WEN 3920 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light Review

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When you need to be creative with yourself carpeting works, then the WEN 3920 can truly be one of the best effective products for you. This is a very effective best scroll saw which can help you to get not only creative but very artistic through its perfection at the finishing lines. This scroll saw has got a good number of exquisite features which are truly beneficial for getting real creative at different wood works. Moving forward on this article, you can get a lot of ideas about this product point by point.

Introduction to the WEN 3920:

The WEN 3920 is one astounding scroll saw. A scroll saw is somewhat a saw with a limited area of saw-ing. The primary differentiation of the scroll saw other than a saw is that, the scroll saw works in up and down strokes within a limited space where a generic/normal saw works both at strokes and through motor revolutions. However, a scroll saw is predominantly used for giving the finishing lines of any artistic wooden works. This is a standalone best scroll saw with a good number of features. The next section will discuss about the exquisite features of this product.

Features of the WEN 3920:

The scroll saw WEN 3920 has a good number of positive features which are really convincing for true and perfect wood works. Check out some of the best points of this product below-

1.Variable speeds: This product has a variable speed option that helps out to treat with different wooden materials accordingly. From 400 strokes per minute to 1600 strokes per minute is the working range of this product. If you require better precision control over what you are up to, then you just can lower the stroke seed and work easily.

2.Wood depth for cutting: As the saw is held straight vertical with this product and continuously stroking, you can engage up to 1.9 inches of the saw (that is the wood depth for cutting) very effectively. More than that might cause the specimen to sway unnecessarily. You can also go for 16 inch throat depth while working with this scroll saw.

3.Spacious table: There is a 16 by 10 inches round table at the very front of the product through which, the scroll saw blade has been placed for stroking. In addition to that, the bevels can go up to 45 degrees angle for the ease of cutting and designing the wooden pieces with different gestures.

4.Rigid cast iron body: The complete cast iron body allows a bit greater weight on this product which is a big plus for this product to work while producing vibration as less as possible. Moreover, this weight also products the working specimen a rigidly stable base for working with minimal concentration.

Advantages of the WEN 3920:

There are a good number of advantages for the best scroll saw WEN 3920, like-

1.       The air pump inbuilt with this product allows the dust debris to sway away from the working point (where the blade and the wood surface meets) and keeps the working space clean.

2.       There is a flexible light mounted on the top of the product with loose but steady end. This light can be pointed at the place of work for working convenience. You can continuously monitor of what you are doing.

3.       There are dust ports which discharges the dust debris after working a while. These ports keep the working table clean for further works. Otherwise, you would have to clean the table after seconds repeatedly.

4.       This product has foot lock clamps which make its rigidity even better. This clamping keeps the product very steady even when you are forcing the wood piece for cutting forcibly.

5.       This product comes with two blades while ordering.

Disadvantages of the WEN 3920:

Although there are a good number of advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you ought to now-

1.       This is somewhat a portable product weighing only 27 pounds but this isn’t equipped with battery operations. Only electric power will work on this product.

2.       Every stroke happens to be 9/16 inches which makes the working speed too less.

How to use this product best:

In order to make sure that you are getting the most out of this product, firstly, make sure that you’ve held this product at a very smooth surface place with the clamps locked rigidly. Then you can plug the product in with the power source and then work with all the safety gears. This is the shortest way of getting the most out of this best scroll saw.

Who this product is best for:

This is not a transportable product and therefore, home people having hobbies for carpenting won’t find this product friendly. Rather, heavy duty workers with bulk works will love this product when they have got the same typed tasks in bulk orders. Carpenter store workers will find this product best efficient.


The WEN 3920 is truly an effective product as for a best scroll saw. But in order to make the best use out of any similar product, you better go though the scroll saw reviews so that you know the most of the thing you buy. Same goes for the product WEN 3920 because without prior knowledge of specifications and simultaneous ways for proceeding; you won’t be able to get the best out of it.