Best Plasma Cutter Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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For loads of industrial uses, knowing about best plasma cutter is a mandatory task. From cutting steel to molding different structures, from piercing or piecing thick to thin steel sheets to smaller ones, from sizing thick or thin sheets to a big one etc. and many more likewise tasks require a fine and sharp plasma cutter. To be more precise, plasma cutting is the process by which, industries and other big manufacturing companies cut steel sheets in different sizes and shapes.

When it comes about plasma cutting, a lot of considerations come in to mind like, the process of working, types of plasma cutting, convenient factors of plasma cutting, safeguard required for fine plasma cutting, what are the best plasma cutters for specific purposes, what type of steel to cut, precautions etc. All these necessary factors will shortly be described through this guide for your best out and out knowledge.

Lotos Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

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The top three plasma cutting products in this modern era:

Although there are hundreds of different products doing the same thing in industries or at home; there are a few products that can be necessary for your industrial and as well as personal use. Therefore, we have plucked top 3 products so that you can get yourself in this process primarily and afterwards can distinguish between products as you go.

1. LT5000D Lotos LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110/220VAC 1/2
Lotos Air Inverter Plasma Cutter
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In the world of plasma cutting, LOTOS is a great world literally. There have been some posturing products from Lotos that has given with its best. Manufacturers have provided great effort and technology to make something that is unique through its operation. To remains almost zero slag, Lotos is the machine that is required. There are some strong technical points that Lotos machines avail to be a best plasma cutter, like-

1.The model we are detailing about is called LT5000D. This model is a digital inverter plasma cutter having dual voltage as its input (110/220 volt). The current flow rate, at which it works, is 50 amps, which is far more than a conventional plasma cutter. In electrical and electronics term, the greater the current output of any product, the greater its working efficiency is. Thereby, this product can certainly be listed as one of the best efficient ones in plasma cutting. One another fascinating thing about this product is that, you can also use DC power source for this plasma cutting operation.

2.The Lotos LT5000D works at 110/220 volts, 50 HZ, 10-50 Hz without any strains or pressure on it. Moreover, t can automatically detected unnecessary surges pass through the equipment so that the cuts being made are not potholed. This is literally a very very important function for electrical equipment because voltage ups and downs are common phenomena in this problematic world.

3.At 40 Degree Celsius temperature, the duty cycle of this product is 60%. This means that you’ll get up to 60% efficiency out of this product when you are having a room temperature more than 38 Degree Celsius to be more specific. Certainly when your working temperature is more than normal, you’ll have your machine down to a little bit extent where you’ll find it a bit sleazy. But the main fact in this case is that, both at 110 or 220 volt, the duty cycle remains same at the same AC frequency level.

4.Maximum thickness this product can handle easily is ½”. On the other hand, maximum severance thickness for this machine is ¾”. Both of these values are greater than necessary. You can assume for yourself. Suppose, you are to cut a steel sheet of ½” thickness. This isn’t a very easy task to deal with. This needs a lot of attention and power to do so. The Lotos LT5000D being a very good best plasma cutter does this task very excellently.

5.Cooling system is one of the primary requirements of a plasma cutter. As this equipment is a heavy-duty worker and deals with a lot of heat inside and on the specimen to work on, it must have a sustainable cooling arrangement inside it to keep the machine calm down in seconds after operation. Otherwise, the machine can get too hot during operation and breakdown whole the operation from any end like converter, inverter, plasma nozzle, blow back or high frequency tunnel, microcontroller etc. Well, the Lotos LT5000D has got PAPST advanced German cooling system inbuilt that makes this product to be more and more trusty.

6.Supply of gas through the nozzle is a very important factor. While passing nitrogen oxygen or hydrogen gas through the nozzle and to spark the gas flow through a flame on the lid of it, it requires high sensitive nozzles so that the cut being made turns to be fine and slag less precisely. The air flown with the gas through the nozzle should be very clean and dust-dirt free. This machine ensures that the gas flow is readily oil, dust and dirt free and then it through towards the nozzle. Additionally, it ensures that moist air isn’t blown to the nozzle; rather dry air is required for sparkling flame.

7.About cutting steel sheets, there are different ones. For mild steel sheets, it can take upto sheets of 16 mm thickness. You won’t need to head the torch for too long to cut but easily like a pencil. For stainless steel and aluminum sheets, this Lotos plasma cutter can easily take up to 12 mm thick sheets. However, all f these operations are run at 50-amp cutter output. The fact in this regard is that, this is the maximum severance level of ease for steel cutting. You’ll feel that you are up to draw a very fine line through your torch like a pencil.

8.For proper operation, you need to make sure that this plasma cutter receives prompt air inlet at about 36 scfm (standard cubic feet meter). The nozzle will then be able to flow the gas at a pressure of about 65 PSI (pressure per square inch). This force of gas with flame on it is necessary for the pin/lid of the flame to cut thick to thin steel sheets of different grades.

There are also some non-technical terms that you ought to know –

9.The dimension of this product is 381 mm X 152.4 mm X 304.8 mm. the measurement denoted is with handle of the product. Compared to the purpose this product takes care with admiration, the dimension appears to be very little although it isn’t. The size of this product is very legit compared to the task it does.

10.The weight of this product is only 10.2 kg. This is not too heavy, neither to light. The plasma cutter review with it shall show you all the detailing’s of this product weights including or excluding the necessary cablings, nozzles etc.

11.There are few things that come with the product box and are very necessary for a complete, out and out operation for steel sheet cutting. You are going to get one plasma-cutting torch, one ground clamp and a cable, one air filter and a regulator, 6 air hose connections and one air hose.

