Best Paint Sprayer Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

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best paint sprayer

Introduction: Paint sprayers are a device that helps people to spray on different things in a faster speed, without mixing the colors and paints in hands. Paint of a paint sprayer can be ink or varnish too. Usually compressed gas gets used in the system to spray paints. You can use a paint sprayer to color almost anything, even in the places where putting a hand is a tough job. Again you don’t need to be a professional to use this sprayer.

There are different kinds of sizes available of these paint sprayers and depending on the surface and work volume people buy those different sizes. Plenty of producers are producing paint sprayer these days. If you are a newbie in this ground who never bought a sprayer before, better you should know the key features and specifications firstly to get some idea about paint sprayer. You can always buy usual sprayer from your local market, but to get the best paint sprayer, some cautious steps is encouraged to follow.

Three Popular Paint Sprayers in Brief!

You can get numbers of magnificent paint sprayers around the market. Assessing numbers of sprayers could be a difficult job. This is why I’m going to discuss on three popular paint sprayers at this section. These are as the following.

1.Wagner 0518050-Control Spray-Double Duty-Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050-Control Spray-Double Duty-Paint Sprayer

This is one of the best paint sprayers for home use what you can buy by a cost effective manner. Its origin is China and you can get this sprayer from almost all corners of the world. Wagner is the producer of it. You can get this sprayer in sporty yellow color. Here are some prominent features and specification. Take a good look at these. 

  • This is rectangular shaped paint sprayer that has a product dimension of 7 * 14 * 11.5 inches.
  • Its weight is only 4.2 lbs. This is why you can carry it easily and work for a long time without feeling neck pain. You can work with this paint sprayer looking over your eye-level by raising your arms for hours.
  • It is run by a motor of 2.5 Amp and you need to ensure 120 volts of electricity supply to run it. It is basically a corded electric device.
  • You can use it for all your indoor and outdoor usages. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a household chores worker, this sprayer can help in either way.
  • You can wash this sprayer easily in a conventional manner. Once you find any spot over the sprayer, you can remove that by washing. In this way, the appearance of this paint sprayer would remain the same as it was in its early days.
  • You can receive one-year long manufacturer warranty from Wagner against any defects being found within that period.
  • This paint sprayer can spray stains, colors, sealers almost everything. While working with this sprayer, you will never lose control and will not overspray unnecessarily. It will not overspray as it is made in HVLP technology.
  • There is actually three thee pattern of this sprayer; one-vertical fan, two-horizontal fan, three-round. You can control the flow easily as that is adjustable.
  • You can change the material quickly while using this sprayer as it is made is advanced lock n go technology. You can set it up quickly. It is true in the case of cleaning too.
  • This sprayer can work around 5 Fl. Oz. in every minute which is really a formidable speed. You cannot expect better speed than it from a paint sprayer of this price range.
  • It has a 2-stage air turbine that is ‘indoor rated’. This is why you can receive fine finishing while working whatever you might spray, stain, sealer, or any kind of enamels. You can easily create paint fences with this sprayer.
  • This sprayer has 2 material cups. One quart is for smaller works of interiors and 1.5 quart is for larger works of exteriors.
  • The motor of this paint sprayer is dual-stage and park-arrested. This is why this sprayer is remaining protected from flammable fumes always as the motor itself works for ignition preventing.

2.Wagner 0529021-Flexio 890-HVLP Paint-Sprayer Station

Wagner 0529021-Flexio 890-HVLP Paint-Sprayer Station

This is one other good machine for spraying. You can consider it as the best paint sprayer for the money. It is one of the best paint sprayers of Wagner that you can get spending less than two hundred dollars. You don’t need any batteries to run this paint sprayer. Here are some of its features and specifications. Take a look.

  • This paint sprayer is made is a way so you can find all the importance things in its handle. So while working with this sprayer, changing mode of working wouldn’t be a problem. Getting used to with this sprayer would take nominal time.
  • The product dimension of this sprayer is 19.2 * 13.2 * 11.5 inches. Its weight is nominal and it is around fifteen pounds. It means it is almost weightless. So you can grip it easily and works a long time without any shoulder pain.
  • One year warranty is offered with the purchase of this paint sprayer.
  • It is adaptable spray pattern featured. Besides you can get it in ‘air power and material flow’ featured too.
  • You can get iSpray nozzle and finish nozzle. Its air hose is 11.5 feet. You can get all the things in the power box of C-boost. Its iSpray and finish nozzles have non-wearable parts.
  • This paint sprayer can spray around 8.4 gallons in a single hour. If you work on a 8 * 10 feet wall, the painting will be done within five minutes.

3.Graco Magnum-262800 X5-Stand Airless-Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum-262800 X5-Stand Airless-Paint Sprayer

If you are ready to spend around half a thousand dollars to get a paint sprayer, you can get numbers of products from various manufacturers. But if you want me to suggest any particular name for your help, I would refer to check Graco Magnum-262800 X5-Stand Airless-Paint Sprayer. This is because; in my opinion, it is the best paint sprayer under $500. It is a product has its origin in China. You can get it in beautiful blue color. Here are some features and specifications of it. Take a look.

