HFT93012 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

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While you are working with all your pieced woods, you can take a good look at the product HFT93012 if you are thinking to craft further designs on those pieces. This is very cheap yet effective equipment that can help you to get more and more creative on all your wooden works. Sometimes, branded product might cost you way more than you can afford or work comfortably. Therefore, such typed product will truly be convincing and effective.

Introduction to the HFT93012 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw:

The HFT93012 is a 16 inch variable speed scroll saw which is actually 16inch in length as the heading says. But there are all the features present as of a branded best scroll saw. You can go for all the design works and delicate wood or other material cutting works with this product. Prior to starting the work, you better be acquainted with all the features, advantages and the disadvantages of this product before buying such a product.

Features of the HFT93012:

The HFT93012 can truly be called as a best scroll saw because of the presence of the following astounding features-

  1. Variable speed: The HFT93012 has got a variable speed option that starts from 400 and can be taken to about 1600 strokes per minute. If you are working with light wood materials, then go for lower speeds and act accordingly for vice versa.
  2. Tilting table: Right in the front lid through which the scrolling blade has gone through, there is a table that can be tilted starting from 0 to 45 degrees. This is just the similar features that are mostly present in most of the branded best scroll saws. The table has an area of about 16 inches X 10 inches which is pretty good for small wood or other specimens to work on it.
  3. Base holds: In the HFT93012, you’ll get pre drilled base holds which are necessary for the product itself to grasp the base on which it will be kept to make it steady. Keeping the total product very steady while saw scrolling is mandatory. Otherwise, the works can be distracted and might come with bad output or imprecise cutting results.
  4. Safety option: There is a safety insert option for the blade on this product with two hooks upheld right in front of the user at the vicinity of the blade. These two hooks help the users to hold the fingers or hand back from the blade while scrolling. Even in case of accidental push from backwards from any other person, the worker can be safe with these two upheld hooks.

Advantages of the HFT93012:

The HFT93012 is truly a best scroll saw as there are most of the features present as that of a branded scroll saw, like-

  1. This product has a blade stroke length of about 1 inch which is actually greater than most of the branded scroll saws. This is one good advantage for a scroll saw like this.
  2. It can take up to 2 inches thick wooden pieces while also being able to cut 16 inches deep throat of any log. Both the magnitudes are pretty fine and conventional for a best scroll saw like this.
  3. This overall product is absolutely made up of cast iron. But on the other hand, this product weighs only 23 lbs. the cast iron body is what that makes the bodily vibrations as less as possible while stroking.

Disadvantages of the HFT93012:

Like all the other scroll saw products, this product also has got a few disadvantage points which are-

  1. There is no light mechanism for the worker to work effectively in low light or night. This is one grave disadvantage for a product like this which is having most of the important features.
  2. Cleaning is one of the major problems while using this product. As the stroke length is also high, this will create a good amount of dust debris and extract directly to your surrounding and room floor. You’ll need to clean all of the manually.

How to use this product best:

The HFT93012 is one of the best products that come to you with all the specifications but at lower cost. If you haphazardly attached the product and work without any concentration then you surely won’t get the best out of it. To ensure that you are getting the best out of it, make sure that the product is held straight up and tight with the base. Make sure that you’ve put all the gadgets and safety gears on. Hold the specimen very nice and steady in front of the blade. Once the blade takes the wood inside the cut, you can move it according to your design and that’s actually how a product can be used with best concentration getting all out of it.

Who this product is best for:

This is a product that is capable of scrolling small pieces of wood and other light materials. Therefore, it is always recommended for home users other than any heavy duty workstations.


The HFT93012 is truly a best scroll saw because of all the qualities it has got. But all of them are worthless if you are not well acquainted with the procedures of how to use this product best. Also, make sure that you’ve gone through the product reviews very perfectly and thoroughly. Then you’ll surely get the whole idea of making the best use of the best scroll saw HFT93012.