12.For additional accessories, you’ll get 4 clamps and 2 couplers for the 6 air hose connectors provided. This is very necessary for operations for the extension of the gas pipe. You cannot always feel free or comfortable to carry the base station of the cutter with you in your garage of any working place. You’ll feel easy when the hosepipe is long enough and you can keep the base station at a certain place while you are moving around erratically or work.

Special benefits of the Lotos LT5000D:

1.Why wont this be a best plasma cutter if it requires less maintenance & cleaning, less noxious gases? This will certainly be more than that because there are more!

2.Cleaner cut is what all the customers require and this product ensures that the flame is symmetrical and precise. The torch is built with special care and the nozzle through it is securer. There are fewer possibilities of fire hazards for which, most of you might prefer it to many more.

3.The torch figure is flexible. This might be very useful when you are upto do undercar molding or welding cuts. Repairers have a lot of requirement for such tools. Then why not have your own one and try to do maintenance works through this product at your own?

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2. Lotos LTP5000D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter
Lotos LTP5000D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter
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There are several strong reasons why pilot arc plasma cutters can be termed as a best plasma cutter. The plasma cutter reviews can be of your best help to make you understand why this sort of cutting is legitimate and perfect. Pilot arc plasma cutting is the process of cutting steel sheets with less time, easy cutting with less possible slags and dusts, broader and deeper cut, fine cut with thin line etc.

Ultimately, pilot arc plasma cutting is the process of steel cutting that is like a one-man army. The main feature of this plasma cutting is that the specimen, to work on, is not directly in touch with the cutter; rather the pilot arc with a fine tuned arc makes the cut happen very accurately.

There is a very short comparison with this product with other conventional ones. Most of the plasma cutters require an electric connection to the working specimen that acts as a conductor and completes the circuit. However, this plasma cutting is, in a sense, similar to the process of welding. Welding is the process of connecting two or more metal or steel parts together through flaming and cooling both their ends at a line or point.

Through the Lotos LTP5000D pilot arc plasma cutter, you do not need to take care of that extra electrical connection on your working specimen. This specifies that you can freely move here and there within your working boundary; that can be inside your garden, your garage, your balcony etc. But the specimen to work on will always be separated from the plasma cutting circuit. The pilot arc will light with a great gas pressure at the torch nozzle. When you spark it, you’ll get your cutting flame with a very precise and firm light beam.

Now as for the review section, there are certainly some technical and non-technical terms to get acknowledged with. You better be familiar with both technical and non-technical terms for your own knowledge. The main technical features of this product are like-

1.This machine runs on dual voltage, 110v/220v at the frequency of 50 Hz. This voltage range is well compatible with most of the countries of the whole world. High voltage, this dual voltage capability of this product doesn’t affects its working efficiency because the transformer in it is highly capable of producing the firm output of 10-50A current. This amount of current is the prerequisite of its perfection action to steel plate’s plasma cutting.

2.As for cutting, the ideal thickness of sheets to cut is ½” preferably, although this product can take sheets up to ¾”, which exceeds its ideal limit. If you are up to cutting ideal thick sheets of steel, then you wont find any difficulty. But the problem lies when you are cutting sheets thicker than ideal margin. Although you can cut the sheets but you need to be very steady and hold the torch very slowly on the sheet. If you move or shake your hand, the cut might be inapt.

3.The gas input to the base station must be clean, oil free and dry. These are the three primary requirements to be a best plasma cutter. Whatever the condition or situation is, you have to make sure that these three points are maintained cautiously. If you are working in your garage where its dusty all over the wind and having greater humidity, then your cut might get uneven edges, plasma flame produced might be tilting.

4.The base station has a compressor in it. This is one of the vital parts of this machine, which has to create at least 3.6 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Meter). However, the pressure has to be maintained at about 65 psi (pressure per square inch). At this pressure magnitude, the pilot arc hits the material to cut. Both of these magnitudes are highly required for a fine slag less cut. The Lotos LTP5000D just does fine at this part.

5.Both at 110v or 220v, the machine produces 50amp current, which makes the pilot arc on the lid of the torch. The nozzle makes prominent pressure monitored from the base station where the compressor resides. To make a precise cut for a long time, the product manufacturers has provided it with a duty cycle of 60% for both voltage end while producing 50amp current at both end. When you are up to buying the product, you better go though the plasma cutter review to make yourself acquainted with every technical term.

6.The Lotos LTP5000D is manufactured and equipped with the latest technology of electronics called IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). This is the point where the input energy gets amplified and ends up with the pilot arc; mandatory for plasma creation and thus cutting steel sheets. This purely makes the best use of electronics to make it a best plasma cutter.

7.Inside the machine, there lies a MOSFET transistor. This transistor is responsible for the production of harmonic-less output. Such smooth and uneven output is necessary so that the torch produces the same amount of plasma every second and thus, cut the steel firmly and evenly. If you had a torch that blinks its plasma and tilts its opacity of cutting, then you’d never had a firm cutting. Rather you could see extra slags somewhere or not even a proper cut at any place.

8.For your valuable information, this Lotos LTP5000D is a non-hazardous machine that creates firm output and cuts thick steel sheets firmly. Sometimes, many machine turns to be out of control in situations like- power surges, accidental fall ups, lose controlling knobs, water hassles etc. but this product is a fully controlled and functional one having a great care on the plasma created by the machine. You have the hosepipe long enough so that you can do all your operations keeping the base steady at a certain place.

