Best Miter Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best miter saw

Nowadays, with the help of one best miter saw, you can do almost all sort of wood decorative works on your own at your home. This is a saw mechanism with which, you can have not only straight cuts but also angled cuts. For making certain pieces of photo frames, furniture pieces, tables, accessories for room decoration etc. the miter saw literally can be one of the best helpful one. Although there are different sort of saws like chain saw, reciprocating saw, jig saw etc. but the miter saw is the best choice for these sort of works. This is because the miter saw is the only saw type, which is steady in respect to the overall state. You only have to take care of the small wood or other specimen pieces on the base of the saw. But in most of the other saw types, you have to take care of the saw and operate yourself on the specimen.

The cutting mechanism is the part where miter saw get better points than all the other saw types. Although you can also have different angled cuts with the help of other saws, but only the miter cut saw provides you with accurate and steady cuts that are straight or angled. You can go for miter cuts that are just like angled cuts. Also you can go for bevel cuts that are just like slicing. Together the miter and the bevel cut can be equivalent to a compound cut which is the most necessary requirement of jointing different wood pieced furniture. However, out and out, you can go for different other typed cutting at your own convenience.

Miter saw is a combination of electrical and electronic mechanisms. When you are thinking of buying a new one, make sure that you require it in comparison to all the other types of saws like reciprocating saw, jig saw, chains saw etc. second most important thing about it is to know all the miter saw reviews. This is the part where you are going to get acquainted with most of the specification of the miter saw prior to buying. This part will help you to get acknowledged about how the product is and qualified to your desired works/tasks. For buying, nowadays, miter saw can be of different brands and models. However, there are 3 top models we’ve plucked out in this guide for your information. Make yourself known to these three models thoroughly and then you can go for different other model news-

Top 3 Best Miter Saw in Breaf

  1. The Hitachi C10FCE2: Truly, this Hitachi miter saw is one of the best once due to its increased miter angle. This product is not only beautiful to look at but is capable of handling many working specimen like wood, metal, plastic etc. Some of the best technical things that you ought to know about this massive product are-
    1. From 0 to 52 degree angle, you can move or sway the saw miter cut for the specimen. This range is just tremendous for cutting. Generally where most of the people do not need more that 45-degree miter angle, this product gives 52 degrees. Thus is results increased flexibility.
    2. The flip fence at the bottom of the whole product is quite large. The saw can dip down to about 4 inches, which is enough for slicing a wood stick completely.
    3. When you are thinking about bevel cuts, then you have a range starting from 0 to 45 degree. Combining miter and bevel cutting angles, you just can have your precision cuts right away!
    4. The product has got horizontal grip or your convenience rather than a straight handle. Horizontal handle lets you grip the handle strongly and also allows you for better forcing compared to other straight handles. The grip is also made up of elastomer that not only adds comfort to this zone but also reduces the vibration while working to your hand.
  2. The DEWALT DW715: This is just one massive miter saw that has a lot of specification just like the first one detailed. In this matter, most important matter lies in the powerful ability of the motor. The motor is a 15-ampere motor, which is quite impressive for a saw motor. In addition to this powerful news, there are more that you should be acquainted with-
    1. The blade can rotate up to 4000 rpm at its maximum speed, which will just take seconds to slice the working specimen in seconds.
    2. There is a miter detent plate that has 11 different positions for stopping or halting the position of the miter saw. This can be truly effective for calculating the cutting organogram when you have a but project or lengthy task.
    3. This product has got 0-48 degree for miter cuts and 0-50 degree for bevel cuts. The combination of both those can lead you to almost all sort of cutting you require at your own home.
    4. Like the pervious one, this product also includes a horizontal handle for working convenience.
  3. The DEWALT DWS780: When compound cuts are your main concentration, this product has no bounds for cutting. This has got almost all sorts of qualities for cutting a compound cut. Some of the best specifications for this product are-
    1. This product has got integrated XPS mechanism, which indicates the line of cutting without placing the blade on the specimen. Therefore, you get greater versatility and agility of working.
    2. The motor is truly powerful, sucks about 15 ampere current from the bus bar and rotates at about 3800 rpm, which is quite massive. A wood bar in front of 3800 rpm blade wont ever be mis-cut on the strong base of this best miter saw.
    3. This product also has got dust collection system rather than dust blowing. You’ll just need to put a dust collection vacuum agent just at the back of the blade, which will suck out all the slag parts and dusts automatically.

