Craftsman Belt Sander Reviews

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Craftsman Belt Sander

Introduction: Craftsman Belt Sander is perfect for coarse, medium plus fine sanding associated with solid wood, metals, and plastic materials along with other materials. It really is ideal when useful for smoothing tough planks, chamfering, rounding sides and several other common sanding programs. It really is the best belt sander for refinishing big furniture pieces, stairs along with other large areas, the balanced design can make it easy to utilize.

Dust sandpaper and bag are incorporated with this effective Craftsman sander. So you will have all you need to get started upon that pressing customer project or even DIY home improvement. There are many types of Craftsman belt sander available on the market. Some of them are as follows:

Short Reviews on the Best Craftsman Belt Sander:

1. Craftsman 3 x 21 inch Belt Sander:

Overview: The Craftsman 3X21 inch Belt Sander is fantastic for forceful sanding application. It arrives regular with a dust package with a micro-fine filtration system which assists to supply you with a cleaner work place. 3 x 21 inch belt sander capabilities through difficult work smoothing points more than in real life will be rarely easy, yet this Craftsman 8 Ampere Belt Sander eliminates obstacles easily in every realm project-related.

Whether you’re a new handyman by industry or just an enthusiast, this single-speed sander places the power in the hands with 1300 fpm and a new 3 x 21 inch belt levels the actively playing field-and just about everything otherwise in its path-again and again.

 Dust handbag and sandpaper are incorporated with this effective Craftsman sander; therefore you’ll have all you need to get started on that pushing customer project or even DIY home improvement. This particular 3 x 2 inch Belt Sander consists of plenty of features developed to assist you to getting the job done safely and handiness, including flush sanding using one side plus lever belt free for simple belt changes.


  • Great for removing plenty of materials, night up doorway edges, preparing flooring plus much more
  • Assist you to better control your own accuracy
  • Comes having an adjustable auxiliary handle that allows for more control even.
  • The Vibra Protect hold design enables a lot more comfort and ease throughout any sanding task.
  • The LED work lights illuminate your work surface when you are sanding.


  • Adjustable handle helps the belts an easy task to replace
  • Sufficient for smaller tasks and the true home carpenter
  • Induce with lock-on offers you more control
  • Eight- feet cord along with cord clip provides you more conveniences
  • Includes 1 year warranty


  • A little bit weighty
  • The delay start is not actually useful

2. Craftsman 3/4 HP 6″ x 9″ Belt/Disc Sander:

Overview: Craftsman 6” Í 9” Disk Sander is really a woodshop necessary with solid performance and serious precision, whether you’re building razor sharp miters, framing a new model in order to perfection or even placing a silky end on a task. This particular Craftsman 3/4 horsepower sander delivers clear consistent results plus an eternity of overall performance.

Sturdy and stable, it functions vibration dampening rubber feet that provide this powerful 88 pound mass traction on any function surface tools. So when every angle must be perfect, this device delivers precision it is possible to count on. Featuring a smooth, precise cast metal table that changes around 450, built with a clean gliding miter gauge, this particular 6” Í 9” disk sander offers you accurate perspectives regardless of what material you are dealing with.

Swapping devices and discs very easily, it requires work pieces from tough in order to glossy smooth rapidly, while the open design expels dirt each and every time. A good conjunction with any store exactly where results issue, set this powerful 3,100 RPM device on your own work along with, and obtain a great finish every time.


  • Includes miter gauge, task stop plus universal table
  • Offers over 100 square inch of sanding surface area in vertical or horizontal jobs
  • 6 Í 48″ Belt plus 9 inch disk sander deliver sufficient region for large projects
  • 3/4 HP, 8 ampere nonstop duty motor transports solid rotator
  • Rough belt revolves a velocity of 2,400 FPM


  • Horizontal belt is ideal for longer pieces
  • Work stop gives added support
  • Vertical belt placement works together with cast iron desk for exact sanding and angles
  • 9 inch disc is ideal for convex and beveled sides
  • Includes common cast iron desk


  • Dirt collection requirements incomplete removal
  • Seems to be a bit expensive

3. Craftsman 8A 3X21 Belt Sander:

Overview: The 8A 3X21 inch Belt Sander from Craftsman comes standard having a dirt box along with micro- fine filtration system which really assists to supply you along with a dirt free work place. The variable pace design goes from eight hundred to at least one thousand and one hundred SFPMs to assist you much better control your precision plus enables you to fine sand various kinds of components. This particular belt sander is fantastic for removal of plenty of materials, evening up doorway edges, preparing floors plus much more.

It comes with a LED stress control indicator in order to enhance your sanding performance. There’s an adjustable supplementary handle which allows for a lot more control. This particular sander includes the particular Vibra Shield grip design that allows with regard to much more comfort and ease throughout any sanding task. The LED function light illuminates your projects surface when you are sanding.


  • The adjustable speed has a moderate range.
  • The incorporated dust filtration system attracts the majority of the dust
  • The particular belt stays centered
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • l8 amplifier sander made an excellent first impression.


  • The speed-setting dial is good.
  • Contain lots of power
  • Comfortable to carry and an easy task to manage
  • High power motor gives this a predictable character
  • Completely durable


  • Side to side sanders are difficult to regulate.
  • Sometimes it might be problematic in case you are unlucky


This Craftsman belt sander is enough for smaller tasks and the house carpenter, although it doesn’t have the power professional requirements for large scale tasks. I’m mainly deploying it to sand smaller sized boards ahead of placing laser engravings in it. So it works much better than my little hand sander does. Overall it is good value for your money and it is also considered as the best belt sander at the moment.

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