However, like the precious one, this product also has some very important non-technical points to get acquainted with-

9.For your ease of operation, you’ll get everything included in the package. You’ll get 2 air hose couplers, 2 air hose clamps, a wall mounting bracket (so that you can measure air pressure and regulate it), a meter that indicates air pressure, a plasma set including plasma nozzle- elctrode- and cup installed, ground clamp and cable necessary for optional usage of the torch.

10.As for the machines outlook and exterior, it is just fabulous. For a plasma cutter, necessarily, it has a handle on the lid of the machine, which helps you to hold and carry to another place when needed. It has a reddish metal exterior all over that is responsible for its dazzling outlook.

For the products information that is very simple, you have an on/off button right on the front of the machine. If you have any sort of problem, all you need to do is just turn the switch off. Just right to that button, you have a circular knob showing the Ampere meter, that is the current through the torch, you can easily control that current reading. Through controlling this, you can change the plasma level you create with the torch and cut steel sheets.

Right down on thr front side, you have connections openings for air hoses and air pressure. All you have to do is just to connect the air hose with couplers to the torch at one end and the other end at this machine side. Similarly, you need to do the same for the air pressure regulator. Right after that, you are all ready to go. Just create the amount of plasma you think needed and cut your steel sheets according to the piece you need. To make your own home garage, this is one of the mandatory tools. If you have it, you can do your entire repair and maintenance works for vehicles without any hassle if you are knowledgeable about it well.

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3. Hobart Airforce 500534 Light Weight Plasma Cutter
Hobart Airforce 500534 Light Weight Plasma Cutter
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When you are about to cut lightweight conductive metals, then its high time, you’ve get introduced with the Hobart Airforce 500534. This is one of the best lightweight plasma cutters in the market and can obviously be regarded as a best plasma cutter for your garage or household works. You need to make tin shades for your house; you can use this to cut tins precisely. If you need to make a toolbox on your own; using this would be the best possible and feasible also. If you need to make your own projects requiring steels sheets, you can use this plasma cutter with ease. The products plasma cutter reviews has got each and every detail you’ll need to use promptly.

Among hundreds of different typed plasma cutters, this one is light in weight, portable to use, easy to handle and simple in operation. This massive product weighs only 27 lbs. Portability is one of its greatest features. Nowadays, people try to buy things that are easily transportable so that they can use it anywhere. The working operation of this product is as simple as a simple circuit consisted with a power source, a switch and the load with ammeter and a voltmeter. However, the constructional and exterior are also astounding.

About the exteriors, there isn’t much to say but some important things. The product is white paint coated with black color on the front operational side and the back. These two-color combinations make the product better in style and physique. The egg curvy frontal look makes it look like a rigid body. There is a handle on the top for ease of carrying. Plasma cutters having no handle on the lid makes it use two hands for carrying which becomes sometimes very awful. Doing so, you cannot even take the hoses, torches, and clamps easily. But through this product, you can use on hand to carry the machine and others on the other hand.

On the frontal side, there are two hoses, one is for the conduction of the specimen to work on and the other one is the air pipe through which plasma air is thrust. This is similar to making a circuit complete. You need to connect the specimen (must be conductive like steel, copper sheets, aluminum panes etc.) with the hook that comes out of the plasma cutter machine having a boathook. After that, you need to put the machine on and use the torch. At the torch end, there is a switch that allows the pressurized air thrusting to the outside where a flick or spark is held. This makes the plasma fire and causes the plasma arc. Through controlling the plasma arc on the working specimen that is also connected to the machine, you can work substantially.

Besides, there is an on/off button right above the air hosepipe that has come out of the cutter machine. Right to that switch, there are indicators that show the current ampere rating that has been given to the plasma torch and air pressure also. The main and punching point of the product comes with its weight reviews. This is a lightweight plasma cutter. Due to this, carrying has been made very easy and portability has improved a lot with it. However, the products technical descriptions are not indecisive-

1.The Hobart Airforce 500534 has got a powerful air compressor inbuilt. This compressor easily runs on household currents (115 VAC) and therefore, you’ll get your electricity bills as like as your normal home appliances.

2.The light weight inverter power supply inside makes the product very effective to the electricity input. This makes the plasma cutter to be very convenient and useful compared to the current it pulls and output it gives because it is capable of cutting mild steels of different types very fruitfully.

3.Due to its lightweight and lower electricity consumption, this product is capable of only cutting mild steels thick up to ¼ inches. The mild steel types it can cut can be steel sheets, aluminum panes, conductive metals, HVAC, auto body, etc.

4.One of the best features that lie in this product is that, there aren’t any knobs on the front or rear side of the machine. This is just like a plug and play device having all the plasma cutting features. All you need to do is just to put the working specimen in the circuit through connecting the clamp and then use the plasma torch to cut the sheet.

5.Plumbing projects can easily be taken care through this product. As this is just a plug and play device, you can do all the plastic cutting works very finely. The output isn’t too much concentrated nor too hot. Therefore, you can have all the plastic cutting works finely without any rough edges, which is the main requirement for building management system works.

6.It has sensors inside it. In case of any thermal imbalance, it can turn itself off at anytime understanding the condition of the specimen in work. For this convenience, there are diagnostic labels through which, you can monitor the health of the system. This is one of the prerequisite for a safe and healthy plasma cutting.

There are a few non-technical terms that you also ought to know for better recognition with this product-

7.This product measures 18.2 x 11.5 x 17 inches. As for its measurement, this is a very suitable and a portable one. If you are worried about carrying it to any other place, then you just can get you kid up to it. This product also weighs only 27 pounds. Both its measurement and weight are compact.

8.The power cord with it is long enough, 7 feet. Many people find it hard to use plasma cutters having a very short length power cord. For that reason, they need to buy another multi-plug box, which adds up more money in their expenditure. But the long 7 foot power cord with it allows you to plug the product and keep it in your working specimens nearest place possible. This literally is one of the biggest advantages served by this massive product.

