Best Framing Nailer Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best framing nailer

Introduction: A framing nailer is a tool that you can use for driving nails in wood. You can you can do it some other materials too. It is done with electromagnetism process and flammable gasses. These are often identified as nail guns too. Morris Pynoos was the designer of these tools. It has a long history of making. The first usage of the framing nailers can be found a way back at 1950. You can work fast with accuracy. You can remain safe while using this tool even when you are handling heavy loads.

There are numbers of producers can be found making framing nailers across the world. If you are a person who wants to buy it, should follow steps. This is important to get the best framing nailer of the market.  This article will work as a buying guide for you in a case you want a good product. Here you can get some good examples of framing nailer products with their features and specifications, following which you can easily make your purchase safe.

Three Popular Framing Nailers in Brief

Just look at this section where I’m going to discuss on three nailers of three different brands. They are all good products, and depending on your budget, you can make a drive to get any one of these products. Additionally, you should remain cautious about your buying purposes too. Here are those nailers as follows.

1. Hitachi NR90AE 3-1/2

Hitachi NR90AE 3-1/2" Plastic-Collated Full-Head Framing-Nailer

This is one of the best framing nailer for the money considering a lot of aspects. Hitachi is the producer of it. It has its origin in Taiwan. You can get it spending less than 180 dollars. This nailer is designed in silver color. Here are features and specifications of it. Take a good look.

  • This is an air power framing nailer that has a product dimension of 20.8 * 4.8 * 7.5 inches. Its weight is only 10 lbs. This is why the user of it can handle is easy without any trouble.
  • No battery is required to run this tool. You will get a bare tool with the package while purchasing this framing nailer.
  • You can receive five-year long manufacturer warranty with the purchase and that will be applicable upon any defect being found within that period. Moreover, this warranty includes free service warranty too.
  • You will find a non-slip grip trigger that is elastomer with this. It has easy flip actuation switches that will enable it, users, to shift modes from sequential to contact nailing. This is really a special feature that you might not receive from all the producers.
  • It has hard clap tips. This is why you don’t need to wear a lot of things in your nose while working with this. Besides it will not slip when toe-nailing.
  • It is not oil free. It is not a great deal to be precise, but I presume you would like it more without being bothered by oils. The case of this tool is fully compact and handy.
  • It has 2 piece anodized-aluminum magazines. Therefore, you can repair it easily. Besides replacement of the parts of this tool is easy too, as you don’t need to spend a lot for doing that!
  • Low weight feature of this nailer is good for less user-fatigue. It well-balancing feature is good for easing maneuverability.
  • It has tool-less adjustment dials for depth adjusting. Therefore, you can adjust the pressure easily without causing any trouble to compression. Therefore, you can countersink in various materials at your ease.
  • Selective actuation and 21 degrees angled magazine are two of its prominent features.
2. Freeman P4FRFNCB-Framing/Finishing Combo-Kit with-Canvas Bag

Freeman P4FRFNCB-Framing/Finishing Combo-Kit with-Canvas Bag

This is another good framing nailer. To my opinion, it is the best framing nailer under 200. You can have it spending less than one-ninety dollars. Freeman is the producer of it and it has its origin in China. You can get it is black exterior color. Here are some of its features and specifications. Take a look.

  • It is an air powered framing nailer that has a product dimension of 23 * 9.4 * 14.8 inches. It has only one handle so it would be easier to handle.
  • Its weight is nominal which around 6.3 pounds. Therefore, a user can use it without feeling the pain of weight taking.
  • You will get a bare tool and a case while buying this framing nailer. No battery is required to run this tool.
  • You will receive seven yearlong warranties from the manufacturer. It means you are more than safe while buying this framing nailer as your money will remain protected for next seven years.
  • Its magazine is made of anodized aluminum that can hold 100 nails. Thus, you can refer this t0oo as good for production applications. While working on larger projects, you can use this framing nailer to finish the task of framing fast. Its framing can hold 55 nails, which is above average performance too.
  • Its cylinder is made of anodized aluminum too that can offer you durable surface at the time of piston firing & retracting. It means less wear will be needed in internal parts.
  • Its adjustment is finger depth, so you can set the nails to its desired depths in a faster manner and more obviously in a convenient way. It comes with no-mar pads that can prevent surface damages.
  • It has quick jam releasing feature. So you can clean the jammed nails easily and in a faster manner. This downtime minimizing feature can eventually make your overall working faster. This jam releasing works fine doesn’t matter you use brad nailer or stapler inside of the tool.
  • As it has Teflon O-rings, cylinders & pistons can offer your enduring value. It means you can use this device for a long period without encountering internal mechanical problems.
  • This package has 18-guage brad nailers and 15-guage angle finishing nailers. You will get 21-degree framing nailer too. Besides 18-guage narrow crowning stapler is offered with the purchase. Additionally, you will get canvas storing bag.
  • This framing nailer has hard steel drive that helps the user to avoid the internal failure risks.
3. BOSTITCH F21PL-Round Head- 1.5 Inch to 3.5 Inch Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH F21PL-Round Head- 1.5 Inch to 3.5 Inch Framing Nailer

