Best Laser Level Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best laser level

Introduction: A laser level is a tool that has two things, one spirit level and another is plumb bob along a laser that works as a display for accurate line drawing. Those lines can vertical and horizontal both. Usually laser levels are used in different surface areas. When you need accurate horizontal or vertical line drawing, you can use laser levels. In construction industries, the use of laser level is commonly seen. Even in cabinetry industry, you can find the use of laser levels. Some of those tools are expensive and can offer the user many applications, where some others are not that expensive.

Laser levels emit a laser beam in a surface or in a wall to work using the line of the beam. Usually, laser level doesn’t work to pinpoint beams rather it will show you the way which vertical or horizontal line to work with to get the perfectly applicable lines. As the days are progressing laser level are advancing too. You can get kinds of products from different producers and brands. Depending on your need and budget you are free to buy. But it is good to look few things before buying to get the best laser level from the market, and your mission should be started from finding a good laser level producing brand.

Three Popular Laser Level in Brief

At this point I’m going to share some prominent features of few laser levels. They are made of three different brands. If you are a person who is planning to buy a laser level in upcoming days, reading these features could be good for you especially to know which brand and which particular product should be chosen and what features can rank a laser level over another. Here are those as follows. 

1. Bosch GLL-2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-Level with-Mount

Bosch GLL-2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-Level with-Mount

This is a good laser level for home use. Bosch is the producer of it. You can get it at a reasonable price range and it wouldn’t cost you even hundred dollars to get. You can get this laser level in blue color. Here are some features and specifications. Take a look at this.

  • This is a 1.6-pound laser level that has a product dimension of 3.2 * 2.5 * 2.6 inches. Its low weight feature will allow you to carry easily while working. Moreover, it is small in size, so it would be easier to carry this laser level.
  • It has both line modes, horizontal & vertical. Two lines projects separately, but you can force it to work together when you might need wide array level. For different alignment applications, this laser level can be great for you.
  • Though this laser level is not a good one for outdoor use, you can use this tool years after years in your home. It is not for professionals rather it is for personal usage. You can find plenty of examples to realize its longevity. It is quite handy for emitting bright and crisp laser line. Again saying if you are a tradesman, this laser level is not for you. But if you are a homeowner and want to do renovation work inside of your home, don’t hesitate to have this tool. You hardly can get a better laser level at this price.
  • You can operate this laser level with only one button. So it will be easier for you to switch modes and to turn it on/off. This is important for the users especially when they handle a lot of tools at a time. You can get many good featured laser levels, but those have functional complexities. From that perspective, you can buy this product.
  • You can receive two years of warranty with this laser level. This warranty can ensure your money protection.
  • You can mount this laser level from almost anywhere as its mounting device is super flexible. You can clamp it conveniently in multiple surfaces. This can speed up your work. Besides setting up this particular laser level is easy.
  • There is only one handle to operate this laser level. It is simple to handle, therefore. You can use it through batteries. Basically, you need two AA batteries to run this tool.
  • This laser level has a smart leveling system. You can refer that as the pendulum. It is efficient for self-leveling as this tool has its senses. It can efficiently switch slider for locking while transporting.
2. Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-Level Kit

Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-Level Kit

This is another laser level that you can buy in a cost effective manner. Johnson Level & Tool is the producer of it which you can quote as the best laser level for the money. You can get is spending around ninety dollars or less. You can get it in red color. The available size of this laser level is L. Here are some features and specifications. Take a look.

