Best Angle Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best angle grinder

Introduction: Angle grinders are often known as side grinder too. It us a power tool held by hand and people use it for cutting, polishing & grinding. You can give power to an angle grinder by an electric motor though still you can use petrol engine and compressed air. All angle grinders have an adjustable guard. In some case, you can use some angle grinders as sanders too, depending on the speed range of them, by employing the sanding disc and a backing pad. That backing system is made of plastic, hard plastic to be precise and with phenolic resin!

You can use angle grinders to remove excessive materials from a particular piece or surface. You can numbers of type’s angle grinders and, therefore, you might fall in trouble while choosing any particular one. This article will lead you towards that destination of getting the best angle grinder from the market. Here you can find some example of good grinders with a short description and the tips to get a good grinder within your budget.

Three Popular Angle Grinders in Brief

At this point, I’m going to share some prominent features of few angle grinders. They are made of three different brands. If you are a person who is planning to buy an angle grinder in upcoming days, reading these features could be good for you especially to know which brand and which particular product should be chosen and what features can rank an angle grinder over another. Here are those as follows.  

1. Hitachi G12SR3-4.5

Hitachi G12SR3-4.5" 6-Amp Angle-Grinder with-5 Abrasive-Wheels

This is one of the best angle grinder for the money. Hitachi is the producer of it. You can get it spending around thirty dollars. It has its origin in China. You can get it in Green color. Here are some of this features and specifications. Take a look.

  • This is an angle grinder that has a product dimension of 10 * 2.5 * 2.5 inches. Its weight is only 3.1 pounds. So carrying and working will be no issue for the user. You can get the small size of it.
  • It is an electric powered angle grinder that requires 120 volts of electricity to run. Its motor is 6 Amp.
  • It is a fully compact angle grinder that can offer your better durability. You will get a case with the purchase.
  • You can receive thirty days long satisfaction guarantee with one yearlong manufacturer warranty while buying this angle grinder. So in both ways, your money will remain secured.
  • This angle grinder offers better control to the user as it has forward-canted side handle that is easily removable too. You can get comfort while working with this doesn’t matter whether you are right handed or not.
  • You can accomplish tough grinding duties with this angle grinder with its powerful motor with a 400 Walt power output system.
  • It has trigger lock system that can enable the user to continue operation for a long time. It has extended carbon brushes that can offer you an enduring motor life. It is an awesome angle grinder for overhead application.
  • You can get 5 abrasive discs in this angle grinder.


2. PORTER CABLE-PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2 Inch-Angle Grinder

PORTER CABLE-PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2 Inch-Angle Grinder

This is one of the best angle grinder under $50. Porter is the producer of it. It has its origin in China. You can get it in gray color. It is a good angle grinder for heavy duty purposes. Here are some of its features and specifications.

  • This is an electric powered angle grinder that requires 120 volts of electricity to run. It has a product dimension of 13 * 4.7 * 5.3 inches. Its weight is only 5.7 pounds, so you can handle it easily.
  • You will get a stand while purchasing this angle grinder. Additionally, there are three years of limited warranty offered.
  • This is one of the latest angle grinder of Porter where they have used advanced technology and top notch expertise.
  • It can rotate with a speed of 11000 rpm. Its motor is 6 Amp and it has side switch. You can get study gear case with it that is made of case metal. This is enabling increased tool life.
  • This angle grinder is made for serving heavy duty and it can serve you years after years with is compact product design.
  • This angle grinder has a tool-free changing guard that can promote easy guard removal. Besides it has good spindled lock feature, so you can change wrench bit easily.
  • This particular angle grinder requires minimal maintenance that can offer user flexibility and no hassle. From that perspective, you can hardly able to find a better grinder at this price range.
  • You can work with this angle grinder with great control as it has three position sides handle. This tool can be helpful for all plumbers and electricians. For simple home renovation works, you can keep a grinder in your home too.


3. Makita 9557PBX1-4.5 Inch-Angle Grinder-with Aluminum-Case

Makita 9557PBX1-4.5 Inch-Angle Grinder-with Aluminum-Case

This is another angle grinder that can offer you long life service. Makita is the producer of it. You can get it in Teal color. This is a bit expensive angle grinder that is good for all commercial works and it is becoming a popular tool for all relevant professionals like plumbers, constructions workers and electricians. Here are some of its features and specifications.

