Best Table Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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Introduction: Table saws are usually referred as sawbench. It is a popular woodworking tool that has a circular saw blade which remained mounted in an arbor. That blade is driven by electric motor. The main cutting objects of table saws are woods. Modern day’s table saws are advanced and you can cut woods in various kinds of ways. In earlier days blades and the arbor of a table saw made as fixed but now the scenario is completely different.

You can get numbers of good table saws from different kinds of manufacturers now. Therefore finding a good saw might be difficult at times. This is why you should try to know the basic things about table saws and about their features and specifications too. Knowing the basics of the table saw is vital not only to get the best table saw from the market but also to make your purchase safer. Even if you want to get a mediocre table saw, don’t make a dive unless you know what you are doing.

Three Popular Table Saws in Brief

At this section, you will find some good examples of table saws. Reading this section can be good for you if you want to know which brand is offering what features to its customers. Here I’m discussing on three table saws from different brands. Here are those as follows. 

1.Craftsman Evolv-15 Amp-10 In.-Table Saw-28461

Craftsman Evolv-15 Amp-10 In.-Table Saw-28461

This is one of the best table saw for the money. Craftsman Evolv is the producer of it. Its power source is AC and you will get bare tool while purchasing this table saw. You can use this table saw years after years if proper maintenance of it is ensured. Here are some features and specifications of it. Take a look at it.

  • You will get a 24T tipped blade with this table saw that is made of carbide. It has a product dimension of 11 * 11 * 11 inches.
  • Additionally, you will get a stand, hex keys, blade guard and blade wrenches with this table saw. There are anti-kickback pawls available too. Besides this table saw includes push stick, rip fence, manual, and miter gauge.
  • It has a sheer table-top that will enable your smoother cuts always. It has a motor of 15 Amp. You can work with the table saw with great control.
  • Its weight is only 50 pounds so you can handle and carry this table saw easily.
  • You will receive one yearlong warranty with this table saw when making the purchase. This will make your money protected. This table has no wheels.
  • This table saw has a comfortable working height. Setting it up is really easy. It has auto adjustment feature.
  • This table is made of aluminum and pure steel that has enduring value. You can use this table saw for years after years. 
2. DEWALT DW745-10 Inch-Compact Job-Site Table-Saw

DEWALT DW745-10 Inch-Compact Job-Site Table-Saw

This is one of the best table saw under 500. DEWALT is the producer of it. Its origin is in the US and you can get it is yellow, gray & black color. Here are some of its features and specifications. Take a look.

  • This is a good table saw that has a product dimension of 25.8 * 26.5 * 13.9 inches.
  • Its weight is only 53.2 pounds that enable the user to handle this table easily. Its size is 5/8 inches.
  • Its power source is corded electric and you need 220 volts of electricity to run it. You will get bare tools with the package and no battery is required to run the motor.
  • You can receive ninety days money return warranty with one-year long free servicing. Besides the manufacturer offers three years of limited warranty. So in a lot of ways you can feel safe about your money.
  • The motor of this table saw is 15 Amp and it has rack & pinion fence rail. Therefore, the adjustment of the fence can be made fast and in an accurate manner.
  • This table saw can cut trim materials very well. Its metal rolling cage offers the user better durability than a typical plastic base. You can adjust the blade easily. You will not get a stand with this saw but this other features can make your purchase worth enough.
3. DEWALT DWE7491RS-10 Inch-Jobsite Table-Saw

DEWALT DWE7491RS-10 Inch-Jobsite Table-Saw

This is an expensive table saw of DEWALT but to my opinion is it the best table saw under 1000. It has its origin in Taiwan. You can get it in yellow color. Here are some features and specifications of it. Take a look.

  • This is a table saw that has a product dimension of 31 * 24.5 * 31 inches. Its weight is 110 pounds that indicate it is a compact product.
  • Its power source is AC and it has only one handle. No battery will be required to run it and you will get a stand with the package.
  • Its cutting diameter is ten inches. It can cut 24 teeth per inch.
  • You will receive 3 yearlong manufacturer warranties with this table saw.
  • It has distinctive ‘pinion fencing’ system. You can cut almost all the object with the help of this table saw. It has a 15 AMP motor and you can set this table saw easily. It will not consume much space of your working place. It has 2.5-inch dust collecting port.
  • This table saw is good for cabinet installers. You can use it in ripping a floorboard too. Deck builders also use this table saw. But above all, serious woodworkers capitalize its optimal usage.
  • You will get a rolling stand and push stick with this job site special table saw. This is such a table saw that can offer you longevity.

Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Table Saw and Using It!

Different kinds of table saws are available. So it is good to follow some steps to get the best product from the market. At this section, I would like to focus on that area.

  • If you are a person who wants to get a good table saw in recent days and you never used such tools before, please read table saw reviews to get an initial idea. This can be good from many perspectives, even if you already have a table.
  • After that, you should fix your budget. It is important; otherwise, you might spend more than your budget. Get rid out of the idea that spending more can bring you a better table. While deciding about the budget, you also should know the purpose of your buying.
  • If you are a non-professional person, I would suggest you not to spend a lot in getting the best table from the market. But if you want heavy duty table saw, spend a bit time to get a better product that can offer your longevity.
  • Now select some brands that have a global reputation and where you can put your faith in. Select some table saws within those brands.
  • Read the features of those selected products and make your product list shorter.
  • At this point reassess your necessity and think about your budget once more. Evaluate the features and specifications of the shortlisted products and make your decision to buy a particular one.
  • Get your table saw.

While using the saw, you don’t forget about the maintenance of it. You should take care of it after each day of working. Always use your tool cleaner to start cleaning. Never allow to remain cropped wooden piece over the saw after the working. Wet wooden pieces are even more harmful to a table saw. Even though a good table saw has owned dust collection port, still it is good to clean the working surface after the work.

Don’t forget to read the user manual before starting to work with your saw. Not all the products of the different brands have the same operating system, so you have to keep your keen eyes over that issue too. Yes, basic of using table saws are the same, but reading manual can help you to adjust fast with a particular machine. While working, it is good if you can remember the following.

Position the hands in a safer position. Try to wear eye & hearing protection all the times. Try to work with take small cuts as long as you can. Heavy cutting can invite kick backing. In some cases heavy cuts are necessary and in such cases try to work from a distance. Try to use the feather board always to get support against the fence.

Climb cut should be avoided as long as you don’t have that expertise. Shaping small stocks requires more patience and carefulness. Try to use guard always. Don’t overload your saw unless you are experienced enough to tackle that. It is not good to force the bit too. Before starting your table saw to work, motor needs to be secured first.


There are numbers of frequently asked questions being raised by the customers before buying the saw from a particular brand. They often ask questions about the usage of the saw after the purchase being made. Here at this section, you will get some of those commonly encountered questions and their answers. Take a look if you are still in a dangling stage.

How can I raise the blade?

  • Use the hand crank to do that.

Should a beginner start with an expensive table saw?

  • Of course, but before start to work, I would suggest reading the manual. One thing that I feel important to mention here, that is, doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should buy your saw depending on your purpose and the work order. A woodworker having limited work order should not spend a lot initially buying an expensive table saw.

I’ve few sets of dado blades. Can I use it in my table saw?

  • Not all the saw would allow you to use dado blades. But DEWALT DWE7491RS-10 Inch-Jobsite Table-Saw accepts dado blades. You might find few others, but I know about it personally.

Which is the best table saw for woodworking?

  • All table saw can offer you good woodworking service if you can buy the saw from a good manufacturer. But it is tough to mention a particular name the way you are asking. But I will suggest you to see the products of these two brands, DEWALT and Craftsman Evolv. They produce numbers of saws and the price of the products varies too. Find out your match from their products seeing the features and determining your budget. Hope this suggestion would help.

Do all ‘table saw’ motors have reset buttons?

  • I’m afraid; I didn’t notice that in a single table saw yet. The table saw of DEWALT or Craftsman Evolv doesn’t offer that.


You might still think whether you should buy or not, or what other things should you know before making the purchase. But I would like to suggest stepping forward at this time. If you read this guide through, it can be said you already know enough things about table saws and its different kind of features too! Now you also know the name of few good brands that produces tables saw. So try to stick within your budget and remain careful while buying by following the proper buying steps mentioned above. Eventually, you can easily get the best table saw without any trouble.

But whichever saw might attract you, it is important to determine your actual buying purpose. It means you should buy a table saw that is enough to serve your necessities. If you are not a professional who has numbers of work orders, I would not recommend you to buy a table saw spending thousands of dollars. Hope it you got the point.