Best Chain Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best chain saw

If you know the proper usage of a best chain saw, then certainly you can make a very good use out of such a product. Chain saws are naturally electrical equipment which works on mechanical means technically. Practically, a chain saw is primarily cutting equipment. There is a sharp edgy chain with series of saw-teeth. This chain revolves with the motor armature attached to the internal groves at the engine portion. There is an engine that revolves the crank and the chain saw revolves. All you’ll need to do is to pull the accelerator arm more to get more speed thus cutting speed out of the chain saw.

Well this was the way of working of a best chain saw in very short. But when you are up for buying a new chain saw, then you have to bear a few things in mind for sure. The most first yet prominent thing to remember about buying a new chain saw is to go through the chain saw reviews! The review is the broadest yet news portal for any specific chain saw you might look for. Therefore, before you go for any haphazard product, you better go for the reviews of any specific product, then compare with another, and lastly you should go for a final decision of buying any specific product. But for your ease of understanding, there’s been 3 top models of best chain saw described beneath-

Top 3 Best Chain Saw in Breaf

1.WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

This one is a powerful chainsaw having exquisite qualities. The most astounding feature of this product is that, it is a very handy yet comfy chainsaw. There is a nice finger grabbing handle mounted on the front lid of the product, you can easily and tightly grab the product for holding the saw while you are cutting any hard substances. Besides this best feature, there are a few tremendous features like-

  1. This is a 16-inch chainsaw, which is long enough to take care of long materials. If you even think of cutting a wood log, then you can literally move on with this one.
  2. The powerful 3.5 horse powered inbuilt motor makes all the things possible with this product to be very prominent. This motor sucks a total of 14.5 amp of current, which makes the powerful momentum of the saw-chain.
  3. The saw chain is very smoothly yet tightly mounted over the revolving frame of the chainsaw. This allows the product to work for hundreds of time. In many cases, chainsaws get tightened and you need to lube the saw frame in order to work properly without any friction; but this one is just attached to the frame with right measurements of hold.
  4. One of the most fascinating things about this product is that, you’ll require no tool while replacing another saw chain with the old used one.
  5. You get safety chain stop mechanism with this product and also low kickback so that the probability of accidents while starting the product becomes low.

2.Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start (CARB Compliant)

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start (CARB Compliant)

Hasqvarna is one of the most effective chainsaws in the mid level saw line products. This is literally a mid-leveled product but is a heavy-duty product compared to the same models of other brands. There are a lot of exquisite features of this product like-

  1. This is a gas-powered chainsaw with a powerful 18-inch long chain-saw frame. As this product allows a good 18-inch long frame of saw chain, you can literally handle any heavy-duty tasks on its front without any hassle.
  2. It includes a 3.2 horse powered X-torque engine at the center of this product. This X-torque enabled gas engine allows you to save greater fuel consumption on such heavyweight products and also allows you to have lesser possible vibrations while working. In terms of efficiency, this product is just an ace.
  3. You wont require pulling the starting knob as this product comes with smart start mechanism. On the other hand, you also get combined choke system with stop knob.
  4. It has a centrifugal air cleaning system inside. This part of the features helps you to have less possible dirt and tiny dusts inside the product through the saw-chain. This is one of the strong reasons why you can literally call this one as a best chain saw.

3.Remington RM1025SPS Ranger:

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger

This is a truly convenient chain saw because you can use two aspects of this product separately. You can use it as a simple chainsaw or as a pole chainsaw. Both the aspects work pretty effectively if this is at good hands. Its chain saw reviews are quite fascinating for one who is in need of such a nice product. Some of the best key features of this product are-

  1. The main feature of this product lies in its pole saw characteristic. You can easily reach to points where you can’t fit in properly to work easily.
  2. The motor is small yet truly powerful. This products chain is long about 10 inches. This is neither too long for heavy-duty purposes, nor too short for tiny works. The motor sucks about 8-ampere electricity, which is quite enough for a tiny chainsaw like this one.
  3. The pole tool is quickly mountable and also detachable. Both the options can be attained real quick and most importantly, without any sort of tools.
  4. This is literally one best chain saw because you can even go for safety measures through this product. You can have secured pole length at your convenient measurement along with non-slippery grips for your comfort of action.

