How to Oil an Impact Wrench ?

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Don’t know how to oil an impact wrench? Don’t worry at all, as this short yet informative guide will surely make you eligible of oiling your own impact wrench by the end of it! To be very real, we all are used with using all our tools frequently and relentlessly. But have we intermittently thought of maintaining them? Have we thought of keeping them at a safe and healthy place so that they can operate for longer terms? We barely think of such points and that is literally sad. However, in case of most of the steel tools; an impact wrench is one of the most important ones which we use at many nut opening and jointing purposes. This guide will teach you how to maintain your impact wrench.

Ways to maintain your impact wrench:

There are several ways through which, you can maintain and keep your impact wrench pretty well. Some of the best ways to do such are-

  1. Using lubricants intermittently (this is the best possible way)
  2. Cleaning the impact wrench after every use
  3. Keeping the wrench at a dry place to avoid stains
  4. Handle the wrench carefully rather than using haphazardly to avoid unnecessary scratches
  5. Use a nice and suitable box for safekeeping the wrench anywhere.

Why lube an impact wrench?

Lets think of both a best impact driver and a best impact wrench. Although both seem to be the same in function; the only difference lies in the lid bit on those products. Whereas a best impact driver is used for precision hole making (predominantly), a best impact wrench is used for opening mostly nuts of different sizes. Usually an impact driver is used more that an impact wrench. Although the workload of them is different but lubing is important at par for both typed equipment. Oiling can keep products like this working and long lasting.

If you lube your impact wrench regularly (after a certain period/ times of working), you’ll surely be able to work with your tool for longer and better operations. Moreover, lubing an impact wrench will cause the steel material to remain sturdy and rigid.

How to oil an impact wrench?

In the above-mentioned ways, the first one, which is to use lubricants – is the best possible way to keep your wrench perfect for a good period of time. If you have lubricants and don’t know how to oil an impact wrench, then follow the steps below-

  1. Clean the wrench first: Firstly, you have to clean the wrench up with a very clean and dry cloth piece. This will help to remove all the small dust particles off the wrench. If you have any blower or suction pump, then it will be better for cleaning. But never attempt to clean the impact wrench with a drenched cloth piece with spirit or any other lubricants.
  2. Take fresh lube oil in a dropper: Put some fresh lubricant oil in a small dropper and take it on your right hand (if you are right handed person). Then, take the cleaned impact wrench on the other and then use the dropper to put some lube oil drop by drop to the lid hinges. While lubing, make sure to hold the wrench horizontal so that the lube doesn’t get leaked inside the motor area. Remember not to lube too much because that will cause greater dust to hoard there.
  3. Clean the lubed portion with a nice dry cloth: After you’ve lubed the hinge nice and slow, now you have to clean the portion lubed with a fine and dry cloth. This will take out the lubes unnecessary at that point.
  4. Lube the extender if possible and clean it: Besides oiling your impact wrench, also go for oiling the extender, which is to groove inside the nut. Do clean after oiling an extender. Such lubrication will cause the inner wall of the extender to be slippery. This is beneficial for nuts to get set inside the extender grooves very easily.

Things to remember while oiling your impact wrench:

There are a few things that you better keep in mind while lubing both- your best impact wrench or best impact driver, like-

  1. Always make sure that you haven’t plugged your equipment with external power source. If your equipment is battery operated, then make sure that the power button is turned off prior to dropping lube oil.
  2. Thinking of better application through greater lubing is always wrong and will surely damage the equipment instead of doing any good. Therefore, make sure that you use a dropper instead of dropping the lube from the bottle directly.
  3. Never use any wet cloth pieces to clean your wrench/driver prior to oiling. This might cause to place rust and stain on your equipment steel body in the ling run.


We are used with hundreds of tools aside us but are not still aware of things that can really help us to keep them going for a good period of time. It is us who can make them work fine for a longer period than though or warranted. We can make our usable tools eligible for better and prolonged life just by maintaining them with proper care. Lubricating is one of the most vital points that we need to maintain in most of the steel or similar material tools; tools that we are to use continuously to maintain our lives. A best impact driver or a best impact wrench is literally a piece of equipment that can help us to do a lot of works directly/indirectly. Therefore, if we are to maintain this sort of equipment, then we surely need to know how to oil an impact wrench and make them last for more than they are expected.