  • This is an awesome laser level that has a product dimension of 4.5 * 18.5 * 10 inches.
  • It has self-leveling feature. In spirit levels, the users require holding the tool to ensure getting a perfect line. But the self-leveling feature waives the users of this product from that pain. It can adjust within six degrees while self-leveling. This is the best way by how you can get flawless results. You can get a visual indication in this laser level that will let you know when the system is out of level.
  • The weight of this laser level is nominal which only 0.2 ounces is. It means you will simply feel nothing in your hand while working. This will allow you to work with more comfort. While working for a long period, comfort is the key for not becoming tired soon.
  • This laser level can emit cross-line lasers. These laser beams are important while working in tactically critical surfaces. This is really an advanced feature of this product.
  • You need batteries to run this laser level. You will receive three years parts warranty from the manufacturer. It means you have the chance to get new parts within three years after the purchase being made. Additionally, you can enjoy twenty-four-hour repair & replacement services too with the proof of the purchase. This is something that you cannot get from everywhere. Basically, it’s an initiative for you from the producers to let you understand your money spending is safe.
  • You can get interior horizontal & vertical layouts in this laser level. It can project both kinds of lines simultaneously. It has 100 feed interior ranges that mean you can project the laser and get lines far away of the device. This is a good feature especially when you want to work in a thin area from a large distance.
  • You can transport this laser level easily without encountering any damage of the tool as it has a locking mechanism that protects the inner pendulum of it. Its 360-degree graduated base enables angle layouts.
  • This laser level is good for installing cabinets, chair rails, and floors. You can use it to hang pictures and paintings and similar projects like that.
  • Within the same price, you will receive 1 pair tinted glasses, 1 elevating tripod, a manual with warranty card and a carrying case along with the laser level.
3.DW088K Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-by DEWALT

DW088K Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-by DEWALT

This is another fine laser level that can serve its user from multiple perspectives. DEWALT is the producer of it and it has its origin in China.  You can get it in black and yellow color. It is a good product within 100-200 dollar price range. For construction work and for using in the home this laser level has limited alternatives. Here are some features and significance of it.

  • This is laser level that has a product dimension of 9.2 * 4.5 * 9.5 inches
  • This laser level has full-time pulse mode that allow its users to use it with the detector.
  • Its weight is only one pound, so it would be easier to carry it while working. Moreover, you can enjoy three years of warranty too. So you don’t need to worry about money while buying it,
  • It has integrated magnetic pivot base with a 0.25’’ thread. It can be an extremely handy tool for cabinet installation.
  • 5 volts of electricity is required to run this tool. You need to use three AA batteries. It has only one handle.
  • It is efficient in projecting bright horizontal & vertical lines. It has measurement accuracy up to four degrees.
  • It is a resistant laser level and it is over-molded. Moreover, it has IP54 debris resistance. Its self-leveling feature works splendidly.


Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Laser Level and Using It!

There are several things to remember while buying a laser level. This is important to remember if you want to gain get the good product.

  • First of all read laser level reviews to get initial ideas about it. You can talk with a real-life user too. If you have a laser level and want to buy a new one, then start your buying process from reading features of different products.
  • For those who know very little about laser levels should find some brands where they can put trust. DEWALT, Bosch all are good examples of good brands. Don’t forget to remember your purpose of buying before stepping forward.
  • After finding some brands, try to find some good products to make your choice list. Assess the features of your selected laser levels.
  • Determine your budget at this time and make your choice list short.
  • Make the buy.

While using your laser level, it is good to keep the tool in the box you received while buying it. Don’t allow to fall water over it. In a case of accidental waterfall, try to make it try as quickly as possible. Don’t allow kids to handle this tool. Changing batteries is important when it is necessary. It is important to understand the battery life while using your laser level. Don’t use your tool for outdoor usage unless that is featured in that manner.


I’ve tried to mention all the areas that a person might need to know before buying a laser level. Though there might be some other questions floating in your mind. In this section, I will try to give answers of some frequently encountered questions. Taking a look over it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Which is laser level good for tile working?

  • It depends on the offered features of a particular product. I’ve used DW088K Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser-by DEWALT. You can make a try too.

How far should I place the laser level from the ceiling?

  • Six inches is fine, but there is no complexity if you fit a bit upper or lower.

Is the tripod is the same as camera tripod?

  • No, there are different.

I want to make square outlines with my laser level. Can I do it?

  • No, you couldn’t.

How can I hang my laser level in walls?

  • All good laser levels have magnetic pivot inside that allows you to hang the device from almost anywhere. ‘Wall’ in not out of that list. 


IF you carefully went through all over this guide, I hope you already have acquired a lot of things about laser level. Now you know what type of products are offering which features. If you follow the tricks properly, you can easily get the best laser level of the market in a reasonable price. Moreover following the maintenance tips can offer longevity.

So once you are thinking to get this tool, start with the basics, learn how it works, some good brands and products and pick one from them. Try to read the user manual before using as it depends on product to product. Never spend a lot of money to get a laser level thinking, ‘more spending will bring better product’, rather try to spend within your budget and ensure optimum use of your educated intuition.

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