How to Cut Baseboards with a Table Saw ?

Introduction: If you have the best table saw in your hand, it is possible to conduct numbers of cutting jobs by using that.  For the numerous effectiveness table saws are more popular in compare to the other kinds of saws. For an example you can think about cutting a baseboard while using your table saw machine. How you can do that and what is the specialty can be the question to rise! The prime part of the installation process of a baseboard in cutting it in a proper way.

Once a board reaches a certain corner, cutting it to an angle of 45 degree is required. At that case a second baseboard will come to join this board which is also required to cut by a 45 degree angle. This is how it is possible for form a well-tuned 90 degree angle at any corner.  Table saws are considered as popular tools for cutting things in precise manners.

Important things that you will need:

To cut a baseboard with a table saw machine, you don’t need to have a lot of tools. Just get a tape measure with the table saw machine. So the things you will be dealing with are the following.

  • A table saw machine
  • A tape measure 

Steps to follow for cutting the baseboard using a table saw:

Here are the steps following which someone can cut the baseboard easily by using his table saw machine. The entire cutting of a single piece of baseboard will not take much time. Here are the steps as follows.

  • Position the saw blade against the baseboard. Hold the board firmly so you can control the grip easily. Cutting blade need to be lowering down until that sits over one saw teeth clearly higher in compare to the thickest edge of the baseboard.
  • Lock lever of the saw should be loosening now. Ensure that blade is positioned at 45 degree angle to the rightest corner. Now set the lock-lever.
  • Measure the exact space amid of last piece of the baseboard & the corner. Use this measurement to the piece of baseboard that you will cut.
  • You can draw a straight-line that will show you the exact cutting line. In that way you can easily manage the cutting progress towards the proper direction.
  • Now law your baseboard over the saw. Make the face down of the baseboard in case you want to cut the angles to its left. Conduct the reverse thing; that means face the baseboard face up to get angles to its right.
  • Work within the fence of the saw and start cutting along the proper line using the blade of the saw machine.

Few other things to remember:

Here are some other important things that you should remember while working with a table saw machine and cutting the baseboard as per your need. Tale a good look at the following points!

  • Baseboard need to be hold tightly while working, otherwise it might jump a little. This situation might arise when cutting blade bangs it.
  • Don’t put too much of force over the board as that might break. You can start practicing with some waste baseboards.
  • Use high speed of the table saw machine to cut the baseboard, so you can conduct the overall process faster. If you slow down a little, you might lose grip eventually. Losing grip can be dangerous, and in that way you might fall in injuries. Besides there are chances of cutting the baseboard in inappropriate angle! That will cause you money to rebuy a new piece of baseboard. So be careful about it.
  • You should read the user manual of handling your table saw machine prior of start working.
  • Take help of an expert in case you fall in difficulties. You should not take help of kids while cutting the baseboard.


Following the steps can make the baseboard cutting jobs much easier. Doesn’t matter you have the best table saw or a mediocre saw in your stock, cutting the baseboard require skills! Unless you gain that skill you might not able to cut things perfectly. So try to learn the ways of cutting baseboards effectively while using the table saw machine and save your time.

Yes, it is true that a good saw machine can provide you better finishing of the woods and boards. But again it is necessary to mention, the machine is a dumb if you don’t know how to use that efficiently. It means the key part is to learn the basics of cutting things.  You can learn the ways of cutting baseboard using a table saw from numbers of places. One thing that is assured here, following the steps mentioned in this article will lead you towards successful cutting of the baseboards through your table saw machine.

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