How to Torque Lug Nuts with an Impact Wrench ?

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How to Torque Lug Nuts with an Impact Wrench

You own a vehicle but you don’t know how to torque lug nuts with an impact wrench- this is somewhat similar to that- you are having a mathematics book but are unable to do sums like two plus two equals four. An impact wrench is somewhat similar to an impact driver with the only difference in the lid portion (where the bit is set for working). Before you know how to torque lug nuts with an impact wrench, you better know what are lug nuts, impact wrench and a best impact driver.

What is a lug nut?

A Lug nut is a form of nut that has 6 sides all placed in a canonical form in a circle form. In most of the cases, lug nuts are those which are used for heavy duty applications like, vehicle type jointing nuts with the rim, heavy duty lorry wheelers, ship pieces joining etc. Lug nuts are basically for heavy duty works and therefore, it has 6 sides (in most of the cases, however, greater sided nuts are also available and also are in works) in a circular form. The reason why a lug nut has 6 sides is that, it becomes steady and firm while you are to open the nut using an impact wrench tool. 6 sides make the grip over the nut very strong, steady and firm to the point necessary. Thus opening or tightening the nut becomes very sturdy.

What is an impact driver?

An impact driver is just like a drill machine with the only addition of torque controlling ability in it. Therefore, it can solely be compared with a best drilling machine with most of the similarities but only the controlled torque feature. An impact driver can help you to go for controlled and precision drilling through any material you like to work on. Although you can use a drill machine at such cases but you will surely get better control and precision outlook of the hole you are to make through a best impact driver.

An impact wrench is absolutely similar to an impact wrench. Just the difference lies in that, impact wrench is made up for vehicles or other heavy duty nut opening works mostly. Impact wrench can help you out very easily and can surely lessen a lot of your manual efforts.

What is an impact wrench?

Impact wrench is everything similar as an impact driver just with the change of the lid portion. In the impact driver, you set up bits necessary for making a hole/screwing or unscrewing etc. But when you are dealing with an impact wrench, then you just need to put the appropriate measured nut extender. This extender head is easily exchangeable and will allow you to get attached with the primary impact wrench lid head that will eventually revolve for opening any nut. When you have placed the correct measured nut extender on the head of the main impact wrench, you are ready to go for unscrewing and opening any sized and convenient lug nuts very easily.

How to torque lug nuts with an impact wrench?

In most of the cases, lug nuts are used for heavy duty applications. Use of such nuts in wheelers of vehicles, is the best yet most common phenomenon and therefore, you’ll learn how to open a lug nut using an impact wrench from a vehicle wheeler. This would be the easiest for you to understand the procedure very well. The simultaneous ways are-

  1. Indentify the nuts first and get the measurement: Check if different sized of nuts are used in the vehicle or not. In most of the cases, same sized nuts are used. But refer checking twice if there are different measurement lug nuts attached or not. This is the first identification step. Get the measurement that will be perfect for the extender in the impact wrench.
  2. Get the impact wrench ready with perfect extender: When you have your impact wrench right at the place for working, set up the perfect measured extender on the lid of it which will be grooved into the lug nut set in the vehicle. Check for the battery level before working with the wrench if that is battery operated; otherwise, check for the power source twice after the connection. Predominantly, you have to make sure that everything is perfect and in line right before triggering.
  3. Open the lug nut: Trigger the impact wrench a little (up to the limit necessary). This will eventually un-torque and open up the lug nut from your vehicle very easily. These three processes are the easiest process for opening a lug nut from your vehicle. And similar three processes are applicable for opening lug nut from any other instances.

Jointing the lug nut with appropriate torque:

Be always advised that once you open the lug but, you also have to join the lug nut with the perfect amount of torque while tightening the nut. Neither too loose not too tightening is suitable for screwing lug nuts. For example- in most of the lug nuts in small-medium duty vehicles- lug nuts are to be tightened with a torque of 80 foot-pound torque force. In order to achieve ~80 foot-pound force, it is never recommended to use an impact wrench because you might not be able to control it precisely. Therefore, always use a handheld torque wrench in order to tighten a lug nut in most of the cases other than truly heavy duty works!


When you will work with a torque wrench with your hands, you’ll truly understand all the characteristics and features of such astounding products once you go through the product reviews thoroughly. Therefore, always go for prior knowledge; otherwise, you won’t ever be able to know how to torque lug nuts with an impact wrench.