Best Scroll Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best scroll saw

Introduction: Scroll saws are pedal or electrically operated saws! The prime use of it can be found in intricate curves of cases, especially when a jigsaw in not perfect. You can create curves with the edges. Basically, these types of saws are popularly used in scrollwork, and that’s why it is named as a scroll saw. You should not confuse it with a band saw though there are differences amid of them.

You can find a number of scroll saw brands in the world. Some of them produce expensive saws, where some other doesn’t. If you can find the best scroll saw, it is possible to become benefited from at least two corners, in contrast with a regular band saw. One, you can remove the blade and other; you can get significantly better intricate curves.

Three Popular Scroll Saws in Brief

Depending on your necessity you are suggested to purchase your saw. If you are in a position of a person who is assigned to buy saws for his/her company, you might want to buy in bulk amount. But if you would be the main user of it, better to assess your purchasing decision in an alternate way.

There are many brands of scroll saws that have mentioned already. This is where a person should know the areas where he/she should focus whilst make the purchase. Here you can find at least 3 products of 3 different brands. After reading the features of the following products, your overall ideas about scroll saw can be shaped. Take a good look at here.

1. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable-Speed Compact-Scroll Saw-Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable-Speed Compact-Scroll Saw-Kit
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This is one of the leading scroll saw for beginners. Dremel is the producer of it. You can get this saw at gray color. Origin of the saw is in China. You don’t need to use batteries to run it.  It runs in a corded electric power source. Only 12 volt of electricity supply is enough for its operation. The weight of this saw is not much which is around 9.6 lbs. It indicates you can handle it easily as a beginner. The manufacturer offers two-year limited warranty in this product. Here are some specifications of this awesome scroll saw. Take a look at a glance.

  • It has a special dust port adapting system that helps its users to keep their eye-sight transparent while working. Moreover, it helps to keep the working place clean too.
  • It has a product dimension of 18.5 * 14.5 * 4.8 inches.
  • The auto tensioning fast-change mechanism is enabled in this saw. Therefore, the user can change the accessories easily and can receive optimal tensioning of the blade.
  • It has special copying function that is detachable. Thus, you can handle tools easily.
  • It has special variable speed controlling feature can work for ensuring optimal cutting, doesn’t matter whatever the material is.
  • You can get only one handle in this scroll saw.
  • It has fast clamp base, so various tables can be attached with it, and even in a bench or in any other surface.
  • You don’t need locking levers while using this scroll saw as it can perform pretty well without the use of that.

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2.Shop Fox-W1713 16-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll-Saw

Shop Fox-W1713 16-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll-Saw
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You might hear about this saw as it is immensely popular. In many opinions, this is the best scroll saw for under 200. Shop Fox is the producer of it. You can get it from anywhere of US and also from some other areas of the world. It has a weight of around 35.3 lbs. This minimal weight feature offers its user better portability. 110 volt of electricity can run this scroll saw. You can get this in cream-gray-black motley. Both the beginners and the professionals can use it. It is featured in a way that you will get long run support with this saw machine.

  • Its strength is 1/8 horse power. You can get 1 amplifier with it. The motor of this scroll saw is 60 Hz.
  • The product dimension of this saw is 26.4 * 15.9 * 12.8 inches.
  • Its cutting width is sixteen inches.
  • The cutting thickness of it is two inches maximum.
  • You will not feel any sort of vibration while working. If you feel the vibration, check the leveling of the machine. It is designed in a way that can eat up vibrations.
  • You can get dust port in this saw with dust blower. Dust ports are 1.25 inches each. Therefore cleaning the saw would not be a problem.
  • The blades are pin though you can get plain blades too.
  • You can get gooseneck working light with this scroll saw.
  • It can work up to a speed of 550-1700 SPM with a usual load.
  • The table of this scroll saw is made of cast iron.
  • Two years warranty is offered with this saw machine.
  • Its blade stroke is ¾ inches.

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3.DEWALT DW788-1.3 Amp-20 Inch-Variable Speed-Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788-1.3 Amp-20 Inch-Variable Speed-Scroll Saw
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You can buy a different kind of scroll saw depending on your necessity and budget. DEWALT is such a manufacturer that thinks about all types of customer. This product is the reflection of that. Yes, many people might refer this scroll saw as expensive as you need to spend around half a thousand dollars to buy this. But considering the features is offers and the advantage you can enjoy while using it, undoubtedly, to refer it as a best scroll saw for the money wouldn’t take much time.

