WEN 6502 Disc Sander Review

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Introduction: For quick and safe removal of paints from a wooden surface, floors and furniture disc sander machines are popularly used around the world.  There are numbers of sanders that you can find from numbers of manufacturers. Among them mentioning the name of WEN 6502 Disc Sander is rational as it has all important features, and a user can have it at an affordable price range.

Features of WEN 6502 Disc Sander

WEN 6502 sander machine has numbers of good features and this is why it is one of the leading machines under this niche. Here are those as follows, take a look.

  • This china based disc sander is battery powered having a product dimension of 22 * 11 * 12.5 inches and a weight of 40 pounds only.
  • It is a 2 in 1 sanding machine that has a 4/36 inch belt & a 6/6 inch disc.
  • Belt of this machine can tilt from zero to ninety degrees.
  • The base of this machine is made of cast iron.
  • It has an adjustable belt and dust collection port.
  • This machine can provide a rotational speed of 3600 RPM.
  • Its motor is 4.3 Amp which signifies strong efficiency.
  • This machine can prevent heavy vibrations.
  • This WEN 6502 disc sander machine has tension release lever.
  • This sander machine has extended blade-guard.

The advantage of WEN 6502 Disc Sander

Though there are negative aspects are there of this disc sander machine, still the positives are significantly more in number. This is why you can refer it to others as the best one too. Here are the advantages that a user can enjoy while using this machine.

  • You can easily change sandpaper grit while using this machine.
  • This machine can work with enormous flexibility and capable of producing heavy duty.
  • Its motor can work a long time without being tired. Besides you can use this sander machine for long times.
  • You can get more working space in this machine to handle it easily.
  • Its light weight feature offers you easy transport of this machine.
  • This machine can work fast and with accuracy. Extended blade guarding system of it offer better safety!

The disadvantage of WEN 6502 Disc Sander

You can find very few limitations of this WEN 6502 disc sander machine though I can quote the followings.

  • You can only use 80-degree grit with this machine. But considering the price of it, I presume many of the users will find it okay.
  • According to some user reviews, this machine creates some noises in few cases while running.

How to use it best

To get the best use of this machine, it is good to read the user manual once the machine is received. It is important to know how to use what tools, and things like that. Besides you should not start using this machine is somewhere you shouldn’t be. This can ruin the machine efficiency. The dust collector is needed to be cleaned every day after the work. Environmental dust should not be allowed to stay over the frame of the machine to keep it actual appearance for a long time.

When you would find any parts is important to change, don’t waste time to do that. Change the paper and belt when required to get better service. In a single sentence, you should use this machine in a way an expert would use it. Always try to remember, you have to use this machine for a long time, so careless use needs to be avoided. You can read some users reviews to know more about it and I hope that can guide you better to understand how you can afford the optimal use of this sander machine.

Who this product is best for

Almost anyone who has the basic understanding of reading a product manual can use this WEN6502 disc sander machine though you can find many professional usages of this machine. As this machine is capable of taking loads, people like to buy it. If you have the basics of using it, in the time of your home renovation this machine can help you a lot. From that point of view, I would suggest you get this machine too. So it can be said, this sanding machine is best for the users having relevant works to accomplish.


You might consider any other machine as your best tool in need of sanding things, but once you would consider the service this machine can offer you at a certain price range, there is no doubt you would also vote on it, even if you wouldn’t buy. If you make a look at the users review you can find numbers of people are recommending others to get this WEN 6502 disc sander machine. You better check it out too.