Do I really need an impact driver?

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Do I really need an impact driver

Some people might say- “do I really need an impact driver?” while ‘having a conversation with a sales representative in a store! The straight answer to this question is “Yes”, before you are asking such questions to the representative attending you in the store. A best impact driver can seem somewhat similar to a drill machine! Although drill machines look like a handheld impact driver and the operational principle is almost same except the controlled rotation. This is the part where these two products differentiate themselves. However the following section will make you aware of this conflict.

Difference between a drill machine and a handheld impact driver:

When you are asking whether you are in need of an impact driver; then you first know that you can do a lot of small to big tasks with a impact driver but not with a drill machine. Drill machines are naturally used for heavy duty works where you are to drill a hole in the place you are to work on. But in case of a handheld impact driver, it is all about control which you will get very perfectly and precisely. Using a impact driver, you get controlled torque application at any certain direction you want whereas most of the drill machines revolve at a certain rotation. This happens due to the motor electrical wiring mechanism.

What are the reasons you should prefer using a best impact driver:

To be very truthful, handheld impact drivers are very convincing and necessary for perfect and precise works. Some of the important points that you should be acquainted with are-

  1. Time saving equipment: When you are to deal with a good number of screws (for example you are to unscrew more than 100 screws), then rather than going manual with bare hands; you should go for a impact driver. This will certainly cut your working to half or less than that if you are professional and expert at it.
  2. Precision control: The control over the torque and force is very easy through an impact driver. You can go for precision triggering for the rotation of the lid on the driver at any certain direction. Through this option, you can precisely speed up or speed down the screwing or unscrewing. Sometimes screwing speed becomes crucial in case of sensitive materials (like woods, fibers, plastics etc.)
  3. Ease of access: Accessing places where you cannot reach through bare hands- has been made real easy through such a best impact driver. Think of yourself to work inside the vehicle engine where a messy wiring is blocking your hands to get in. if you are to work easily then you have to clean that mess up which can cause any breakings in the connections. Then why not go for a best impact driver with an extended lid for holding the screws deep inside? This will literally be very easy, time saving and most importantly- hassle free.
  4. Effortless operation: Using handheld screw drivers can truly be very hectic and painful if you are to deal with a good number of screw works. If it is up to 10 screws to work on, then you might feel comfortable but if the number is more than 100, then you’ll think again to work with your bare hands. In that case even, you might need to engage another person. But that will consume less time but will surely cost you more than you can afford for such small works. Therefore, using a handheld impact driver will always be very easy, time saving, effortless and absolutely faultless operation.
  5. Light arrangement (optional): Light arrangement is absolutely optional and upon the discretion of the user. There are many impact drivers which come with a light arrangement just in front of the lid facing towards the bit operation. This helps the user to see the screw very clearly just before the impact drivers bit to put on it. Places where lights aren’t enough can easily be handled for screwing or unscrewing different bits. If you are using any bare handed tools, then you have to hold that in one hand and a torch light on the other. Now that you have both hands busy, how will you clean the mess up to see the screw clearly? This is literally very impressive option that you only can avail through using a technological impact driver!


Use of a handheld impact driver will not only save your time and money but also will take all your pressure of work down. You can go for attaching and detaching thousands of pieces at your vicinity at a very short range of time. The most important thing of it is that, you can go for wood and home décor hobbies right at your home and at your discretion. It’s you who can best decorate your home with necessary equipments and that can surely be attained when you have your own gear; which is a best impact driver. Then make sure that you have the best perfect one and after that you won’t be able to bear the question in your mind- “do I really need an impact driver”!!!