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    Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

    When perfection matters in case of truly delicate works, then the perfect solution for you is the Delta Power Tools 40-694. This is a product that comes with literally a thin yet sharp and powerful saw blade which is used and best for perfection in scrolling. This is a lightweight product which measures average dimensions. Therefore, tasks have been made real easy with the help of such a nice product. There are a good number of things that you ought to know about this product prior to buying.

    Features of the Delta Power Tools 40-694:

    The Delta Power Tools 40-694 is truly a best scroll saw not only because it has all the qualities for designing perfection, but also it helps a person to craft his own innovations pretty convincingly. This is what a crafter needs to make perfect designs and also helps the person to achieve what he wants. There are some technical things that might help you to evaluate products, like-

    1. Variable speed: This product has a very thin blade which might seem to be weak, but that is literally strong. This blade is mounted with a strong motor which provides from 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. This wide range of speed allows a crafter to mold thing according to his discretion.
    2. Dual parallel link arm: If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a dual parallel link arm right over the blade scrolling on the specimen. This tool helps the worker to hold the specimen quite strong and helps to reduce the specimen vibration while scrolling. Keeping the specimen steady while scrolling is very necessary which gets facilitated with this arm.
    3. Tool free blade changing: This products blade can be changed without the help of any other tools but your bare hands. This makes operations way faster, easily accessible and handy.
    4. Powerful 1.3 amp motor: The motor inbuilt this product is the strongest source that helps to procure powerful strokes with the blade. This motor is adjusted to make strokes for the blades at ¾ inches in length.
    5. Table in the center: There is a round shaped table having an area of 16 inches X 24 inches, through which, the blade has gone through. Keeping your specimen on this table, you will be able to work just perfectly. This table can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees at both the sides, left and right.

    Advantages of the Delta Power Tools 40-694:

    The Delta Power Tools 40-694 has a good number of advantages which you ought to know-

    1. This is a midsized product having a weight of tremendous 60 pounds. You’ll find working with this product very easy without even clamping the legs of it.
    2. There is an adjustable dust collector hose. Through this hose, you can just suck out all the dust debris around the saw while scrolling over the specimen.
    3. The table angle adjusting knob is just beneath the table which is easily accessible for easy table tilting while working.

    Disadvantages of the Delta Power Tools 40-694:

    There are a few things that you should bear in mind prior to buying-

    1. You won’t be able to frequently travel with this product as it weighs 60 pounds. Besides, this product neither runs on batteries, nor there is any option alike. Only ac power source is required for running this product.
    2. One of the most important accessories is missing in this product and that is the extensible and adjusting light. Due to light absence, you only have to work on this product on broad light but not in any dark rook or where light is to less.

    How to use this product best:

    Like all the other equipments that we use, this is also equipment and therefore, it also has certain ways in which, we can use this product best. This is a heavyweight product and doesn’t come up with clamping options at the legs. Therefore, it is always prescribed not to do any sort of hard loaded works with this product.

    You can place this product at a nice smooth surface and have it faced right at you. Make sure that you’ve tightened the tilting knob beneath the table. Then hold the specimen with one hand and work cautiously. You can also hold the specimen with both your hands but make sure that you remove all the dusts intermittently using the adjustable hose attached with this product. This will help you to keep the working are clean. This is literally how you can work best with this product.

    Who this product is best for:

    This is a product used or only precision scrolling and perfect finishing because this product is allegedly known as a best scroll saw. If you are thinking of making your own decoration works finest at the end, you can surely use this product at home. But mostly, this product is suitable for those professional carpenters who are used with daily furniture works.


    When you are searching for such an equipment that will give you the best finish- check this product out. This can take different materials like drilling machines, joint works, band saws, electric table saws, moister, lathes, etc. all these are individually a product which has to function perfectly and by the help of this product, you can make all these things pretty fine and perfect for their work. Make sure that you’ve gone through the total product review of the Delta Power Tools 40-694 because that is the bible for this specific product only and will surely get you acquainted with all you want to know.

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