9.Extra strap isn’t provided with many similar products, but the Hobart Airforce 500534 package makes sure that you have a complete set of it. A strap is nothing but a piece of rolling and tightening measure that clenches wires systematically. If you can make the best use of this thing, then you can keep your product very neat and clean during operation. Moreover, straps are one of the greatest measures to prevent any sort of traumatic accidents and casualties. You can even tie the air-pressurized hose with your belt so that the hose doesn’t get harmed due to any accidental case through the plasma torch.

10. You are going to get a bunch of stuffs with this lightweight plasma cutter. The things you are to get are the plasma cutter review with the owner manual, a standoff guide for your complete training, extra consumables, 16.5 feet heavy duty working clamp (which is approximately 5 meter long and is enough for a distant operation from the base plasma cutter), tremendous 16.5 feet long cables and consumed torch (you can do way distant work at your specific working space conveniently with this).

Then why wont it be a best plasma cutter? Being such tiny compared to many other available in the market, it does not compromise with its efficiency and workability at any cost or stance. Moreover, this product contains an air compressor in it, which produces a massive air follow through the hose. The arc settles the fire and the plasma creates. Right away, you can imagine that how much pressure is needed to create a plasma arc and this thing just does it! If you ever plan to buy something tiny yet powerful, something very portable yet efficient that will make your research works done; then the Hobart Airforce 500534 can just be the best plasma cutter.

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Why best plasma cutter is for industrial use?

When you are about to cut a steel sheet, then you can do it very easily through a steel cutting scissor or something similar. But if the quantity is large, just as like as in industries, then cutting with such tools will never be feasible as the amount will be humungous and you’ll have time less than you expect. For such purposes, plasma cutters are the best way to pursue.

For industries where big sheets are waiting in the queue to be cut, then you’ll need a fine and suitable plasma cutter. There are steel sheets thicker than your waist which won’t even be cut through big scissors. Even though if you cut through such scissors, the edges won’t be smoother as anticipated. Smoothening the edges is one of the main reasons why people prefer industrial plasma cutting of steels for mass usage.

Types of plasma cutters in modern technology:

There are different types of steels in industries, which needs precise cuts. But not all the steels are compatible with single plasma cutters; rather, there are grading which defines its cutting levels and environments needed. Due to these reasons, plasma cutters have been manufactured with different current and voltage ratings. Through different combinations, different ratings are fixed though which, steels get cuts.

To be very precise, there are two distinctive best ways of plasma cutting. There are different products plasma cutter reviews which will make you aware of the total ratings precisely. Before you go for any product separately; you better go through its ratings very carefully and see if it matches with your purposes or not. The main two types of plasma cuttings are –

  1. High frequency plasma cutting
  2. Blow back plasma cutting

Process of plasma cutting:

Plasma cutting is a very fine technological process. Through this process, a very thick sheet of steel is cut finely without any jagged edges. Cutting through a steel scissors might damage the edges and freehand cutting can never be even at all its working space. You can try yourself but you can never get your expected results because manual cutting requires a lot of energy.

But when plasma cutting is the matter, then technological approach is performed. As there are two different types of plasma cutting as mentioned above, the process of these two different types is also distinctive-

  1. High frequency plasma cutting process: when you are using high frequency plasma cutting, you can easily take care of thick to thicker steel sheets because it can take greater loads. It requires a torch like nozzle where the arc takes place and cuts the steel in high temperature. The electrode is the working part that puts the arc off to the work piece and cuts it precisely.
  2. Blow back plasma-cutting process: This is the simplest process for plasma cutting. When it comes to cut steel sheets erratically, then using high frequency method might be costly. In such cases blow back plasma cutting is preferable and suitable also. In blow back plasma cutting, the cuts are made through the touching of the work piece with the nozzle. Both ends are connected to the power source and when the two ends come to touch together, right at that moment, the gas mixtures rapidly flows through the nozzle. Just at this time, there causes a spark at the notch and the blow of flame cuts the steel through high temperature facts.

Pros and cons of using High frequency plasma cutting method:

As plasma cutting is all about cutting thick to thin sheets of steel plates, this is a very rigid and complicated process. In this process, several matters are to be taken in consideration while disregarding many ones. Both the processes are separately significant to individual cases. There are many pros and cons about high frequency plasma cutting method. The pros are detailed below in short-


  1. Through high frequency plasma cutting, you can easily cut thick to thicket steel sheets according to your considerations.
  2. High frequency plasma cutting is smoother, refined and pinpoint precision controlled steel cutting. Unlike any other plasma cutting or manual cutting processes, this process doesn’t keep any loose end while cutting steel sheets of different grades and thicknesses.
  3. There are different typed plasma cutters but choosing the best plasma cutter is the primary task of you. If you need to cut sheets of thick edges, then you can easily go for acting and suitable plasma cutters because nowadays, plasma cutter reviews show all the facts the cutter deals with.
  4. Cutting engine grooves, propeller sizing, heavy duty machine cuts etc. frequently require high frequency plasma cutting process. For your information, there are loads of such plasma cutters available in the market.


  1. High frequency plasma cutting is never cheap but very costly because it draws a lot of power. You bills may hike a peak, which you could never imagine.
  2. High frequency plasma cutting takes a bit more time than any other method.
  3. Through this process, safety measures are mandatory and pretty high in cost for the preparation. Inert gasses mixtures with extremely flammable mixtures passing through the electrode nozzle certainly needs to be kept under high supervision.
  4. Uncontrolled plasma cutting might cut even your working base where it started working.

