3. Speed variability is another measure to make certain before buying. Make sure that your preferred product has variable speed quality. For an example, when you are to cut a straight line right in the middle of any broad wood piece, you have to go very slow with a best reciprocating saw and then find a single line spot. After that, you can go for better speed and cut your line smoothly. But if you go for high speed at the first trigger shot, the line might get distracted and the wood piece might be dismantled for further works.
  4. Weight is another burning factor about a reciprocating saw. A reciprocating saw is totally hand help equipment that is solely operated by one user with both the hands. If you are unable to handle the product with both the hands comfortably, then defer buying the product in just one shot. Always go for such a product that is well easy to maintain and of course, light in weight. In most of the cases, light weight product are helpful for most of the wood works line, engravings, designs etc. heavy weight products are useful for cutting and making pieces of different products at different cuts.
  5. Some of the reciprocating saws vibrate more than desired. You can check it right at the time of buying, even if you don’t feel the extra vibration while buying but have bought the product, you can overcome this problem with a very small measure. Use velvet or other heavy fabric materials as gloves while working with this product. Bare handed working might cause fatigue to your hand bones and overall fitness. Always refer using a pair of strong material/fabric gloves while working with a best reciprocating saw.
  6. Thinking if you’ll buy a corded or a cordless reciprocating saw? Well nothing to get in this dilemma. Make your requirement analysis first and check if you need to carry the saw a lot or not. Make a point table if required and analyze between the corded and a cordless reciprocating saw. To be very point specific, cordless chainsaws are less powered and thus less efficient than that of corded reciprocating saws. Corded ones are for heavy duty applications such as drawing a cut line through a hard board. Requirement analysis through the reciprocating saw reviews will help you a lot in this phase for sure.


There are thousands of question in millions of reciprocating saw users all over the world both, before and after buying the product. However, there are a few common questions in these two categories which are briefly detailed below with perfect answers-

  1. While using the reciprocating saw, I shake and am afraid if my wood piece will get arbitrary cuts, is there any way that can help me to get my perfect cut?
  • Certainly there is! All you’ll have to do is that wear a nice heavy material pair of gloves tightly and then holds the reciprocating saw as tight as possible. Also refer to wearing a nice pair of shoes because you need to stabilize your position quite strongly and rigidly before applying your reciprocating saw. Lastly, make sure that you are applying the force with two hands with the saw otherwise the cut will certainly go in vain.
  1. Sometimes, my blade gets stuck on the wood while working and the product itself starts shaking. Is there any remedy to this problem?
  • There isn’t any specific remedy to this problem regarding the product but there is a solution for sure. The blade claws get stuck if you apply greater force on the way of cutting. This ultimately leads due to greater force application only, nothing else. The only solution to this problem is that, you have to go very slow disregarding the time of fast cutting. Make sure that you’ve placed the blades on the very right direction. Then apply the force very slowly while triggering the knob for better speed of strokes. Eventually you’ll get a perfect and precise cut for sure.
  1. Can I use both the directions for cutting? Upper or lower cutting direction for ease and benefit?
  • It is always recommended to work on the down line force application. Acting force on the way where gravitational force works will always be greater than acting force on the upper line. If you need to cut the upper line, then it’s recommended to turn the specimen upside down and then apply down line saw stroke force. This is always helpful and will lead you towards perfect and precise cuts for sure.


For reciprocating saws, it is highly recommended that you’ve acquainted with all the working rules and regulations. For examples you have to maintain straight line while slicing any wood board; you have to hold the saw very rigidly so that the strokes be uniform on the board, otherwise, the total specimen might get tampered and damaged; there are many other things to regard. As this is a very necessary tool that is highly required in most of the daily household works, you can really make this thing into work. Ultimately, you can see a good amount of money saving in your pocket. This is only deemed to happen if you are well acquainted with most of the reciprocating saw reviews and after that, you’ve gone for a best reciprocating saw.