Black & Decker DS321 Belt Sander Review

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Introduction: To get efficient home improvement workings, the importance of a sander machine is proven. If you want to reach the finest corners for flush sanding, Black & Decker DS321 has very few alternatives. Black & Decker is the producer of this machine which you can buy spending less than sixty dollars. This is a China-based product that you can get in black color.

Feature of Black & Decker DS321 Belt Sander

There are numbers of prominent features of this sander machine. Take a look at these at a glance.

  • This machine is retractable and has a product dimension of 15.4 *6.2 * 6.1 inches.
  • It has 3 positions handle and a front roller.
  • It has a large dust collector. You will get a dust bag with the user manual.
  • This machine has a sanding belt which medium grit in size.
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty is offer with it.
  • The Bare tool is added with the purchase.
  • The power source of this machine is carded electric and requires 120 volts of electricity to run.
  • It is a compact belt sander having a well-made belt release lever system & an adjustment knob. 

Advantage of Black & Decker DS321 Belt Sander

There are numbers of ways by how you can get benefited while using this Black & Decker DS321 belt sander. Take a look.

  • This machine is light its weight. The weight of it is only 8.2 pounds. So you can easily handle and carry it when required.
  • Controlling this sander machine is easy.
  • The front roller of this machine helps the user to reach toughest corners easily. So while using it, you can easily accomplish crucial tasks.
  • Changing paper is easy whilst using this belt sander as its adjustment knob ensures the perfect position restoring.
  • Two years warranty will ensure your money safety.
  • Cleaning the working area of this sander machine is easy. Therefore, you can receive better visibility while working with it.
  • This machine can offer you enduring value as it lasts long.

Disadvantage of Black & Decker DS321 belt Sander!

Like other products Black & Decker DS321 belt sander has some drawbacks too. Here are those as follows.

  • You would not receive variable speed feature in this machine even though pressure amounts can be changed.
  • There are some visible complaints regarding belt tracking too from some users.
  • Professional people can use it but it is not a good machine for heavy duty performances.

How to use it best

Though it is one of the best belt sander, still there are some specific ways to get the best use of it. For an example, you might fall in trouble to keep this sander on track. To get rid out of this scenario, you need to spend a bit time in futzing, especially with the tracking adjustment of the belt. To get the same result, you might need more time than usual normal belt sanders. This is where spending more time is important. Read the manual you have given with the purchase and read that carefully to figure out what to do!

To get ultimate service from this sander machine try to keep in a fixed dry storage place. Don’t allow to enter the water in it. Use proper cord while using and once you find any part of it is malfunctioning try to figure out the actual reason behind that. If any parts are necessary to change, don’t waste time to change that. Don’t allow the dust to keep in the frame of the motor. After the use of this machine, cleaning is always good to ensure. This is how you can use this sander machine as best.

Who this product is best for

This product is best for woodworkers and also for and individual home developer. Professional people can have this machine for faster workings though you can have it for your personal home improvement purposes. This machine can work great for larger surfaces. So it can be said, this Black & Decker DS321 belt sander can be great for both professional and personal level usage. As this machine has a straightforward user manual, using it is easy. Anyone who doesn’t even uses a belt sander before can use it at ease after reading the manual. Therefore, from a number of perspectives, it can be said, this sander machine is a good suit for almost anyone who wants to remove paints or something like that over a wooden surface.


Here are all in a brief about this Black & Decker DS321 sander machine. Considering every particular of it, referring it as the best belt sander would be quite rational. This is someone which can offer you the best service at a cost effective range. With its proven longer-lasting performance, buying this sander machine wouldn’t be a loss. So once you are in need of buying a similar machine don’t forget to read the public reviews to reach in final decision-making stage.

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