Best Jig Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best jig saw

If you are not acquainted yet with a best jig saw, then it literally is high time you’ve known about it. Carpenters may find this tool really impressive and fascinating. Though this is not only for the best use of carpenters, even you can make a lot of uses with this product right at your home and make your own decorative pieces.

A jig saw is a placing saw that has sharp teethed blade facing right downwards when it is placed on any wood board. Naturally, you have to start stroking from any side of this product. But you also can start from any point in the middle of any wood board where you’ve made a small hole where you’ve put and inserted the products blade and then put the whole product on the board. Whilst a reciprocating saw is primarily controlled from hand, a best jig saw is better for controlling as this generally operates on steady wood boards vertically down. This brings better versatility of working with rigid control. All you’ll need to do is just move the product according to the lines of your preferred maze.

Jig saws are of different model surfed by different brands in this world of modern civilization. But this fascinating product literally has different features, which vary from brand to brand, and way of cutting. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get acquainted with most of the jig saw reviews first. If you are well acquainted with that information, you’ll feel way easier to find your preferred one matching with all your requirements and working analysis. However available in the markets, we’ve plucked 3 best jig saws out for your information and below are the information about those 3 tremendous and fantastic product-

Top 3 Best Jig Saw in Breaf

1.The Black & Decker Smart Select:

The Black & Decker is one of the best jig saws available in the market. This is one precision control jig saw that have exquisite cutting facilities. Some of the best features that this product serve are-

  1. This product comes with smart select technology. This feature of this product makes it aware automatically of the product it is working on while operation and acts accordingly. However you can also go for manual application disregarding the smart select option.
  2. You can go from 800 to about 3000 strokes per minute with this product. This is a good yet wide range for operating to different typed materials depending upon your discretion and working feasibility.
  3. You can go for cutting wood, plastic, metal, plywood, wood boards, and many different specimens. Secondly, most importantly, you can not only got for straight cuts through a line but also can go for curved cutting. But cutting with such a fantastic tool certainly requires for strong and steady hands, which can hold the cutting line till the end of cutting.
  4. You can change the blades without any tools but only hands. The motor sucks about 5 ampere current while on AC power.

2.Bosch JS470E:

This is one tremendous product as for a best jig saw. Knowing its technical specifications and online reviews, you wont be able to help buying this product if you surely intend to buy a new one. Some key features of this product are-

  1. The easiest yet feasible option in this product is in its blade changing mechanism. There is a blade-freeing knob that eliminates the need of any of your energy to un-mount the blade of the machine. When the blade becomes too hot and damaged in middle of any operation, you can easily tweak the blade, out of the machine and put another blade without the help of any extra tool.
  2. You can have 4 different orbital blade setting whilst cutting on different materials with this product. This makes this product truly fascinating, especially for those who are likely for decorating their own home with different fascinating wood pieces and would like to do things on their own.
  3. There is a dial and accelerator trigger that sets different speeds for the blade. You can go for slow cutting if you intend to have less slag out of the specimen you are to work.
  4. It has large and die-cast foot that helps the product to be steady while working on any hard substance.

3.DEWALT Bare tool DC330B:

This is another rock bottom jig saw that has a set of exquisite features and technical specifications. From its bold outlook to its fascinating working effect, you’ll find almost all the things of this product truly impressive and efficient. Moving forward to its technical specifications, you ought to know a few things like-

  1. All the actions that you are to do with this product are made up of steel. There isn’t any plastic or any weak substance. That makes the product heavier compared to others. Additionally, the blade changing is absolutely easy and free from distress. You wont need any extra tool to change the blade.
  2. There is a shoe bevel that can set the blade to cut at different degrees like 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degrees (maximum).
  3. There is a dust blower option right at the back where power can be flown in the form of strong air. This option helps you to get the product very neat and clean even after hard cutting.
  4. You have anti slipping grip strongly mounted on the product-grabbing portion.

Things to remember while using a best jig saw:

Working with a best jig saw requires a few definite points without which, you should not even plug the product on for working. Some of the mare-

  1. Always make sure that you’ve worn safety goggles and makes to be safe from dust and slag pieces.
  2. While blade changing, make sure that product is not plugged in the AC power.
  3. Make sure that you’ve worn the wire twisted on your hand right before holding the product. This won’t cause stress at the wire-jointing portion but will make you aware when you are too far from the feeding AC power point.

