How to Change a Belt on a Belt Sander ?

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How to Change a Belt on a Belt Sander

Introduction: For numerous purposes, the use of belt sanders is getting popular around the world. You can use belt sander in a number of cases though the main part of the sander is to remove paints from wooden surfaces. Getting the best belt sander is not always important to get good service. But a buyer should ensure that he is going to receive everything with the purchase.

The most crucial part that a belt sander do is cleaning and this part is done by the belts of it! With the enormous rotating ability of the machine, a belt sander can remove all paints and spots from a surface or from your furniture. There are numbers of sander like tools and among all of the belt sanders controlling is the toughest part.

Changing sandpaper is a critical asks as it requires adequate expertise. There are easy to determine whether you need to change the belt or not. Just use your palm over the sandpaper to feel its roughness. If you find the roughness is okay, you can keep continuing to use that. But in a case when you would find the roughness is gone, note it, it’s the time to change the belt. The more resistance sandpaper will offer, the better it is. This is the focal point to concentrate while dealing with belt sander and sandpapers.  

Things That You Will Need:

Here is a list of things that you would need while changing belts from a belt sander.

  • A belt sander
  • A sandpaper belt preferably new
  • A screwdriver (flathead)

Steps to Change Belts:

Couples of steps are there to change belts of a belt sander. Take a look at this carefully before making a dive change it. This can ensure easy change without incurring any unprecedented accidents. Here are the steps as follows.

  • At the very beginning unplug your sander from the electricity line.
  • Take the sander to a flat surface, preferably where you get comfort to work. You can pick an elevated surface too.
  • Now tensioning lever needs to be located in one side of your sander. Pick a place over the sandpaper amid of top & bottom spans. Lay it down in a way so its level would sit facing you.
  • It’s time to upward pulling the lever. Both the wheels would move cumulatively along each other & lock there. Eventually, the belt of the sandpaper will slack in the wheels.
  • Take the expired sandpaper from one side from the roller of the belt sander. Slide in a new sandpaper, in the same way, you make the old paper out. Ensure you placed that in perfect direction, so the belt would rotate towards the forward path. You can consider this belt as an army tank tread.
  • Now use the tensioning lever again in backwards to make things tight. Check whether the belt is in the right place or not. If you find the belt is not in right place, release the level and replace that in perfect position.
  • Take your belt sander up and connect it with the electricity to work again. You can do one or two minutes of trial work to test it again whether you are getting optimal service from it or not. If not, adjust the belt again. In the case of the affirmative result, just keep up your working as like you did before.

Things to Remember:

Now all belt sander works in the same way. In few belt sanders, you might not get the lever to release the roller adhered with the sandpaper. In that cases, don’t be panic, rather note it down, you have a different type of machine.

  • In few sander machines, the user needs to press its front wheel versus the corner of a wall or a workbench and need to back the wheel by generating force physically, until it changes to a non-tension locked stage. You can return to the tension mode again with the help a screwdriver (flathead).
  • Always unplug your machine before start changing belts. This is true for any kind of adjusting works. So try to keep that in mind always.
  • You should ensure your eyes are protected. You can use glasses at that instance.


Now you know the way you can change the belt of your belt sander. Yes, there are some steps to follow to do the job easily, but still it is manageable for all, even if you are a novice. If you buy the best belt sander, the overall machine will be good and would offer you enduring value. Roller of a good sander machine works effectively and that can help you to get optimum service from the sandpapers. It is always recommended to use a good machine to get more time between belt changing. Whatever the situation is, ‘cautious steps taking are appreciable’; and you shouldn’t take this quote lightly.