  • This is an angle grinder that has a product dimension of 15 * 10 * 6 inches. Its weight is only 11.9 pounds; therefore, you will not feel anything in your hand while working with this tool.
  • This is a 120-volt electric powered tool that is fully compact and come with a case. You can get one yearlong warranty with this angle grinder.
  • It has a powerful motor of 7.5 AMP. It has a barrel grip that can enable added comfort for the users.
  • It has labyrinth construction seal that can protect the motor & the bearing from debris & dust. Thus, the life of the angle grinder can be increased.
  • For getting continuous operation, it has a lock on and lock off feature. You can use both AC and DC power source for working in different types of areas.
  • Here you can get large paddle switches; therefore, you can perform operational duties easily. It has protective zig-zag varnishes too that can seal the armature from the environmental dust.
  • It has spindle locks that can allow you to change wheel easily. Its gear housing rotates around ninety degrees enabling the user to cut things easily.
  • This angle grinder has an electronic limiter. That helps the user by stopping the motor and by reducing accidental overloads. Its SJS technology easily prevents kickback in the case of wheel binding, so the user can use it in a simple casual manner without incurring risk issues.


Tips & Tricks for Choosing an Angle Grinder and Using It!

There are several things to remember while buying an angel grinder. This is important to remember if you want to gain get the good product.

  • First of all read angle grinder reviews to get initial ideas about it. You can talk with a real-life user too. If you have an angle grinder and want to buy a new one, then start your buying process from reading features of different products.
  • For those who know very little about angle grinders should find some brands where they can put trust. Makita, Porter all are good examples of good brands. Don’t forget to remember your purpose of buying before stepping forward.
  • After finding some brands, try to find some good products to make your choice list. Assess the features of your selected angle grinders.
  • Determine your budget at this time and make your choice list short.
  • Make the final buy.

While using your angle grinder, it is good to keep the tool in the box you received while buying it. Don’t allow to fall water over it. In a case of an accident, try to make it try as quickly as possible. Don’t allow kids to handle this tool.  Here are some other tips that can help you to use your angle grinder for a longer period.

  • Never forget to inspect the grinder before using.
  • It is very important to check air vents are clear. For cleaning the tool using compressed air is recommended.
  • Don’t forget to wear goggles to protect you while using compressed air for cleaning.
  • Power cable needs to be up to mark for optimum service. So try to check the cable before start using.
  • It is vital to check the cutting disc and grinding wheel. Try to fund whether these are fine-tuned and they are free from all sorts of cracks or damages.
  • After fifty hours of usage, motor carbon brushes of the motor are necessary to check. In the case of declining status, you should renew that immediately. To do that a cross-head screwdriver will be needed.
  • Try to keep your working area neat and clean. Cluttered areas might cause unwanted accidents. Wearing proper apparel has no alternative. Never carry an angle grinder with its electric cable.
  • Forcing the tool would be foolishness. If you find any mechanical problem while working with your angle grinder any time, try to resolve that first without forcing it to get service. Try to use the recommended accessories. You can get good guide about the issue from the user manual. So read that and keep that for further necessity. 


Though a lot of areas has discussed above angle grinders, still you might have some more questions. This section will help you to get some other common question answers. Take a look.

My master lock is seized up. Can I use my angle grinder?

  • Of course, you can.

Can I cut tin made roofs with my angle grinder?

  • Yes, you can. Angle grinders are good at serving in these purposes.

Which brand to select to buy an angle grinder?

  • Many good products and brands are available from where you can but. It is tough to mention one name, but you can try products of these following brands-Hitachi, Porter, Makita.

Should I use buffing pad along with my angle grinder?

  • Though I don’t know it practically, but I presume it should not, as because of high rpm of the angle grinders.

Should I use my grinder to cut metals?

  • Sometimes you can if you have a good angle grinder. Low priced grinders might not help at this case. Ask the manufacturer before buying to know about it if your purpose of buying is solely based on metal cutting.

What is the primary use of an angle grinder?

  • The primary use of an angle grinder is wielding. Plumbers, electricians, construction mechanics uses this tool mostly.


If you want to get the usual grinder, I would say, no worries as you can get that from a local store around you. But in the case of finding the best angle grinder, you must follow the proper steps. These steps involve knowing about the grinder, assessing the information and different products and making the final decision. A person who would follow this guide while purchasing an angle grinder wouldn’t lose anything, that’s what I can tell you bold.

But it doesn’t mean you should buy the mentioned grinders from a particular brand, rather you are always free to make your purchase. Yes, it is good to get products from good brands as they offer proper after-purchase service and also the good quality products. You can put your trust over a good brand. But still it is possible to get good angle grinders from new emerging brands. Just know the features that you are looking for, determine your budget and use your educated assessing power, you are done.