Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander Review

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When you want all your belt sanding works done without hampering your environment at all, then the Genesis GBS321A is the best choice for a best belt sander. This is an equipment that will not only take all your sanding works efficiently but also will keep your environment/surrounding clean. The cleaning part is the differentiating factor in this product compared to all the other belt sanders available in the market. How is this product different? You’ll get to know in the following sections.

Introduction to the Genesis GBS321A:

The Genesis GBS321A is truly a best belt sander due to a set of exquisite features molded with latest technology. The distinguishing factor is the cleaning in this product compared to any other. There is a dedicated Genesis bag attached to the dust output flowing duct. This is what that keeps your surrounding clean and clear. In any other belt sander, you’ll see the dust debris are spread here and there which you’ll need to clean manually after your work. But this product keeps your dust debris compact in this Genesis bag attached to this product. This is the primary feature in this product. However, there are some more like-

  1. A single lever equipped with this belt sander makes your sandpaper belt changing very easy and comfortable. For quick and hassle free works, this will keep you going for hours and hours.
  2. This product comes with variable motor speed. This is truly necessary for behaving promptly with different sort of materials while working.
  3. There is a rigid handle at the back front of the product which provides you with ease and comfort while gripping. In addition to that, you get another adjustable lever for handling on the front lid of the product. You can hold the product at your ease and comfort through setting that at certain angle.
  4. This is a very rigid, strong, powerful and lastly- very compact sized product that is perfectly able to handle from small to mid level sanding works. Wood sharpening and smoothening is legitimately easy with this product.

Advantages of the Genesis GBS321A:

This product has a good number of advantages like-

  1. Firstly, this is a very lightweight product that weighs only 8.5 pounds in total. Working with this product with only one hand is very easy and comfortable while holding the specimen with the other.
  2. This product measures only 14 x 5.8 x 5.8 inches which is another big plus. Safekeeping of this product in you wardrobe or any midsized drawer is always easy rather than keeping t open under the bed or anywhere else.
  3. The motor takes 8 ampere of current which proves the motor driver to be truly strong and powerful.

Disadvantages of the Genesis GBS321A:

In this Genesis product, there are a few disadvantages that you should be acquainted with, such as-

  1. The product comes to you with inbuilt 6.5 feet power cord. This length for the power cord might result to be small in case of working freely and frequently. Therefore, you might need a power extender to work easily.
  2. Although this is a small product, it doesn’t come with an inbuilt battery which will let your work remotely without any power. It will only work with a power source when connected.
  3. It will work only at 120v power source but not with any other.

How to use it best:

As there are one fixed and second adjustable handle, you better make the best use of this product through using them both while working. Make sure that you’ve held the product right and strong. This is the primary prerequisite before working on any sort of surface. Secondly, do remember that the power cord attached fixed with the product is only 6.5 feet long. Either you have to work close to the power source or you have to use a power extender with the product. However it is always best to use a power extender if you have to work freely rather than working in the vicinity of the power source.

Who this product is best for:

Although there are two handle for working convenience, this product seems to be efficient for carpenters mostly. But this can also be used at home uses or those who have a knack for doing home décor works at home.


A belt sander will obviously be best when it will meet all your requirements and allow you to work very perfectly. No matter how much the product costs, you never be satisfied if you don’t feel comfortable with the thing you are working with. Besides, you’ll need to see it the belt sander eases your works or create further hassle. As the Genesis GBS321A is looking after your post sanding works through eliminating the clean works by the bag attached to it, it certainly can be called as a best belt sander and you can surely look more into it.