If you are ready to spend more than two hundred dollars to get a good framing nailer I would recommend you to get this. Many people refer it as the best framing nailer for toe nailing. BOSTITCH is the producer of this product and you can get is in gold & black color. Here are some of its features and specifications. Take a look.

  • It is a framing nailer that has a cordless electric power source and has a product dimension of 23 * 16 * 6 inches.
  • Its weight is around 9.1 pounds, so carrying it wouldn’t be a great ask. You will get some attachment while purchasing this nailer.
  • Its framing nailers are 1 to 3.5 inches. Its driving power is 1050 inch-pounds. This nailer has sequential & bump trigger.
  • You can enjoy seven-year limited warranty with the purchase of this nailer. It has fully integrated rubber skidding pads. Its grip is also of rubber. You can get two quickly changeable nosepieces with the nailer too.
  • It has patented push button and its nail depth is adjustable. I recommend you to use it along HurriQuake nails.

Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Framing Nailer and Using It!

Different kinds of framing nailers are available. So it is good to follow some steps to get the best product from the market. At this section, I would like to focus on that area.

  • If you are a person who wants to get a good framing nailer in recent days and you never used such tools before, please read framing nailer reviews to get an initial idea. This can be good from many perspectives, even if you already have a nailer.
  • After that, you should fix your budget. It is important; otherwise, you might spend more than your budget. Get rid out of the idea that spending more can bring you better nailer. While deciding about the budget, you also should know the purpose of your buying. If you are a non-professional person, I would suggest you not to spend a lot in getting the best nailer from the market. But if you want heavy duty framing nailers, spend a bit time to get a better product that can offer your longevity.
  • Now select some brands that have a global reputation and where you can put your faith in. Select some framing nailers within those brands.
  • Read the features of those selected products and make your product list shorter.
  • At this point reassess your necessity and think about your budget once more. Evaluate the features and specifications of the short listed products and make your decision to buy a particular one.

While using the nailer, you don’t forget about the maintenance of it. You should take care of it at least once in every six months. While the start to take care of it, you should remove everything inside of it, battery, fuel & nails. Use your tool cleaner to start cleaning. Never allow to remain nails inside after the working. Use appropriate cord while running this tool.

Don’t forget to read the user manual before starting to work with your nailer. Not all the products of the different brands have the same operating system, so you have to keep your keen eyes over that issue too.


Fresh purchased often ask so many questions before buying a particular product. For a complex tool like framing nailer, this is even truer. At this section, I’m trying to array some questions and answers those are frequently asked by the users and buyers of framing nailers. Take a look at these questions and the answers.

Can I get no-mar nose caps for all framing nailers?

  • No, some nailers offer this, where some other doesn’t.

What should I use; water separator or oilers?

  • Using water separators is okay, but better to use oilers.

I want to use my framing nailer in driving nails to concrete. Should I proceed?

  • No, you should not.

Should I buy an expensive nailer as a new user?

  • Using nailer is not a difficult task, so you can buy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new user or not, depending on your purpose you can always free to choice any framing nailer.

Please tell me the difference between round head & clipped head nailers!

  • There are differences in pistons. You cannot interchange them. Clipped head nails have restricted usage policy in some areas. This restriction is derived from regional construction codes. Finding clipped nails is tough than finding round head. So if you have a clipped nailer, you might need to face hassles to get proper nails.


Now you can easily understand that not all framing nailers can offer the user same benefits. This is why prior knowledge is required to make the purchase successful. There are plenty of blogs and review article you can find from where getting good information about the nailers is possible. The person who is an old user of framing nailer might not know about contemporary market and products. A person like that also should make a try to know about framing nailers in brief.

Using a sophisticated nailer in your home is okay, but if you start using a nailer that is not appropriate for outdoor using, don’t forget to get an appropriate one. Otherwise, you might start losing the longevity of your tool. Just stay on the line and follow the guide while purchasing, eventually, you can easily get the best framing nailer within your desire and budget. Step up and use your assessing ability, you are half way through.