Best Tile Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

best tile saw

Introduction: Tiles are of various kinds and among those wet tiles require utmost caution while working with. There are special saw machines for working with wet tiles. Those are key building too considering from many aspects. For an example, if you want to apply tiles in a huge area, you cannot work with a typical manual cutter. When you might want to tile your bedroom, you cannot simply install a row of tiles directly; rather cutting off those tiles will be required. To avoid the tediousness of manual cutter whilst working for a large surface, the importance of wet tile saw appears.

Those wet tile saws work in a significant way. In the process of working those saws sprays jets of water on a rotary blade and also on the tiles. Thus, the tiles become cool and lubricated and, therefore, you can cut them down into pieces easily without incurring any means unprecedented breaks.

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Numbers of producers are making those saw machines across the world. Those are of many kinds and types feasible for a different type of workings. The prices and the quality levels of those machines vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. It might happen you are spending a lot of money but receiving nothing significant in terms of work. Again a reasonably priced machine can serve you utmost to the level of desire. This is why sometimes people become confused to determine which could be the best tile saw machine! This article can efficiently show you the right path to figuring that out.  

3 Wet Tile Saws in Brief

At this section, three popular wet tile saws will be discussed for your help. By reading these parts, you can get some good ideas about those machines and can know the things that someone should look when buying a saw!

1. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet-Tile Saw

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet-Tile Saw
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This is one of the best tile saw under 300. SKIL is the producer of it. You can get this product in your from residing anywhere of US and in some other countries of the world. Anyone can find numbers of the significance of it. These are as follows.

  • Product dimension of this tile saw is 18 * 14.5 * 7.8 inches.
  • This saw is corrosive resistant.
  • Stainless steel is used in making this saw.
  • You can crop tiles in 12 * 12 inches block with it.
  • The rip fence of this saw is adjustable.
  • You can find efficient miter gauge in it for accurate cuts.
  • You can get water reservoir in this saw. That is blade cooling.
  • This wet tile saw is made in a way so it can mitigate dust & debris easily.
  • Zero to forty-five degrees, no issue, you can cut tiles with this saw easily.
  • You can get this saw at red color
  • The weight of this saw is 17.1 pounds.
  • Thirty days cash back warranty is offered.
  • The power source of this machine is corded-electric and it requires 120 volts of electricity to run.
  • Its Diamond blade is seven inches long.
  • Its Amperage is 4.2 and arbor size is 5/8 inches.
  • Its RPM is 3600
  • Its width is 13.25″

This is such a saw that can cut almost any tiles, but if the sizes of the tiles are too large, you might fall in a bit hassle to cut that down. I’ve cut my 12’’*24’’ porcelain tile with it. So you are free to try. If you are to buy a tile saw in a limited budget, it would be the best according to my opinion.

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2.DEWALT D24000-1.5 Horsepower-10 Inch-Wet Tile-Saw

DEWALT D24000-1.5 Horsepower-10 Inch-Wet Tile-Saw
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This is one of the best tile saw for a small job made by DEWALT. This tile saw can be used for a versatile purpose and efficient enough to provide you accurate cuts. The design of this saw is such that anyone can work with this tile saw with confidence. It would last and your money spend would turn into being a worthy expenditure. It is a Taiwan-based saw. Here is some significance of it.

  • Its product dimension is 36 * 29.2 * 20.4 inches.
  • It has cantilevering rail system which is referred as cart system too.
  • It has 24 inches ripping capacity.
  • It can cut 18 inches tile by its diagonal.
  • It is only 69 pounds, so anyone can carry it carry it set everything. It is integrated miter featured. The degree measure for the sharp cuts is 45/22.5 inches. You can get angled cuts too.
  • It has plunged features so as a user can make quick plunge easily. This is why you can use it at electrical outlets and in A/C registers.
  • You can adjust dual water nozzle with this saw machine. This can be handy for placement of optimal water in the blade. This is the mechanical way to minimize mist & over-spraying. This water controlling feature of this tile saw machine is awesome.
  • You can set it easily, as it has a five-gallon pan.
  • You can enjoy ninety days money back warranty while buying this.
  • One year contact-warranty is offered to the customers too.
  • This saw machine is a compact one which is convenient to carry and to use too.
  • It has a 25’’*35’’ tray.
  • You will get a bare tool with the saw machine for free.
  • It has 1.5 horsepower motor, so you can handle any sort of hard materials.
  • The rail system is made of stainless steel.