Pros and cons of blow back plasma-cutting method:

Like all the other plasma cutting methods, blow back plasma cutting is also good and worse at different times. But compared to all the cons, the pros of this method are way better and feasible. But lets go for both in order to know about the plasma cutters better in a few articles-


  1. Blow back plasma cutting equipment are lighter in weight than high frequency ones. Although they cannot be carried and easily transportable, but they are way more easy to use practically.
  2. Blow back process is way simpler than any other for plasma cutting. There are more plasma cutter reviews showing easier process through blow back method rather than high frequency method.
  3. Through this method, you can cut from mid thick to thin steel sheets.
  4. Cutting tin shades, home appliances steels plates, boards, advertisement etc. purposes require blow back plasma cutting processes.


  1. Blow back plasma cutting is a bit lighter in function than high frequency process.
  2. When you are up to cutting steel sheets thicker than about 38mm, then this method isn’t a convenient one.

Plasma cutters in the market today:

Although plasma cutters are only industrial tool, they have a great necessity because this is the turner that melts and molds steel sheets. Through this plasma cutter torch, manufacturing companies cuts big sheets or raw steels into convenient pieces so that they can use it in another purposes.

A car manufacturing company, for an example, would be a very short yet best one! This world is living on massive transportation from one place to another, from one country to another, a car which is domestically used in a country is built up of different pieces of sheets but we see them in different shapes, why? Because its parts like door, bonnet, deck, hood, bumper, rear bumper, side skirts etc. everything has precise steel cut. These cuts have been specifically done through plasma cutters in factories.

What do you think if there is no plasma cutting but only scissor cutting? Think about the big steel sheets that can never be curbed through bare hands! Think about the massive force required to cut such plates with bare hands, which is almost impossible! Things that are out of reach of peoples hand, has been transferred to human brain.  This human brain has though a bigger and this better solution for this world.

Nowadays, there are different typed plasma cutters available in the market. But all of them are not the same in specifications although their objective is the same. Perhaps, their objectives vary to some extent in quantity but never quality.   Regarding their cutting quality, process, manufacturing specifications, outlook, ease of access, controlling factors etc. some of the top notch products has been specified especially for you to get introduced through this guide. It’s like a one stop plasma cutter reviews for your eternal ease.

Some other best plasma cutter for your information

There are different more plasma cutters available in the market. You can opt any of these also besides the above top three products available in the market. Many of you might need lower graded plasma cutter for your according purpose. Therefore, the following models have been detailed in short-

1.Hobart AirForce 500i:

Hobart AirForce 500i

This is one of the best plasma cutters available in the market that is not only less in weight but also portable at its best. It weighs only 27.8 lbs yet works very powerfully and stunningly. If you have any short metal cutting tasks, then you can use this plasma cutter without any hesitation. It is equipped with Multi-Voltage plug, which allows it to work in 110v and 220v both.

2.Rasmond CUT 50DY:

Rasmond CUT 50DY

This is like portability at its best. This product weighs only 19 lbs. therefore, carrying is nothing but just like a vanity bag with you. There is a handle on the lid, that’s why transportation isn’t anything hassling for this product. It can cut steel sheets maximum thick of ¾”. Moreover, this product is alos equipped with MVP and therefore, you can work with either voltage levels.

3.Everlast SuperCut 50:

Everlast SuperCut 50

If you are worried and need to monitor the specimen health after plasma cutting, then this is one of the best suitable and best plasma cutters. Its reviews are quite impressive compared to other similar ones. There is a distinctive option called the adjustable post flow option. After plasma cutting, you can easily cool the specimen down on which you have worked hard. It is also equipped with multi-voltage plug; its steel sheet cutting span is 3/8” to 1” and weighs only 29 lbs.

4.Longevity ForeCut 40D

Longevity ForeCut 40D

This is famous for its size to be more specific. The longevity forecut 40D is one of the best and cutest plasma cutting machines available in the market. You will get each and everything necessary for a robust plasma cutting of steel sheets and aluminum panes. It is equipped with multi-voltage plug but works differently on either voltage. At 220v, it will be able to cut steel sheets of ½” whereas at 110v, it will be able to cut steel sheets thick up to ¼”. This is one of the ideal ones for your homely or garage use.

5.Lotos LTPDC2000D:

Lotos LTPDC2000D

If you have multipurposes to serve with the least possible budget in your pocket, then you can convenientlythink of the product Lotos LTPDC2000D. this is one of the best products in the market that is equipped with both technology; plasma cutting and welding. Nowadays, welding and plasma cutting has been separated in operation due to hundreds of reasons. But if you need both of them available in your hand, then without wasting any further space, you can equipp only this machine at your workplace and get serverd instantly.

This product is DC TIG welder, and therefore, is massiv and powerful at welsding.   The stick welding completes the circuit providing am amount of 200 ampere current through the specimen. This magnitude is way more than conventional which ensures proper and substantial welding over the specimen. As for plasma cutting, this product is highly technical which allows 50 ampere completed circuit current flowing through the specimen. Naturally, plasma cutting requires less amount of current compared to the welding purposes. This product is equipped with MVP and therefore, it can effectively work disregarding the voltage level providing the same output to the user. It can cut steel sheets thick up to maximum ½”.

6.Hypertherm Powermax 45:

Hypertherm Powermax 45

This is one of the best compatible cnc plasma cutters. Although there are arrays of cnc plasma cutters available in the market today, you can equip this machine with the plasma-cutting table whenever you want. This is price convenient which is the best punching point for cnc plasma cutting. This product can easily cut steel sheets up to ¾”. This product weighs only 20Lbs. many of you might think that this is a very light weight product compared to being a plasma cutter. But remember guys, efficiency is the main thing to regard, not the weight.