Tips and tricks for choosing the best chain saw:

Chain saws are very dangerous yet effective product for different sort of household works. To make the best use out of it is the primary tasks. But you have to make sure that, the chain saw is at perfect hands because the person handling it must be well capable and strong enough to hold the shaky behavior of the product while working. However, while buying your best chain saw you have to maintain some of the strong points, which will make your buying much, more legitimate keeping pace with your money and requirements-

  1. In most of the cases, a 30cm long bar chain saw is able to cut twice as its total saw bar length. This is a generic statistic, which has been so proved to be right with a little bit of deviation regarding different cutting cases.
  2. Safety is always first that you should seek out of such a powerful product. Make sure that you are well capable of handling the chainsaw you are about to buy. Its better if you go for the chain saw reviews and see the ratings /weight and different necessary dimensions first. For an example- if you think that you aren’t capable of handling chain saws rated more that 3.4 HP motor power, then refer buying chainsaw rated lower than that! Never take chances with such a product because wrong hands might lead towards detrimental accidents.
  3. If you see the safety features well in the type of chainsaw you choose, then you can start prioritizing. The best safety measures present in a chainsaw, the better preference it gets. Safeguard is one of the most important measures that you’d surely look for while doing cutting works! For examples- look over in the type of product which entails safety brakes for the chain saw blade, side chain tensioning, auto locking features, chain catchers, easily chain replacing features etc.
  4. Ease of access is another prime requirement of a best chain saw. When you are to use the product for any sort of heavy-duty application, then you better keep your ROI (return on investment) in mind. You have to be well easy to accessing the saw while power on. Comfort is what you’ll have to have surely. A well-balanced machine is what you are to be concerned about. Before purchasing any brand new chain saw product, you have to be well acquainted with the balance weight ratio.
  5. Color is really a factor where most of the people doubt. When you are going for a specific chain saw, and then make sure that you look over the products color right in front of you. Sometimes, colors make you really feel bad before seeing and after buying the product. The picture on the product box isn’t the real color as that is one the main product. Therefore it is always better if you can see the main products color before your eyes practically.
  6. Cleaning and maintaining the chain saw are two of the most primary requirements. Because the better and longer you maintain your chain saw, it will serve you for longer. In compliance with that issue, make sure that you buy such a product that has easy accessible tools for cleaning. Keep pace with your budget and go for something where you can keep the product neat and clean after every use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There are things that generally people don’t get in chain saw reviews or other guidelines. However, FAQs are literally important phase where people willing to buy such a product get to know a lot of things-

  1. Which typed chainsaw should I use, gas or petrol (gasoline)?
  • You should go for chainsaw that you feel to be convenient from all your sides. In most of the cases, gasoline chain saws are a bit heavy compared to gas operated ones and therefore, people prefer to use gas chain saws. But its always recommended that you go through the chain saw reviews first in order to get acquainted with what you need and what can satisfy you.
  1. Is there any tip for holding a chainsaw better?
  • There certainly is! It is never expected that an operator is using a chainsaw using one hand only. Using 2 hands is the primary prerequisite of operating a chain saw while turned on. A chainsaw is a very dangerous equipment only it its misused or used uncontrollably. A chainsaw will always entail two different places with bars of other holding arrangements where you are to place both your hands tightly. After you’ve pulled the starting string to trigger the chainsaw engine, you have to hold the turned on chainsaw very rigidly and comfortably before applying its application to any specimen.
  1. How should I maintain my chainsaw engine and the carburetor?
  • Any sort of chainsaw would certainly entail an engine that is quite powerful and gets fed through any fuel source. in most of the best chain saw, you can see a carburetor portion which feeds the sprayed fuel to the engine cylinder and makes the engine cycle fast. This engine cycle is ultimately driving the saw chain mounted on the product. You have to maintain this carburetor portion quite regularly, neatly and cleanly for sure. You have to make sure that the sprayed fuel is as cleaner as possible to your greatest possible extent. Mixed or doped fuel can cause your engine to knock fast as time will pass by.
  1. Where should I put my concentration on while riding my chain saw on wood?

– The main thing you should be concerned about is about your and all the people’s safety in your vicinity. After the safety part, comes the usability of the product. Make a good knowledge and certainly about the revolving direction of the chain saw which is very important. You have to put the chain saw right on the wood fibers aligned on the right direction. For an example- if your best chain saw rotates clockwise (seeing from left to right) and works on a wood piece


Acting with a chainsaw requires lots of expertise, as this literally is a dangerous product to work with. Be always sure that you are equipped with necessary gears and gadgets like- safety gloves, helmet, goggles for eye protection from flying dusts, heavy duty clothing and many things alike. When you are thinking of buying a new one, make sure to have a broader research on the specification of your preferred products online and go through the chain saw reviews properly. This will help you to lock your best suitable best chain saw available in the market.