This tile saw can cut thick tiles easily. Its tray is large so the dust couldn’t ruin your house. The table depth of it is fourteen inches. You will get the blade but not the stand, note it down. Stand need to be purchased separately. Doesn’t matter it is brick tiles or glass tiles; this saw machine can efficiently cut them apart as your desired level. So the suggestion is, if you are looking for a good wet tile saw around seven hundred dollar prices, it would be a wrong if you skip looking at it.

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3.DEWALT D24000S-Heavy-Duty-10 inch-Wet Tile-Saw with-Stand

DEWALT D24000S-Heavy-Duty-10 inch-Wet Tile-Saw with-Stand
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This is also a tile saw of DEWALT. It has many similar features as DEWALT D24000, with some additional things. You can get it from almost anywhere of the world. To run this tile saw merely 60 volt of electricity is enough. This is not a cheap machine again you cannot consider it as an expensive one. If you can look at the feedback score of this product, definitely this machine would be ranked as the best tile saw for the money. Here are some special features and significance of this tile saw that can benefit a user, for its commercial purposes, though someone can use it for home improvement purpose too. Take a look at here.

  • The product dimension of this tile saw machine is 3 * 2 * 1 inches
  • The weight of this machine is minimal which around 53.6 pounds.
  • You can receive three-year limited warranty when buying this.
  • You can receive the product in two separate boxes including D24000 saw and stand.
  • This wet tile saw machine is very powerful and capable of providing support in time of renovating bathrooms and in cutting stones etc.
  • If you want to tile your kitchen back, this tile saw machine can be superb to provide you accurate cuts.
  • It has good water control too as like DEWALT’s other products.
  • This machine is featured in a way so it is possible to clean it up quickly after the work.
  • You can cut any glass bottles easily.
  • Setting up this machine is relatively easier as there are not too many parts to snap together.
  • The table of it is rubberized, so the things can’t move while working.
  • You will get a water pump with the package.

You might not receive this wet tile saw machine with a protractor, but there are different angled gauges available with it. You can cut any tile from any angles. You will get a DW 4763 blade with it. If you are planning to change your house or want to make some changes without spending a lot to the professionals, don’t stay in ambiguity anymore. Try it once. Eventually, this eight hundred spending can save hundreds of others from the other sides.   

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Tips & Tricks for choosing a tile saw and using it!

Several things are there to know when buying a tile saw machine and also when you would use it. This section will help you knowing those things. Basically, you can get 3 models of tile saw machines. These are small tray types, sliding tray types and overhead rail types. Small tray tiles saws are easy to use, just pushing the tiles in required to cut. For sliding tray saws, you need to position the tile in a try to work on. The third one is an advanced type which requires drawing blades across the tiles.

If you want to make the purchase cheaply, then go and buy a small tray tile saw. You can buy other two types too, but those are basically for the professionals. Remember diamond-bladed saws are the best of all, so try to buy a saw with that blade. Try to clean your tile saw after the work, and don’t put too much of pressure while cutting tiles. Putting extra pressure can deteriorate the machines efficiency and the chance of breaking the tiles is possible too.

While you are decided you will buy a machine, these are the things you can do. Please try to follow the steps.

  • Determine how much you are ready to spend.
  • Ask your friend or anyone else who has a machine. If you know a little about those machines, then try to learn basic things of the functional level. If you have one and you are not satisfied with that, ask your friend which brand he/she prefers.
  • Read tile saw reviews and know more about it.
  • Search at The internet and find out some good brands where you can put your faith.
  • Select few products within those brands and make your cart efficient that can justify your budget and necessity.
  • Make an educated guess and make the purchase. 


Here are some frequently encountered questions that might help you to step forward. Take a look.

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If you are looking for the best tile saw of the market, I assume this article can be good to show you the track. At least three good products have been dissected here with their eminent features and advantages. Now you how to use a tile saw machine and what are the areas you should look at before buying a good a machine. Yes, there might be some other questions floating around your mind.

To know about all those things, you are always encouraged to read relevant blogs and forums. Depending on your budget getting a good machine is no more a tough work for anyone if he/he able to know the key significances. Focus on what you need and what your budget and then straight make a dive for getting the machine in your home.