Best Impact Driver Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best impact driver

Introduction: All we know what impact drivers do! It is basically a manual tool that you can use as a power tool too. It can generate a tremendous rotational force that can work even better when applied downward. You can use it to loosen different larger screws, nuts and bolts; especially when those become frozen corrosively or being overly torqued. You can even use those impact drivers for the reverse work that mean to toughen screws. In those cases when you might think tightening cannot be enhanced anymore by using a regular screwdriver, it is suggested to try an impact driver.

All manual drivers have an outer sleeve which surrounds an interior core which is splined within. That spline is usually remaining curved, so when you would start operating it, it can work with its downward force emitting that results a rotational force creation. There are many producers of impact drivers from where you can buy your fit. If not don’t have the best impact driver in your stock, it is good to keep a regular driver in a house to conduct simply to mid-level household chores without calling professional people in action.

Three Popular Impact Drivers in Brief

Professional people need many tools to work and impact driver is not out of that list. The usage of an impact driver is much more for the professionals in contract to the household necessities. This is why it is good for them to find the best impact driver of the market so that longevity can be enjoyed not compromising effectiveness even by a smaller margin.

But as there are many producers picking a good one can be often difficult for a new buyer. This article, therefore, would work as a buying guide for them. If you want to get a good impact driver, by reading this guide you definitively would get a preliminary idea. Besides you can know what the areas to look at are, and how an impact drive should be marked as superior over another, and on which circumstances.

Here are three popular impact drivers that are widely embraced by peoples across the world. Take a look at these.

1.DEWALT Bare-Tool DC825B-1/4 Inch-18 Volt-Cordless Impact-Driver

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC825B-1/4 Inch-18 Volt-Cordless Impact-Driver

This is one of the best impact driver under $100 by DEWALT. Thailand is the origin of this tool and you can get it in many available colors. It is battery powered. Eighteen volts of electricity is required to run it. Here are some of its specification and features that you might find interesting. Take a look.

  • It is a fully compact impact driver with a product dimension of 5.8 * 6.7 * 4.1 inches.
  • Its weight is only 2.2 pounds, so a user can handle it easily. In the case of using it in complicated areas for hours after hour, you will encounter use fatigue.
  • It is only 6.4 mm in size. It means you can accommodate it within a nominal space.
  • You can use this impact driver with the help of batteries. It is good to use NiCAD batteries in those cases.
  • You might not get a charger with this impact driver but can get a bare tool with it. Additionally, three years of limited warranty is offered. So you can feel your money spend is much protected.
  • The motor of this impact driver is frameless; therefore, you can use it for a long period.
  • Though batteries and chargers are not offered with the impact driver, you can purchase top quality batteries and chargers from DEWALT separately.
  • It has high average rotation speed that is around 400 rpm. It can work up to 700 rpm too in case of optimal demand.
  • You can replace the brush of it, it means this driver offer more serviceability. Its grip is textured anti-slip, so while working it; the chance of losing control is nominal. Besides, it’s you can grip with comfort.
  • This cordless impact driver can work powerfully in the specific performance area.
  • Torque is 1330 in-lbs. so you can work fast in an efficient manner with this impact driver.

2.DEWALT DCK296M2-20V XR-Lithium Ion-Brushless Premium-Hammerdrill

DEWALT DCK296M2-20V XR-Lithium Ion-Brushless Premium-Hammerdrill

This is one of leading product of DEWALT that you can consider as the best impact driver for the money. It is battery powered and requires 20 volts of electric supply. But you can use this impact driver with the support of lithium ion batteries in a case when you don’t have any electric supply. In such cases, only one battery will be efficient enough to operate your work. The battery is included within the package. It has its origin in China.  Here are some of its specifications and features.

  • The weight of this impact driver is 11.6 lbs. only, it means carrying, using, and handling it is easy.
  • You can get it in beautiful yellow color.
  • It is an energy star certified impact driver that has a product dimension of 14.1 * 6.8 * 10.2 inches.
  • You will get a case while buying this driver.
  • Three years manufacturer warranty is offered with this impact drive by DEWALT.
  • There is only one handle of it, it means less complexity to operate and handle.
  • Its size is 14 inches * 10.25 inch * 6.50 inches.
  • It has a brushless motor. You will get a 0.5-inch hammergril.
  • This impact driver has a fuel gauge. Its charger can charge fast.
  • You can get belt hooks with a bit holder. Besides a side handle that can rotate 360 degrees is offered with a fine contractor bag.