However this cnc plasma cutter is very easily adaptable to any of the compatible cnc plasma cutting tables. You can easily and manually program it to the table and provide commands for plasma cutting. For after works, this product ensures proper conditioning that is a health check of the specimen and also a safeguard to the working specimen after heating. In all the aspects, this is nothing less than any other similar typed laser cutting.

7.Miller spectrum 375 X-TREME

Miller spectrum 375 X-TREME

This is one of the smartest and cute looking plasma cutting products available in the market nowadays. If you are in quest of something lightweight yet powerful in operation and classy in outlook, then we are pretty sure that you are going to like this product. Most of its specifications lie in the mid range to be very specific. Just its outlook has grasped all of its attention towards the customers. You can easily equip this product at your home or garage end and get server thereby.

You can use this product in different sectors like aviation, construction, farm, ranches, field maintenance and repairing works, manufacturing purposes, fabrication, constructional purposes etc. this product literally can serve different sectors because it is effective, quite averaged on all of its sides which is very suitable for most of the applications. This product weighs only 14-30 ampere current.

The best application for this product lies in the training purpose for schools, training centers, for technicians especially. You can easily guide people with the practical usage of this product. However, in order to do so, you are highly recommended to use any sort of safety and precautionary measures to avoid any traumatic accidents.

Other Things About Plasma Cutter

1. Safety measures you need to make sure when you are working with a plasma cutter

Plasma cutting isn’t a task of toy playing, neither it is very easy and can be done with everyone. Plasma cutting is one of the very crucial tasks at home or garage that needs certain things present right on site. Not only safety measures are necessary at the working spot but also safety measures are to be learnt and taught to others who are future users. As this is for safety measures, there are loads of points you need to take cared. Like-

  • When you are up to any sort of automobile works in your garage, you need to make sure that you have a fire extinguisher right beside you and 100% ready. Even if you don’t have any extinguisher right beside you during your work, then you need to make sure that you have a big bowl filled with water or a drum filled with raw/dry sand. In case of any emergency fire, you better pour water or throw sand to the fire hazards. However, using sand is preferable because water application to such hazards can also trigger electrical hazards and cause greater fatality.
  • Always remember to use gloves when you are up to working with plasma cutters. Plasma cutters are highly electric equipment. If you do not have earthing connectivity in your house, then you must also use rubber shoes or sponges in your feet. Otherwise, you might get electric shock, which might, in turn, cause you unexpected heart attacks and greater miseries.
  • During the plasma cutting, you are to see the place of cutting whether it is being perfect or not, to the line or not. But the fact is, you cannot do it with your bare eyes. Doing so might cause you permanent eye problems because plasma cutting severely illuminates UV (ultraviolet) rays.  There are different sorts of protections available in the market like, shades or goggles that protects eyes from UV rays. In addition to that, you also need to make sure that your whole face is protected. In this regard, face shields are also available in market with UV protective glasses inbuilt. Welders usually use these sorts of shields daily.
  • Its best if you keep your children aloof from the working time in your garage. If you even let your child stay with you in the working time, you better get your child equipped with all the shields you are equipped with keeping all the safety measures around you.
  • For your electrical safety, you better use a power line for your plasma cutter. As most of the plasma cutters consume more than a kilowatt of electricity, they are to be connected with the power line of houses not the conventional light/fan lines. Power lines are usually brought through circuit breakers. If any sort of power surge or overvoltage occurs, circuit breaker will trip down and save the equipment. But connection to the conventional lines might cause any sort of impairment to the plasma cutter due to voltage instability, power factor imbalance, surges etc. therefore, in order to keep your machine protected, make sure that you connect that through your power line.
  • Last but not the least, its always safe to keep a first aid box in your garage while you are working. Not only plasma cutters are useful in garage but even when you are working at home, you better keep it with you. Its safer if you keep a bottle of cold water or ice near. In case of any cut on your hand or burn, you can take the aid and get yourself served when no one is with you. This is the worst case possibly. To be very safe and sound, its better, if you along with anyone else, work together onto something with plasma cutters.

2. The merits of plasma cutting

Plasma cutting has made life much more easier in all the spheres of human life. Our life is filled with up-to-date electronic and electrical home appliances, which are made up of different sized steel or other typed steels. Do you think that they are made through bare handsaw cuts? This would have been really ridiculous because the amount of production of each home appliance is way beyond imagination. Literally this isn’t possible for human to cut different sized and shaped steel sheets manually. Plasma cutting, although has increased electricity consumption; have lessened human labor at a great stake increasing the ROI (return on investment).  How this ROI have increased?

We all know that time is money. In the medieval ages, mankind used had saws and big scissors to cut steel sheets down into several sized pieces. But it took a lot of time and the amount of production per day was way too low. But after the innovation of plasma cutting methods, it became a lot easier. Compared to the time it took manually, it because productive for at least 10 times. Although the power consumption term had added,; the total amount of specific production is increased at a great stake. Therefore, better quality, more production and sale, thus the ROI is increased.  However, there are more merits that are to be noted-