Tips and tricks to buy the best jig saw:

Nowadays, carpenters are using different sort of jig saws rather than going for hand held works for the sake of design purpose. Not only carpenters are the users of this product but nowadays, many home living people are also working with this sort of tool for their own home decorating purpose. Many people buy a portable best jig saw and work on their different decorating wood piece to make it much more lucrative according to their plans. But in order to do so, you have to make sure that you’ve chosen the perfect product that matches with your qualifications and understandings. That literally calls for buying the best product among thousands from the market. There are some tips that will help you towards the way to your dreaming best jig saw-

  1. Always remember that, going through the jig saw reviews is the primary module which will help you to understand all the physics of a jig saw in smooth and easy words. Make sure you go through it and analyze your requirements accordingly. If you see most of the matches to be perfect that you just will be close to your desired product.
  2. Blade is the primary part of any sort of saw. As for a jig saw, its blade is literally the primary part. Jig saws are convenient for straight, curved and complex cuts to be made precisely on any working specimen. But the perfect choosing of blades will make your cut much more precise as you think of it. There are blades having straight upward or curved backward notches. They are simultaneous feasible and convenient for clean woodcutting and fast wood cutting respectively. Backward curved blade helps for cutting any wood material really fast but you have to sacrifice clean and smooth cutting edge. On the other hand, straight upward notched blade helps you to get clean cut wood edge but will work slow.
  3. If you are in quest for a best jig saw capable of handling greater curved cutting works, then make sure that the product can be equipped with lower breadth blades. Generally blades that are small in size and lower in breadth can be useful for curved cutting.
  4. While working with a best jig saw, make sure that you’ve held the product with one hand and used the other hand to hold the specimen very steady. The combination of these two will make the best use of your jig saw. However there are rails right at the two sides of the blade while stroking. These two rails or rests will eventually hold the product on the specimen and in the middle of these two lines, will the strokes of the blade take place. You also have to push the product towards the specimen while working and the product will automatically work along the cutting line.


Nowadays, you can do almost all sorts of wood works with the help of a perfect jig saw. But the main question is that, will you be able to make the best out of it? Youll certainly be able to do this. However, in all sorts of task, people ask about a lot of htings and have queries prior to buying the product. there are some questions and answers for your convenience of knowledge-

  1. How can I make choose the perfect blade for cutting a wood material?
  • Blade selection is literally one of the most important tasks, as it will cut the specimen. But you have to make sure that the specimen is cut with the perfect edge and as less as slag possible. In this regard, you have to look at the wood fiber directions, make sure that the fiber directions are right at the direction where the blade will strike for cutting. This will cause as less as friction possible and right at the same direction. Ultimately this will cause less slag and less possible slag at the cut corners.
  1. I need to cut a long straight line with my jig saw? Is there any convenient way to do so without using any straight long scale because such long scale isn’t available in markets?
  • you certainly can do that! All you’ll need to do it to place the wood material to cut right aside your longest was and in the vicinity. Put the wood piece on a table and keep a very short space in between the table and the wall. Now push to product towards and touching o the wall keeping both the wall ends touching on the wall. This will make your straight line. Now go for the cut straightly pushing towards the wall so that you can have your straight cut. In this case, make sure that you’ve held the product forcibly towards the wall and kept a smooth surface towards the touching on the wall. This wont scratch your wall also.
  1. How can I change the blade of my jig saw without hassling work flow?

– Changing the blade of most of the latest jig saws has really been easy. Now, you wont need any extra tool to change the blade of your jig saw; rather you can do it manually by just twisting a few nuts and knobs. There is a thing to remind that, most of the best jig saw products have this ability but might be operative subject to different taps and knobs placed at different directions. It always best if you go through the specific products jig saw reviews.


Jig saws are way better to work with in comparison with working with a reciprocating or chain saw in case of heavy duty applications. This option for cutting produced not only versatility and consistency, but with better control and portfolio of cutting at different angles with precision measurement or control. Therefore, you better be sure of different jig saw reviews and afterwards, choose the best jig saw for doing all the household chores and decorative works on your own.