How to Sharpen a Table Saw ?

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Introduction: After few days of usage table saws become dull. Even if you have the best table saw in your stock!  At that case sharpening the saw becomes mandatory, otherwise you might not able to cut things as the way you did before. This is why sharpening the saw in time is very important. If someone don’t sharp his saw in time, the workload can grow high and in that way you might not able to complete a particular task within an estimated time period.

Yes the replacement of blades is an alternative to get faster works, but that is not suitable every time as that is expensive too. Though continues sharpening of the blades might damage the sharp edge of the blade, still it is good to use a blade as long as it is possible to use with regular sharpening. Sharpening a table saw blade is not a rocket science and you can do it easily with the help of some specified tools.

Important things that you should have:

Here are some key things that you should have in your hand to sharp the blade of your saw machine. Take a good look.

  • Table vice
  • Shop towel
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Grinder or bench

Though there are many ways you can make the blade of your table saw sharp, two of those ways are comparatively popular and widely practices as because of the flexibility and easiness. You should check those ways out. They are as the following.

  • Method of Bench Grinder
  • Method of Handheld Grinder

Method of Bench Grinder:

Here is how you can sharp the blade of your table saw in bench grinder method.

  • At first dismount the blade from the table saw.
  • Bring a fine-grit grinding wheel over the bench grinder & turn that on at the maximum speed possible.
  • Use both of your hands to hold the blade of your table saw. Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety things. Try to approach to the narrowest angle.
  • Try to handle things lightly but quickly. Allow the saw-tooth to be sharpened up to the mark.
  • Repeat the same thing for couple of times and you are done.
  • When done, you can mount the blade again in the table saw machine to start working.

Method of Handheld Grinder:

  • Here is how you can sharp the blade of your table saw in handheld grindermethod.
  • At the first step, dismount the blade from the table saw. You can use a towel to wrap that up.
  • Clap the blade’s toweled part tightly in the bench-vice. Try to make sure, the center hole of the blade in properly centered with clamps.
  • Bring the handheld grinder into action and put a fine-grit grinding wheel in it.
  • Speed up the grinder to its highest level and quickly sharpen the tooth of the saw blade. Try to achieve the narrowest angle from a particular side. It will help!
  • Now you can make the blade unclamped once you are sure the upper half of the blade has been sharpened meanwhile.
  • Now do the same thing for the rest half, precisely the lower half.
  • Once you are done, mount the blade in your table saw again and start working.

Some other things to remember:

Here are some other important things that you should keep in mind as additional advices. Take a good look.

  • For the best sharpening a light touch is required along with a narrow angle. Never keep the blade in the grinding wheel for a longer period of time. You should ensure you are sharping each tooth equally so the overall sharpening process can become well balanced.
  • You can use a metal file after the grinding period. Try to sue small file of metal. In that way you can get even edges.
  • Be careful about the fire as sparks can set fire. Keep the thrash & other materials away and watch carefully while working.
  • Using safety glasses is very important when working with saw blades. You can get working globes too. Try to wear those to protect you from unwanted injuries. Try to direct the sparks at the outward way so your eyes will remain protected too.
  • Take help of an expert in case you think you are unable to perform proper sharpening. Keep kids away from the working area.


If you can follow the steps mentioned above sharpening the saw blade will be easier. A person who has the best table saw in hand might not need to sharp the blade quickly. But to save money of replacing the blade, sharpening the blade has no alternative. This is how you can work fast and efficiently with your table saw machine. So try to be sincere about the sharpness of the blade of your table saw and act accordingly.