3.Milwaukee Electric-Tool 2763-22 M18-Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Electric-Tool 2763-22 M18-Impact Wrench" clean Cut

You might refer this impact wrench as expensive, but I would like to introduce it as one of the finest tools against the money. Buying this wrench can be worthy from many perspective. Milwaukee Electric-Tool is the produce of it. It has its origin in China. You can get this wrench is the red color. Here are some of its mentionable features and specifications.

  • This impact wrench can work fast and accurate with its 700’/LB torque.
  • It is a compact impact wrench that has a product dimension of 16.1 * 4.3 * 12.6 inches.
  • It has a weight of 17.3 pounds that enable you to carry it easily while moving from either to other. Besides its reasonable weight is not a challenge within working in deeper areas.
  • It is battery powered that requires 18 volts of power to run. It has a multi-voltage charger that can work efficiently to change things fast. That charger is immensely durable.
  • You will get a case with this impact wrench. You are free to use lithium ion batteries.
  • It has red link-plus intelligence that allows its user to select one from two alternative modes. Fastening torque for mode 1 is 100’/LB maximum, which is 700’/LB for mode 2.
  • Its motor is brushless and power state. It has a nut busting torque of 100’/LB. You can run this impact wrench at the double the time of usual wrenches.
  • It has a 0.5-inch anvil with a friction ring that would enable you to change socket easily.

Tips & Tricks for Choosing an Impact Driver and Using It!

It has been discussed earlier that there are many manufacturers of impact drivers, such as DEWALT, Milwaukee Electric-Tool etc. Therefore, sometimes it can be really difficult for you to buy a driver and get the best result out of it. This is why knowing key things about those drivers can help you a lot. If you want to buy from above mentioned products, you wouldn’t be a loser. But your purchasing should not remain limited to that. This is why you should follow a proper step while buying your tool. This is true in a case of using the tool, as become the issue of longevity is related to the manner you use that.

  • Obviously, you should acquire some basic information about impact drivers before buying. Reading impact driver reviews can help you at this case. While doing it don’t forget to determine your tentative budget that you would ready to spend.
  • If you can figure out your actual purpose of buying intention, it would be easier to finalize about information searching and requirement sourcing. So try to determine what purpose you want to buy an impact driver.
  • Now you can search the internet and get some names of good brands that produce impact drivers. From this guide, you already know about two brands. You are free to search few more.
  • At this point, try to find few good impact drivers/wrenches produced by your preferred brands.
  • Try to read their features and specifications and make your product list shorter and make job easier for the next step.
  • Think about your budget once more and read the reviews of your preferred impact driver twice to determine you would buy it over that.
  • Make the buy and smile!

Please try to remember, you should not make attempts to use your impact driver if any partial damage being found. Besides, you should not keep this tool outside. Try to store it in a clean, dry, and secure area from where kids cannot get any trace of it to run experiments. You should keep the user manual in a safe place too. In a case of malfunctioning of the tool that user manual can show you the path how you should step forward to solve. In critical cases, your user manual can give you important phone numbers from where you can seek help directly.


It is possible to think about many things before buying an expensive product. It is true for those cases too when a person is ready to spend to get a good impact driver spending half a thousand dollars. As a customer, you might think about few things about an impact wrench too and finding answers of those. This section is for that purpose where you can get answers of some popular questions regarding impact drivers. Here are those questions as follows.

What is the best impact driver under $200?

  • It is tough to answer, as you can get good impact driver even in lesser price. I can suggest you to buy Bare Tool-DC825B ¼-Inch 18-Volt Cordless-Impact Driver of DEWALT. 

Can I use my impact driver as a drill machine? I don’t want to spend more for a drill machine.

  • It depends on. A simple impact driver cannot be used as drill machine. But if you have an expensive tool, you might accomplish simple works of drilling without putting much pressure. But in both cases you should remember, your impact driver is not for using as a hammer drill.

I want to use bits of other brands. Can I?

  • Of course, you can.

I have an 18-volt battery but my charger charges 20 volts. How can I charge my DEWALT battery?

  • It is not possible. There are differences between 18 volts and 20 volts batteries.

Can I user DEWALT impact drivers for my car tire changing?

  • You can, but better you use torque sticks.


At the above FAQ section, you read some question answer’s about impact drivers that customer often seem asking. That part hopefully can wrap up your fundamental queries about this particular tool. Now you can easily take your decision to buy. You are free to choose any product from any brand. But if you want to get the best impact driver, try to follow the buying tips perfectly.

It is good to remember your first job is to read and understand the prominent features of an impact driver. Later on, you can assess any other products based on those features. In this way, you can understand which asking price is reasonable and which brand is asking for high prices. While dissecting different producers and multiple products, making an educated guess doesn’t work always without following steps. So, in a single sentence, try to stick on the line and follow steps, getting the best impact wrench wouldn’t remain knotty.