How to Build a Table Saw Stand ?

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Introduction: Table is a popular tool to the woodworkers as you can cut numbers of things with the help of it. This is why people love to have the best table saw in their casket for effective working. You need a stand for working with a table saw and making that is not a tough job if you know the basic things. There are some steps to follow and by doing that you can easily make your table saw stand.

For small and simple tasks you might not require stand to work with a table saw. But in case you work frequently with your saw machine, having a stand can be great and in that way you can access the tool easily. You can purchase table saw stands from the retail or online market, but that will cost you decent amount of money. The price of the stands varies from brand to brand. This is where you can save some bucks. Just prepare yourself and make your saw stand in your hands, so the commercial expense will not remain as an issue at all. What you will need is nothing but some basic carpentry tools and hardware.

Things that you will be needed:

Here are the things that you should have prior of the start of making a table saw stand. Take a look.

  • Screwdriver
  • 5 inches wood screws
  • 5 inches wood screws
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Two boards of six feet long (2 * 4)
  • Two boards of eight feet long (4 * 4)
  • Square sheet of four feet (0.75 inches plywood)

Building a table saw stand:

To build a table saw stand there are two basic steps. One is cutting the pieces and another is the part of assembling the overall stand.

Cutting the pieces 

  • Cut 2 four-foot pieces from one 2 * 4 board for the part of the frame
  • Cut 2 nine-foot pieces from another 2 * 4 board for the part of the frame
  • Cut 4 three-foot pieces from 4 * 4s (For table legs) 

The part of stand assembling 

  • Start working from the 2 * 4inces boards. Lay down the both four-foot pieces on the edge-parallel to the each other, and keep a distance of four feet in between. Insert the 3 feet and nine inches boards amid of that and form a 4 feet square frame. Now attach those together with the use of 2.5 inches screws.
  • At this point you need to align square plywood over the correct frame. Use 1.5 inches screws to drive down around the edge of the frame.
  • Now it’s time to attach the legs! So make connection of the four legs. Use some other screws to the both ends of the frame where legs touch each other. In that way the foundation will become stronger.
  • Finally sit the table over the legs and drive two 1.5 inches screws in each corner. You can do the same thing for the four legs and in that way the construction will become sturdier. 

Things you should keep in mind:

 Here are some other important things to remember while making your table saw stand. Take a good look at this section.

  • The importance of following the steps properly is very important. Don’t take help of kids while making your stand.
  • Don’t start working with a fifty percent made saw stand as that can break at the middle of work and can create troubles.
  • It is good to make a stand that can offer you enduring value. So use your screws effectively and make that compact.
  • If you find your stand is moving while working, don’t hesitate to check out what’s going on. In case you find any screws are dispatched or not mounted properly, fix that accordingly.
  • Measuring tape can play crucial role and therefore you should ensure optimum use of that. Take the measurement appropriately so you don’t need to encounter any means of error during the stand.
  • You should remember, if you fail to make the stand properly, the balance of the stand will be bad and that can lead you towards discomfort while working. Besides that can cause mid-level work injuries too! 


Making a good table saw stand in not a rocket science and anyone can make that if he/she has the required tools in hand. You can use a good stand for all sorts of saw machines, even if you have the best table saw of the market. But never try to make something that will not provide you support for longer period, and need to reconstruct a new one. Follow the steps in a way, so the overall construction of the machine will become firm and durable. A user should always remember the importance of a good saw stand for higher efficiency and faster job completion.