3 Latest Hobart Plasma Cutter Reviews

If you are finding a powerful product for thick steel sheets cutting, then opting Hobart plasma cutter is the best choice you an ever have. This is a plasma cutter that is capable of taking care of all your hard tasks. If you are planning to make your own repair station in your garage, then this one certainly is a best plasma cutter. Although there are many more products available in the market, you need to make sure if you have any hard tasks that you can do quite easily and portably.

If you have gone for a Hobart plasma cutter, you better know all of its specification first and then the plasma cuter reviews. Unless that, you won’t makes its utilization up to the mark. There are millions of people in this world working with a plasma cutter but doesn’t know its severance level, efficiency, working efficiency on thickness of steel sheets etc. If you are well acquainted with the basics of such a plasma cutter, then you certainly can make the best use out of it.

There are boldly three Hobart plasma cutters that have taken a strong grasp over the current market. The models are simultaneously- Hobart AirForce 250i, Hobart AirForce 500i and Hobart AirForce 700i. The higher the model number, the greater the specification and the working efficiency are. Some of the important plasma cutter reviews are denoted below for your best information, which you should know in case of buying a best plasma cutter-

1. Hobart AirForce 250i:

It consists with the simplest technology to cut a steel sheet with precision control. It uses oxy-acetylene technology to create the sharp flame arc that is highly efficient to cut a steel sheet without any slag. You can easily cut steel sheets thick up to ¼”. However, make sure that the piece/specimen you are to work on is electrically conductive. This is because you have to connect the specimen with the plasma cutter connectivity clamp to make it responsible for completing the cutting circuit. The AirForce 250i is powered by standard household current measurement that is 115VAC.

If you are thinking about portability, then this is just the right choice for you. There is a built in air piston compressor. This is the part where the plasma arc becomes much more powerful disregarding its size. The torch model is HP-25 and the torch leg is about 16.5 feet long. Many people find it very easy to work at garage with it because they do not need to move the base station, rather moving with the torch is easier. The whole circuit conducts about 20ampere current, which is, in the technology of electrical and electronics, very powerful for plasma cutting of steel.

If you are thinking about the usage level and efficiency at different sectors, then for your kind information, you can accomplish projects of plumbing (pipes, ducts, hoses), HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning ducts, pipes etc.), sheet metal (for steel industries, garage automobile works, etc.) farm/ranch, auto body etc. some key points you need to know are-

  • It cuts sheet sheets faster than oxy-fuel.
  • You’ll have less slag, more precise kerf.
  • You don’t need to pre-heat the metal before cutting, at normal temperature; you can do your task anytime and anywhere.
  • Steel warping due to heat is less observed as the heat is pin point and thinner yet very powerful.

2. Hobart AirForce 500i:

This is a multi-voltage plasma cutter. Through a MVP (Multi-voltage Plug) it works at either voltage levels of household connections that are 110V or 220V.  The torch cable is 5 meter long so that you can distantly work at your garage or workstation. This is highly appreciated by most of the plasma cutter users because moving the base plasma cuter station is quite difficult. Along with it, the power cord is also 3 meter long. If you have the power faceplate far from your working space, then you even don’t need to use a power extension box.

3.0 CFM (cubic feet meter) plasma gas pressurized at the pressure of about 90-120 psi (Pressure per square inch) makes the thin yet powerful plasma arc. This plasma arc is powerful enough to take care of cutting steel sheets thick up to ¼”. After you’re done with your plasma cutting, this cutter allows cool air to flow through the plasma torch hose to chill its temperature down. This calls for better and longer effective operation of the plasma cutter torch.

Its HP-50 ergonomic torch makes the cut much more precise than its previous models leaving less slag and kerf. You can even use the torch for fan purpose when needed. This option is merely available in different plasma cutters. It is rated for 35% duty cycle and can bear temperature of about 104 degree Fahrenheit. This magnitude is generally much more than required. Then why won’t it be a best plasma cutter?

3. Hobart AirForce 700i:

The Hobart AirForce 700i includes updates torch modeled HP-70. This is the pin point which is responsible for better and firmer plasma cutting. This is the point which promises about its thermal activity and precise cutting of steel sheets for longer time spans. The input power of this massive product ranges in between 208-230 VAC. It works at single phase power source and completes the circuit in 50 ampere during working. This high availability of current makes the cut to be faster and stronger.

This product weighs only 31.4 lbs which is also movable for men. Although no one prefers to move the base station while working but also, doing so isn’t prescribed. This model is also equipped with the post operating air flow mechanism to cool the torch temperature down along with the air flowing capability. Both of these are highly appreciated with most of its customers and users.

If you are worried about different hoses and connections to get tangled, then you never need to worry. You will be provided with necessary cable management straps in order to arrange all the hoses and clamps suitably.  Some of the key features for this product that you ought to know are-

  • You can have it working even in power surges of magnitudes +- 15%.
  • The working noise level is lower than any other in the series. This makes soundless yet complete operation.
  • You’ll also have thermal overload protection with the massive product.
  • The ergonomic torch allows you o change the tip according to the need of cutting outputs and types of steels.
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