  • All sorts of conductive metals can be precisely cut through plasma cutting. All you need to consider in this case is a best plasma cutter. To choose so, you better go through the plasma cutter reviews. Steel sheets of different grading, aluminum panes, copper plates etc. can be cut precisely and controllably.
  • According to the rating of the plasma cutter, you can go for cutting steel sheets of different thickness. Predominantly, plasma cutting has emerged for thick cutting process, which is literally very tough with bare hands manually.
  • Plasma cutting processes are absolutely electrically and electronically controlled with a very little guideline. This is very feasible to updates and can be modified into any ratings. Therefore, it is fully automated process.
  • Plasma cutting for metal sheets are just like for scissors for cutting pages very smoothly and precisely. All our home appliances require plasma cutting and makes a perfect one for our use.
  • Plasma cutting causes very low noise level on the specimen and doesn’t make it vibrate like saw cutting. Its operation is pinpoint and quiet which makes sure that any other part of the working specimen isn’t harmed.
  • Plasma cutting is speedy rather than manual hand cut. If you compare the amount of production with time, you’ll find the ration at least 10 times greater in plasma cutting method. Modern industries in the world nowadays are used with LASER cutting method, which is – LIGHT AMPLIFICATION BY STIPULATED EMISSION OF RADIATION. Laser cutting is much more precise and effective.
  • Plasma cutting technology uses turbulent gas technology for production of the arc on the torch lid. This arc is powerful, fine and precise for slag less steel cutting. Moreover, it helps to shape debris of different metals or big steel genres.
  • Plasma cutting can be done under water in specific circumstances. Rescue works for accidents caused under water can be executed through plasma cutting. This is one of the major advantages of plasma cutting.

3. The demerits of plasma cutting

Newton’s third and last law says that “EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”. Similar to that quote, nothing in this world is only advantageous but also is disadvantageous to some extent. Plasma cutting is no alternative to that. Plasma cutting is also harmful for human body though it helps mankind to create different typed steel sheets and helps to shape bodies of arbitrary shape. There are a good number of demerits for plasma cutters and plasma cuttings as well-

  • Plasma cutting illuminated highly powerful UV rays that are injurious to human health. Proper safety precautions are must for plasma cutter users.
  • Concentration on the torch arc might cause eye problems. Sometimes, it might cause retinal hitch and cause permanent eyesight problem. Therefore, you need to use proper shielding methods.
  • As this is a process that is executed through high temperature flame, you need to make sure that you have sufficient fire extinguishers around your working space. Any sort of traumatic accidents might take place and cause immense disorders in your working place. Therefore, it’s better to be safe from the beginning.
  • Sometimes, plasma-cutting methods on thick metal sheets doesn’t prove to be better that other processes. Mostly, aluminum panes are the best sufferers. Panes thick up to 30mm might face this problem. The specimen after work might seem to be perfect from the top but might get rutted from the bottom. This is due to the plasma arc affectivity on the conductive specimen.

4. Laser

There is another method of cutting thick metal sheets called the LASER. LASER is the abbreviated form of Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This is nowadays the best modern technology ran on small to high leveled industries. Nowadays, this product is even replacing plasma cutters. But however due to some unavoidable circumstances like cultural values, working experience, type of intensity required etc.

There is a major differentiation between laser and plasma cutting. Plasma cutting isn’t effective or suitable for very small pinhole cutting whereas laser can do it very effectively. Moreover, you can cut thin steel sheets very smoothly and quickly. Laser cutting is basically placed in industries because it needs high tech precautionary measures. It is never suitable for homely use. Laser is highly effective towards any sort of material, it is sometimes detrimental to health. If however, laser light falls on your skin or any other part of your body, the affected part might get disabled to the worst possible case.

The best part of laser cutting is that, it cuts thick materials precisely without leaving any single uneven edges after the cutting. Sometimes, even plasma cutting causes slags and uneven parts and they needs second check. But laser cutting never require a second check, as they are pinpoint accurate and far more concentrated for plasma cutting.

5. What are the key things that you should remember while buying a best plasma cutter?

When you are going to a market in order to buy a plasma cutter, then you should know what are the things that deal best with a plasma cutter. You cannot just go to the market, pick the one you seem to be the best and buy on spot. You have to see the review first and then see its specifications ad check for a few things before buying. There are some key points that are very useful to remember while buying a plasma cutter-

  • First check out the voltage levels that it matches with your household power transmission. Remember that there are two types of voltage levels in which plasma cutters work (110v & 220v).
  • You need to make sure that the product you are about to buy is absolutely fresh. Sometimes, sellers keep broken goods in front of the buyers so that they can pass the product over. Therefore, you need to make sure that the product is absolutely fresh and crack-less.
  • Make sure that you get the guaranty or warranty card. Nowadays, most of the electrical and electronic equipment are provided with warranty and guaranty. Also make sure that you make sure if the date of purchasing is right or not. Sometimes, vendors/sellers provide the equipment with a wrong date. Sometimes they issue the money receipt in the date a year before. Therefore, always make sure to check the money receipt and the guaranty/warranty card before you leave the shop with the product.
  • If there is a barcode on the product or QR code, you can check the URL through your smartphone if you have. This is one of the best ways to check whether the product is genuine or not. This makes sure that the bar code or QR code is right. Fake companies use irrelevant QR or bar codes in order to make customers understand that this is a good and right product. Therefore, be cautious about these small yet powerful things.
  • As you are up to buying a plasma cutter, you need to make sure if there is a plasma cutter review guide is attached or not. In most of the electronic equipment, which are this much complicated, plasma cutter usage guide is provided. All you need to make sure is that, the guidebook is in the package completely.
  • When you have the package right in your hands, check the overall product and especially the torch lid. If you see any sort of distortion on the lid of the torch; how good that product is; do not move for that product. This is because if you have your plasma torch torn, the plasma arc that is required to cut the steel sheets and metals, wont provide the arc appropriately. If that is happened, you wont have a precise cut. Even your specimen might get tampered and cracks after the plasma cuttings because it might weaken the products rigidity. Therefore, you have to make sure that the plasma torch is perfectly ok and even.
  • Check out the circuit current through a sample test right at the place of buying. As plasma cutter are nowadays available in he market and isn’t heavy-duty materials for heavy-duty industries, you can make a sample test right at buying site. You will need to connect the specimen to the plasma cutter base station with a clamp and then use the torch. Make sure that the current rating is as per the plasma cutter reviews. If the deviation of reading (if a meter is available) is too much, then you can be sure that the product has faults. Although this test might take a bit longer time, but remember you are buying a costly product. You need to make sure that everything is ok and perfect before buying.
  • To further check the plasma cutter, if that is perfectly ok or not, you have to check all the buttons and knobs on the base station while working on the sample specimen. If you see that each and every buttons are working pretty fine, then you can get assured that the product you are going for is perfect and rigid.
  • Though it might seem a bit silly, check out the type of power cord that is attached with the plasma cutter. If you don’t have anything matching power source in your house, then you might need to buy a multi-plug box which will add a bit more cost in your pocket. There are different products of the same model having different power plug types. So choosing the perfect power corded plasma cutter for your house will be the best cost saving one.
  • If you carry the plasma cutter with your bare hands, make sure that you have the torch and its cords/hose with you at your hands. If you keep in behind your car bonnet, then due to running car vibrations, the torch might get tampered and you may get in trouble while starting to work. Keeping the torch lid safe is the primary task for you while bringing the product at your working premises. It is best if you bring the product walking in your hand at home.

