Black & Decker BR318 Belts Sander Review

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Introduction: Belt sanders are using for removing paints and similar things from different kind of wooden surfaces for a long period of time. There is diversity can be found in the production of belt sanders. This is because these machines are made in different styles and designs. The material used to produce these also varies. Plenty of belt sanders producers are there producing flamboyant sanding machines. This is why a novice buyer often falls in confusion while buying. To ease the life of a novice buyer, this article will introduce them with awesome Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander. 

Features of Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander

With all the usual features of a conventional belt sander Black & Decker BR318 has some significance. Here are some key features of this belt sander. Take a look.

  • It has unique front side handle design.
  • Product dimension of this sanding machine is 14 * 7 * 7 inches.
  • It is narrower by thirteen percent than its competitors.
  • You can get it in black color and it has its origin in China.
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty is offered with the purchase.
  • It can sand two times closer towards the adjoining surfaces edge

The advantage of Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander

From the user review, you can easily take an idea about this Black & Decker BR318 belt sander by seeing what the peoples are saying about it. Here are some of the key advantages that user can enjoy while using it. Take a look at a glance.

  • This corded electric belt sander has a nominal weight of 6.6 pounds, so you can carry and work with it without any pain.
  • This sanding machine can bite even in tighter spaces.
  • You can make the dust bag empty of this sanding machine easily.
  • The motor of this sander is powerful can last long.
  • The user can maintain it easily as it can sustain in nominal maintenance.

The Disadvantage of Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander

Though they are very insignificant to discuss, still it is possible to show few cons of this Black & Decker BR318 belt sander. You can refer these as disadvantages for the users. Say as-

  • If you use this for long hours, the belt might slip.
  • Belt adjusting might require manual handling.

How to use it best

There are some specific ways to achieve the optimal use of this best belt sander. For an example, you might fall in trouble to keep this sander on track. To get rid out of this scenario, you need to spend a bit time in futzing, especially with the tracking adjustment of the belt. To get the same result, you might need more time than usual normal belt sanders. This is where spending more time is important. Read the manual you have given with the purchase and read that carefully to figure out what to do!

To get ultimate service from this sander machine try to keep in a fixed dry storage place. Don’t allow to enter the water in it. Use proper cord while using and once you find any part of it is malfunctioning try to figure out the actual reason behind that. If any parts are necessary to change, don’t waste time to change that. Don’t allow the dust to keep in the frame of the motor. After the use of this machine, cleaning is always good to ensure. This is how you can use this sander machine as best.

Who this product is best for

For occasional usage, this product is best for woodworkers and also for and individual home developer. Professional people can have this machine for faster workings though you can have it for your personal home improvement purposes. This machine can work great for larger surfaces. So it can be said, this Black & Decker BR318 belt sander can be great for both professional and personal level usage. As this machine has a straightforward user manual, using it is easy. Anyone who doesn’t even uses a belt sander before can use it at ease after reading the manual. Therefore, from a number of perspectives, it can be said, this sander machine is a good suit for almost anyone who wants to remove paints or something like that over a wooden surface.


No one would tell you, it is not possible to get a better belt sander than this Black & Decker BR318, but one thing that can be said, this is the best product for mid-level sanding purposes within this price range. While in need of buying a machine, a buyer considers a number of perspectives. Considering all those issues if someone purchases this product, that wouldn’t be waste of money, that’s for sure.