How to Cut Metal with a Table Saw ?

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How to Cut Metal with a Table Saw

Introduction: Table saws are handy. It is actually a metal saw that is located halfway through the top and the bottom. It is quite easy. All you have to do is just put the metal or the thing onto the table and then slide it through. Table saw is very useful. It can be used for cutting a lot of things. Not only metals but also a number of different things can be cut by it. The saw is usually a circular one which is powered up by motor. The depth of cut can be controlled by managing the location of the circular saw a little bit higher or lower. This is excellent for cutting woods. You can fix the angle of the cut by fixing the angle of the circular saw. Usually four categories of saws can be found. But before you go for buying, it is better to know about the best table saw.

Things that will be needed:

The things that are essential for cutting a metal with a table saw are listed below:

  • Gloves
  • Erasable marker
  • Tip blade made of carbide which is non ferrous
  • Face mask
  • Oil of the lubricating type

Steps to follow for cutting metal with a table saw:

  • If you want to cut anything the first task is to mark that precisely. Without a proper marking nothing could be cut accurately. The marking should be done with an erasable marker in such a way so that you can see it easily. An erasable marker is used so that you can erase it after your work is done.
  • The next thing will be to place the tip blade made of carbide which is non ferrous in the saw. You may wonder why it is important to fit the blade as you have already the circular saw. It is because the blade serves a different purpose. This blade helps to cut through the metal with less flying chips and this, in turn, helps to cu the metal easily but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take protection. You must still put the mask on wear the gloves.
  • Spray the oil that acts for lubricating the blade. It has to be done before you start sawing. It works by keeping the blade and the metal separate. The lubrication helps in restricting the sticking and you need to keep an eye on the blade whether it needs more oil. If the blade is wet then there will be less friction. Less friction is definitely important for smooth cutting. Getting the best table saw will also give you some help in holding up the situation.
  • After marking and lubricating, the next step will be to place the metal on top of the table. Place the metal in such a way so that the marking gets in a line with the blade. This is very important otherwise you will not get the cut like the way you want it. So, before you start cutting make sure that the blade and the marking on the metal both are placed appropriately.
  • Hold your position in such a way so that you are just before the blade because if you put yourself in front there is a chance that the flying chips may get you leading to injuries. After selecting the right place to stand, you can start working with the saw. Then all you have to do is push the marked metal towards the blade. The best thing will be to use a pusher. If you use pusher then you don’t have to use fingers to get your metal near the blade.
  • After you start cutting through the metal, keep an eye whether you reached almost the middle of the marked line. When you have reached the middle, take out the metal by pulling it off and then place it off of your table. In this way the cutting gets a lot easier. So, do not forget about this issue, as this can give extra benefits in achieving accuracy.
  • After you get the half of the already cut metal off the table, place the other half carefully. Keep in mind that the mark and the blade still have to be in the same line. Like the same way, discussed above, cut it through.

Few other tips to remember:

  • If you don’t have lubricating oil, paste or even wax will do.

Do not ever touch the blade while it is moving.  If you touch a moving blade, you will get injured badly. If you find it important to touch the blade for any reason, turn off the power first. 


Now that you know how to work with the table saw, it will be easy for you to find the best table saw. Before buying, check whether it can meet all of your needs. Most importantly, while cutting follow the instruction that is sated above to avoid any unwanted situation. 

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