How to Cut Stainless Steel with a Jigsaw ?

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You can cut stainless steel using different types of tools manually. Probably the most typical trimming tools are metallic shears, circular metallic saws or perhaps a cutting torch, based on the thickness of the stainless. However the most recommended trimming device for stainless steel is really a jigsaw. With best jig saw, it is possible to cut in a directly collection, curve or even circular form easily and utilize the items for any building task you have.

Stainless steel accumulates heat if you are cutting quickly. The particular cut can create plenty of heat in order to melt one’s teeth from your advantage of a jigsaw blade. To lessen the particular warmth buildup, you should employ the correct jigsaw blade with slow pressure plus set your jigsaw to a sluggish trimming speed. When all of the elements properly are set, you may easily slice with the stainless and not waste materials numerous jigsaw cutting blades along the way.

Required Tools:

l Worktable
l Tape determine
l Permanent marker
l Straightedge
l Two pairs associated with self-locking C-clamps
l Safety glasses
l Leather hand protection
l 18 teeth-per-inch jigsaw blades
l Cutting plus tapping fluid
l Face shield
l 60-grit flapper wheel
l 4-inch position grinder
l Clean, dried out rags

Step 01:

Prior to doing something harmful such as cutting stainless steel, be reminded to place safety 1st. Use plastic material goggles because metallic burrs might float in the air flow and enters your eye; you do not wish to be blind right after producing the task. Understand that cut metal edges are razor blade razor-sharp, and your skin might be cut once the edges slide at first glance of your skin. To be secure, be sure you don durable function gloves before you try to cut stainless steel.

Step 02:

In your projects region, lay out the along with the floor or table. Make sure it is placed by you on a set surface. Along with the sheet, place a set material like plywood therefore the metal will remain set up through the cutting process. Stainless steel is easy and contains a tendency to slide from its place when it’s being cut.

Step 03:

Gauge the size that you should cut the stainless using the tape gauge. Tag the space on the stainless with the long term gun. Repeat the procedure to put another tag around the stainless.

Step 04:

Link both marks simply by aligning the straightedge along with each scars and dragging the particular long term marker across the part associated with the particular straightedge. Slide the particular slice collection noticeable on the stainless away the finish of the worktable and safe the particular piece of stainless towards the worktable with both couple of self-locking C-clamps.

Step 05:

Put on your safety glasses plus leather gloves. Insert 18 teeth-per- inch Jigsaw blade into the jigsaw plus set the particular jigsaw to slice at the slow speed. Coating the jigsaw blade with trimming and tapping liquid and align the particular jigsaw blade using the long term marker reduce line at first glance from the stainless.

Step 06:

Pull the actual trigger of the best jig saw to begin with cutting the stainless. Usually do not apply extreme stress ahead around the jigsaw–this may cause warmth to develop at the front end from the jigsaw blade. Use trimming and going liquid to the front side advantage of the jigsaw blade frequently to help keeping the jigsaw blade awesome. Continue trimming across the cut line whilst applying trimming and tapping liquid and soon you have slice through the stainless page.

Step 07:

Wear your face shield. Connect the 60-grit flapper wheel to the 4-inch position grinder. Lower your encounter shield, draw the result in from the position grinder plus operate the rotating flapper wheel across the top and bottom part advantage of the jigsaw slice to remove the particular razor-sharp bur remaining from the cutting procedure. Wipe the top of stainless with a clean, dried out rag to remove extra cutting and going liquid form the cut region.

Release the partiulacr self-locking C-clamps type the worktable in order to free of charge the jigsaw cut little bit of stainless-steel. You may also utilize the metallic file to eliminate extra cuttings to attain the precise shape you wish.