Astro 3037 1/2-Inch x 18-Inch Air Belt Sander with Belts Review

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The Astro 3037 might seem to you as a chain saw but this is one truly effective and firmly a best belt sander. The similarity between a hand held chain saw and the belt sander lies in the structure and formation. Just the difference lies in the revolving portion which is a sandpaper belt instead of a saw chain. This product is very effective in many finishing sort of works rather than preparation works. You can not only cover wooden works but also metal works to a good extent with this product. Moving forward, you’ll be able to know more about this product.

Features of the Astro 3037:

The Astro 3037 is a long lengthened product having a long edgy pulley over which the sandpaper rolls. The edge or the lid of this pulley is quite thin and sharpened at the end which allows the pulley end to reach at distant places. For a strong example, after welding inside the cars bonnet engine side, you might need the Astro 3037 to smoothen the welded surface which no other best sander can do efficiently. However, there are a few more interesting tech specs like-

  1. Just beside the pulley rod, there is a simple belt tension lever which is easy option for belt (sandpaper) changing.
  2. The pulley space is adjustable which allows for variable sandpaper belts with different standards/grades. This is a true option as for an outstanding best belt sander.
  3. The product is equipped with powerful 0.5 Horse powered motor. In addition to that, the motor speed is efficiently adjustable which allows the user to have precision control over the work.
  4. The belt is guarded with protection on both the sides of its mounting (on both the sides of the total pulley rod). This keeps the sandpaper belt to be steady and right on the revolving line whatever the workload is.

Advantages of the Astro 3037:

This product serves the user with a good number of advantages over other products, like-

  1. The pulley rod is the primary advantage for this product. You can reach for points for sanding where bare hands can’t reach easily.
  2. This total product weighs only 2.1 pounds. Operating this product with one had is truly easy and comfortable.
  3. The belt can revolve up to 16k RPM on the pulley with the greatest speed. With this speed, you can execute multiple tasks in a very short time period for sure.

Disadvantages of Astro 3037:

Although this is a very compact and handy product, there are some disadvantages that ought to be shared-

  1. As for being such a light weight product and easily workable with one hand, no operator should use this product with one hand. One had working will never give you the best finishing and controlling the pulley end will never be easy.
  2. The sandpaper belt is quite long and therefore, it creates a lot of dust after the working periods. This will literally cause problems to your regarding cleaning.
  3. There is only single lever for the belt tension. Therefore in case of traumatic knocks or hits, the belt can get loose and cause you further problems.

How to use this best:

To make the best use of this tremendous belt sander, you have to carry out a few steps and ensure the best performance at the same time as well. Firstly, you have to point out the place of working and determine if it will be best to work with the Astro 3037 or not. Typically, the types of works where bare hands cannot reach easily are executed with this product. Secondly, make sure that you’ve held the specimen strongly with hand or by any other means. It’s better if you go for any other means rather than hands as you’ll need to hold the product with both the hands rather than holding with only one. Finally, you go slow and steadily for the sanding work and will surely get your prominent result.

Who this product is best for:

This is a very lightweight product which doesn’t require too much attention. Secondly, this product is solely usable for light load works where too much force isn’t applicable. Typically, smoothening and finishing works are to be cared with this Astro 3037 best belt sander. Therefore, industry related and heavy workload workers aren’t the best users for this product but home users who likes to make personal wooden or any other inventions, this is just the best.


Basically, there are loads of finishing works right around us; just the main issue is that we do not see them perfectly. If we‘ve had smoothened all those, it would’ve looked much better and astounding. As this product is typically for home or personal use, this can literally turn out to be a perfect soldier if it is used properly. Not only for wooden furniture decorating and polishing purpose, but this product can take a lot more homely tasks. Therefore, prior to using the Astro 3037, you better get yourself acquainted with the things you can do with it and the technical specifications at the same time as well.