  • The arm of the scroll saw is designed in double parallel-link. Therefore, this machine can work without incurring noises, even if when cutting delicate cuts.
  • Its blade clamps are tool-free. This is really an exclusive feature that allows the users to change the blades in seconds. So if you want finest accurate cuts, this scroll can be the best match.
  • You can get easily locatable on-off switch at front side upper arm arena.
  • Dust blower of this saw is flexible and you can get that in the front side upper arm area too.
  • Arm pivots are designed in a way, so a user can operate it easily, quietly, and in a faster way without compromising the smoothness.
  • You can save lots of time while using this saw. So if you have enough ideas and work orders, try to get it to finish milestones quickly.
  • You will receive a Hex Wrench with this scroll saw machine.
  • Blades can be threaded easily inside upon your desire to ensure all sorts of inside cuts.
  • You can find the blade-tensioning level at upper arm area, so as the electronic variable-speed.

The origin of the machine is Taiwan, but that is not an issue. You are free to receive this product from almost anywhere. It has a reasonable weight of 65.8 lbs. A corded electric system runs this scroll saw machine. The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty on this saw, so stop worrying your money protection, you are hundred percent insured. You can get this machine at sporty yellow color. Here are some other specifications of this scroll saw. You can take a look.

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Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Scroll Saw and Using It!

It is true that woodworkers are the primary user of the scroll saws. They use it in woodworking as these machines allow them to show their creativity. Besides those machines doesn’t take much space to place. The person who is having a saw might not aware of contemporary market products as he is using that particular machine for long years. So when someone would come to point to buy a new scroll saw machine, or want to change the old one; most of the time they fall in a dilemma, fall in confusion.

To lift them up from such ambiguities I would always suggest them to read scroll saw reviews first of all. Reading reviews can give them an idea about, what to do and what to look for. In that way, the choosing the right scroll saw wouldn’t be that hard. But never think, spending more can bring you’re the best saw available. But before selecting any particular saw machine following some steps is recommended. If you are a person planning to buy a scroll saw machine in near future, don’t skip unless reading this part.

  • The first part of purchasing anything usually is determining the budgets. But in the case of a scroll saw, I would rather suggest you focus on your need.
  • Determine for which purpose (purposes) you want to buy the saw. Yes I know, most people get that for commercial purpose. But not all the woodworker requires same quality of scrolls saw machine. It is important to understand the expected level of busyness of an individual woodworker. Try to anticipate the time period you want to use the machine.
  • Talk with your fellow craftsman or read some blogs and reviews to get more ideas about the contemporary market of the scroll saw machines.
  • Select some good brands and find some of their products to make a short list. Not necessarily you have to find the latest model of a brand. Try to put products in your cart that can fit your necessity. I’m sure; you wouldn’t show interest to buy the most expensive scroll saw machine as a novice woodworker.
  • At this stage, it is expected that you already gathered sufficient ideas on scroll saws. Now you can determine your budget to make the list shorter.
  • Read the public reviews of the shortlisted products and think critically about all those.
  • Determine about a particular one and wrap up the deal.


Woodworkers don’t want to change their scroll saw in every week. This is why once the buy a particular machine, start asking too many questions about that, even though there is a user manual in their hands. This part of this guide is intended to help them. Here you can get some popular questions about scroll saw machines.

I want a cheap scroll saw, what should I buy?

  • If you find in that way, that would be wrong, rather find a low-priced saw. In that way, you might receive limited features but top-notch quality. You can try producers like Dremel.

Can I use any blade in any saw?

  • No, and you should not try it either. Not all scroll saw machines can accommodate all sorts of blades. If you have specific blade accommodation requirement, try to buy from DEWALT or Shop Fox.

I can see Dremel is offering two years warranty. What does that cover?

  • You didn’t mention what the model of the product you bought/ want to buy. Dremel produces a lot of products and warranty features are not the same for all products. Warranty feature will not cover a lot if you bought products priced less than hundred dollars. In such cases, you will free servicing at best or some change in parts that can be identified as production mistake.

I didn’t receive any stand with my machine, why?

  • Actually stands need to be bought separately. Even if you buy a 500 dollar DEWALT scroll saw, you would not get a stand. Hope you understand it.


We are almost to an end. Hope you read this far through. If you really did, I’m sure, not you know the basics of finding a good scroll saw machine, not an issue wherever you live. It is not a mandatory to know the difference between various types of saws while buying a scroll saw, but one might not ignore the importance of knowing what the best scroll saw can offer and what a mediocre saw couldn’t.

If you are decided about the necessity to buy a scroll saw machine, but not yet decided about the purchase, try to follow the steps of this guide of different segments. You can act smart by buying your saw with an educated guess, only after when you will know sufficient things to assess a number of glittering products. So try to act in an academic manner, make the deal, seal the buy.