  • This paint sprayer can take pressure up to 3000 PSI.
  • Its weight is only 18.8 pounds, so handling and carrying it is easy. You can walk by talking this paint sprayer in your hand. You can work a couple of hours non-stop. It has a product dimension of 18.4 * 15 * 12.8 inches.
  • Its tip size is up to 0.015. You can use this sprayer up to 125 gallons in each year.
  • Its motor is of ½ horsepower and 15 Amp. You can use it with a 1500 watt home generator system.
  • It has metal SG2 spray-gun. It has a comfortable gripping handle too. It is fully triggered and there is an in-handle filter too. It can pump from one or five-gallon container. It indicates that this paint sprayer is made for serving heavy duty.
  • It can spray 0.27-gallon per minute.
  • It can spray stains, acrylics, heavy latex, and a lot of other things excluding block filter and lacquer. So buying this sprayer can serve you in many ways.
  • You can clean this sprayer fast as it has power flush cleansing adapter system.
  • This sprayer has AutoPrime feature. It reduces priming problems if there is any, what is connected with debris. Sometimes poor cleaning creates problems too. Using this sprayer can minimize your cleaning hassles.
  • You will get an airless hose, an RAC-IV tip, an operational DVD and a user guide with the package when you would be intended to buy this paint sprayer.


Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Paint Sprayer and Using It!

Buying a paint sprayer is not easy if you have a tight budget. Again you might fail to get a good sprayer if you don’t know the key functioning of the sprayer, even if you have plenty of money to spend. So it is recommended to follow some tips when you are in chores of buying your sprayer.

  • Firstly determine where you would paint. It can be furniture, or it can be your wall too. After that determine whether you will use that for personal necessities or for commercial purposes! You can read some paint sprayer reviews at this moment to get an idea about the difference amid of home sprayer and heavy duty sprayer.
  • Try to fix your budget now and start finding some good brands having good names in making paint sprayer.
  • Find a couple of products from your selected brand, and ensure that all the sprayers are within your budget. If you find a particular sprayer, slightly higher priced than your expectation, you can reconsider about your budget.
  • Make your product list shorter and assess those paint sprayers in detail to be determined.
  • Select the sprayer and buy. You can follow the same steps in case of offline purchases.

Remember while buying your sprayer try to become sure about the product quality of the exterior of the sprayer and its settings. Try to ensure the motor efficiency, tip size, air turbine. In a case of using the sprayer, you should keep some advice in your mind too. For an example, you should not keep your sprayer in a wet place. Try to store it in the box and keep that box in a dry place. Never store your sprayer unless you cleaned that well. Try to read the user manual and understand what you should not use in your sprayer.

Changing the ‘settings’ of the paint sprayer is easy, as because the user need to change it frequently while working in the different surfaces. So learn it properly before start operating. The inappropriate setting can ruin the painting standard and the efficacy level of your sprayer can be declined. Though good paint sprayer is flame resistant, still a cautious user should not allow it to get closer to flammable objects. If you find any technical difficulties in your sprayer regarding spraying or something like that, try to optimize the use of your warranty.


Knowing has no dead end, so doesn’t matter how much information you receive about your paint sprayer from someone, the thirst of knowing something more will persist. This is why I’m going to answer some of the popular frequently asked questions. Hope it would be helpful for you too.

What is a cheap paint sprayer?

  • To me, cheap paint sprayer means those sprayers that allow spraying very limited types of contents. 

Can I use it in my wooden furniture?

  • Yes, of course, you can use it. 

What’s the difference between ‘Wagner 0518050-Control Spray-Double Duty-Paint Sprayer’ and ‘Wagner 0529021-Flexio 890-HVLP Paint-Sprayer Station’?

  • They are both good paint sprayer from the same brand though latter one is better. 

Should all the paint sprayer wants the user to pause in every minute while working?

  • Apparently yes. You should stop after few minutes though a better sprayer can allow you to take the break after reasonable working minutes. 


Best paint sprayer doesn’t refer to the most expensive sprayer. Again a low priced sprayer should be identified as a cheap sprayer. Everyone admit to this point that product quality varies brand to brand and with the wave of cumulative price increases too. It is really understandable that a priced sprayer would be better than a low priced sprayer, but this statement doesn’t work always in perfect proportion. It is still possible to get good paint sprayer in a reasonable price, what a person might fail to get spending a lot.

From that point of view, I hope this guide would be really helpful for you all. Here you can get some good brands names and some brief discussion on 3 popular paint sprayers that can easily enable a novice buyer well-aware of this niche market. At the later section, some frequently asked questions have answered too for your help. So it can be said, if you can follow the buying steps mentioned in this article while purchasing your paint sprayer, you’ll win for definite.