Things you should remember:

There are different products that are convenient for different sort of cuts. But in all the cases of working with a saw, there is one thing very common and that is the safety. Safety is the first measure that you must ensure prior to working because even only one traumatic accident can cause death to worst possible case. Therefore-

  1. Make sure that you’ve worn safety goggles and gloves before starting to work.
  2. Do not even attempt to touch the blade when the power cable is plugged into the source. Make sure that the product is turned off and plugged off from the source. Then you can even go for blade changing task.
  3. Make sure that you’ve held the working specimen tightly before applying the rotating blade on the product. If this point isn’t maintained strictly, then your work can get damaged.

Tips and tricks to buy the best miter saw:

Miter saw is literally a heavy-duty material that requires a dedicated place for work purpose. Although this is a heavy product and you might think that this won’t need any special considerations in order to choose the best one. However, every type of saw requires special attention to the different technical highlighting points. You should always go for the best matching with your requirements. To get the best return on investment, you have to go for requirement analysis and then apply the equipment where you’ve invested. To make the best purchase among thousands of best miter saw, you could regard the following points-

  1. While using miter saw, you’ll need the product to be very steady. Therefore, you need to be very sure about the clamping mechanism of the product. You can examine this right before purchasing the product by placing the miter saw on a table. See if the indentation of all the legs is at the same place or not. Nowadays, adjustable legs are also equipped with such heavy products so that you can place this product at any sort of working surface.
  2. Make sure that the blade protector is mounted and works perfectly while leaning on the working specimen. In most of the miter saws, the cover flicks up when in the vicinity of the specimen. The works as a protective measure because the blade is literally dangerous while rotating as this is a top and heavy-duty tool for cutting purpose.
  3. Make sure the degree scales are perfectly metered. The notations should be equally distributed and check if the angled positions are rigid or not. In such cases, you can check 3 different angled positions; lowest angled, mid angled and the highest angled placement of the saw blade. Also, check if the revolving of the miter saw is perfect and symmetric to its mid position. Ultimately, you have to make sure that this product is perfect and is in line as the miter saw reviews say.
  4. Check for the dust extraction mechanism and other accessories that are engaged in this task. In most of the cases, water flowing is the arrangement that is involved for dust extraction. Naturally, the miter saw produces the highest amount of dust and slags after cutting any wood piece. But you can easily prolong the product blades life span through throttling water to the blade while revolving at a great speed. The rem count of miter saws blade are way too high which makes it one shot possible for cutting almost all sorts of wood pieces.
  5. In all the miter saws, after putting the blade to the down most position, you’ll see that the blade will go down to an engraved line right inside the products frame. This is the last position of the blade with or without revolving. You have to make sure that the absolute position of the blade, both upmost and down most, are truly free from any touch. You see or feel that the blade is touching the frame very little, then the impact might be a lot great while revolving. It might also damage the blade notches and cause to harm the blade eventually. Therefore, you better be sure of all such points, which will cause ultimate damage of the product.


Miter saw has been truly an amazing tool for wood cutting purpose. However there are question that people ask to get the best benefit out of such a tremendous product. Some of the most common things that people are likely to know are briefly detailed below-

  1. A best miter saw is literally big and inconvenient to carry frequently. Is there any specific recommendation of placing the product at home premises?
  • If you are buying this product for home premises, then you better replace this product right at your working room, such as, your storeroom or room in the vicinity of your garage where you frequently work. This is a truly noisy product while on and therefore; you might want to keep this away from all your living rooms.
  1. What are the benefits of using the bevel in this product?

– The benefit of the bevel arrangement is what that allows you to have indented cuts, which are truly precise and perfectly angled. Angle perfection is the prerequisite of connecting and jointing different wood pieces for the sake of preparing perfect wood furniture, for example- a photo frame. Likewise, perfect angled wood pieces can help you to create different artistic creations according to your plans and innovative ideas.


Miter cuts and bevel cuts are naturally two of the most important cuts that we all have around us in most of the wooden furniture. Not only in case of woods but, plastics or other typed furniture also require these two sorts of cuts. When you have the chance of doing both of those cuts right at your home with precision control, then why not try. But surely, miter saw reviews are what that calls before operating such dangerous yet classy equipment. Once you’ve known with all the hereabouts of a best miter saw, you are ready to go for buying and also operating on your household chores.