6. Maintenance and repairing facts about plasma cutters

You have chosen a best plasma cutter for your own purposes and you wont need to maintain it for a good time or repair it? You can never think such, as this is an electrical and electronic product, there are a few things that you need to regard intermittently. Almost all the product innovated by mankind needs a renovation work after a certain time period and any sort of plasma cutter isn’t altered to this fact.

If you have a plasma cutter and have worked with it for so long, then you need to regard a maintenance work and repairing tasks if necessary. Few steps might be followed as per the below points-

  • Make sure that you have unplugged the plasma cutter completely from the power source, and then open each and every nuts of the plasma cutter. Always remember the nuts you are about to open because all of them might not be of the same size and pattern.
  • If you have a blower then primarily cleaning would be the best with it. A blower is nothing but a air flowing machine. It is completely similar to a fan but with greater speed with a concentrated air flowing hole. However using a blower, you can remove all the dirt and dusts from the inner portions of the plasma cutter very easily. Make sure that you do this task out of your house because it will spread huge amount of dusts out from the plasma cutter.
  • See for the torch very carefully. The lid would be a bit deteriorated. All you need to do in such cases is that, take a clean paper piece in your hands and move it round to the circular portion of the torch lid. You’ll receive and lot of solid carbon grease. Remove all of these, which will allow the plasma arc more strikingly.
  • Check all the buttons and knobs on the front panel of the plasma cutter. If there are revolving buttons, then regard the air blow through every thick and thins of the product. This will make sure that there aren’t nay dusts left in those hidden areas. If you have electronic switches, then from the inner side (after opening the product); check all the electrical connections if they are rigid or not.
  • In every plasma cutter, there are hoses and clamps. For clamps maintenance, you need to make sure that the spring hasn’t got loosened. If so, the connection to the working specimen would be lose and therefore, the circuit completeness might get hassled. All you need to do is clean the overall clamp and make the spring inside the clamp very tight to the point.
  • For maintaining the hoses through which, compressed air passes for the arcing of the plasma spark, you need to make sure that there isn’t any wear and tear on the hose surface. For that reason, remove the torch from the hose top portion and the lower end portion from the plasma cutting base station. Then check the overall hosepipe with your bear eyes to see any sort of distortions. If you see any faded area, then it means that portion has got thinned through rubbing on the floor or due to any other reasons. If you see the thinning too much, then consider changing the hose completely. You also need to check whether there is any sort of leakage in the hosepipe. You can do this task very easily through a drum filled with water. Using the bubble method, you can check whether there is any leakage or not.

Plasma Cutter Video Tutorial


In this modern era of civilization, there are thousands of products for home appliances, automobiles, industry levels, human comforts, securities etc. Plasma cutter can be placed in the phase where it is for human inquisitiveness. Especially youth boys are the best keeper of such products. Plasma cutter is not only used for projects, but also, automobile sector is one of the largest spheres where a nice plasma cutter is used. Not only it is used for industry leveled works but also, at homes, you can make a very good use out of it.

If you need to make and customize your own car, then you can cut steel sheets according to your own discretion. You can add steel cut vinyl on your car sides, you can add different colored spoilers on the back-upper portion of the bonnet, or you can add different gestures or parts on your car etc. a plasma cutter can make your hard tasks very easy and less time consuming. If you cut any steel sheets through bare hands with steel cutting scissors (available in market), you wont feel it comfortable because it will require at least two people due to force requirements.

You will feel a lot easier through using a best plasma cutter. There are different models available in the market or you can easily surf online in order to choose the best one.  However, it is said again and again that before you are about the buy a plasma cutter, be sure to go through the overall plasma cutter reviews; otherwise, you wont get to know if the product is exactly suitable for your purpose or not.

Lastly, you need to be safe and sound at each and every condition. Although this is an electrical and electronic product; it is not everlasting and faults may occur unknowingly. While you are working with such plasma cutters, you need to be very safe from the beginning and therefore you need to keep fire extinguishers beside you every time. Make sure that the specimen doesn’t get heated too much or it will get twirled. If this happens, all your efforts are useless. Therefore, be sure to use the best plasma cutter and to do so, go through the plasma cutter reviews out and out!

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