Porter-cable Belt Sander Reviews

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Introduction: Porter-Cable is well known because of its quality construction. Porter-cable Belt Sander is made of solid metal for durability and strength. Due to that the sander is fairly heavy. I believe that it is a definite advantage intended for belt sanders as the weight means much less work on the operators’ component. This tool will certainly endure to serious daily abuse by the roughest of crews.

Nowadays Porter-cable Belt Sander is considered as the best belt sander on the marketplace and it is quite easy to operate. Altering belts is quite forward with the medial side mounted lever straight. The feature that I came across to utilize was the belt alignment feature easiest. It had been super easy to center the belt plus maintain it concentrated. This tool is created to last and contains lots of power for the medium plus heavy duty use.

Short Reviews on the best Porter-cable Belt Sander:

1. Porter-Cable 362V:

Overview: Porter-cable 362V Adjustable Speed Belt Sander is obviously one of the most pricey offerings inside the particular list of belt sanders. It is certainly counted as an exceptional exemplary case of a premium- quality belt sander. It is suffering from exactly the same shortcomings as Ridged since it includes a 12-ampere motor.

Apart from, the all- metallic and durable Porter-Cable 362V still includes a great deal choosing it in terms of a balanced design ( such as locating the motor on the platen to create it more convenient to accomplish your sanding job). This gets the requisite adjustable acceleration dial that is put into the handle plus you could easily adapt to make gouge- free sanding outcome every time.


  • Reasonable plus wouldn’t trouble a person with functionality destruction in a number of restricted belt sanding related tasks.
  • The variable acceleration is controlled by using a knob that is ideally put into the particular handle for the comfort.
  • Motor equipments permit the user with optimum functionality and perfect stability of the device.
  • Price of the merchandise is reasonable more than enough for the functions plus the product quality it offers.
  • It is backed along with 3 year guarantee also.


  • Powerful 12.0 ampere motor provides professional power
  • Created to eliminate sanding around top to bottom surfaces
  • Fingertip belt- monitoring button for fast, precise belt adjustments
  • Large capacity dirt selection bag swivels 360°
  • User-friendly design with appropriate handles ergonomically
  • Gear and Belt commute system transfers power from the motor to the sanding belt


  • Noise level is too much for any motor of 12 Amp.
  • The dirt bag is wrongly placed and it is not safely clipped along with the machine.

2. Porter-Cable 352VS:

Overview: The particular Porter- cable 352VS is powerful 6 Ampere belt sander with dust selection bag on a 360° swivel. The built-in tracking system offers precise adjustment as well as the lever release offers fast and simple transformation outs of the 3×21” belt. The Porter-Cable 352VS comes with variable acceleration handle that adjusts from 850 in order to 1300 ft/min.

This best belt sander is exclusive because of its sturdy, all-metal style. Almost every other belt sanders are made of reinforced plastic-type material that is much less challenging. Because this device is made of metal, it really is protected from sun and rain generally, as well as the solid exterior can make this belt sander difficult to damage.

 An extra benefit of using a metal sander will be that the metal handles the heat developed by the particular sanding belt, maintaining the device cool and rendering it less inclined to overheat relatively.


  • Motor is situated over platen for optimum functionality and perfect stability
  • Belt and gear commute system transfers power from the motor to the sanding belt
  • Created for flush sanding around vertical surfaces; dirt handbag swivels 3600
  • Fingertip belt- monitoring button; quick-release belt-change handle
  • Variable- acceleration belt sander along with fabric dust bag; variable- acceleration dial     850-1, 300 SFPM


  • 8-Amp motor for solid sanding power
  • Lever action intended for simple belt replacement
  • Self-tracking belt for efficiency
  • Belt and gear commute for smooth power transfer
  • 3-year restricted producer warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Noisy sound every time when sanding
  • Perfect for small jobs only


Overview: The Porter-cable 360VS is really a high quality and powerful corded sander. Using its 3X24” sanding region along with an adjustable speed handle from 1000 – 1,500 ft. /min, it is prepared to deal with any kind of big woodworking task you have.

From searching this sander more than, the Porter-Cable 360VS an excellent fit for just about any real home do-it-yourselfer, floor woodworker, cabinet creator or installer. Due to the dimension and power of the sander I’d certainly suggest this to anyone seeking to do a couple of durable sanding tasks.

The Porter-cable 360VS has a 90 day money-back guarantee, 1 year free assistance contract plus 3yearr limited guarantee. The Porter-Cable 360VS is really a powerful device at 12 amperes. Its weight plus stability ensure it is a fantastic choice for sanding these tasks in which a great deal of materials needs to be removed.


  • Engine is situated over platen for optimum functionality and perfect stability
  • Quick-release belt-change lever
  • User-friendly style with ergonomically appropriate handles for comfortable use
  • Fingertip belt- monitoring knob for fast, accurate belt adjustments
  • 90-day money-back guarantee; 1-year free assistance contract; 3-year restricted warranty


  • 10-in carbide-tipped blade is definitely durable
  • 30-in correct rip capacity plus 11-in left copy capability easily handle an array of sizes
  • Rolling stand with feet release folds intended for transportation and storage
  • Blade shroud along with 2 .5 inch dust port offers efficient dust selection
  • 3-year limited guarantee


  • Bag is too small
  • Shipping isn’t all around the world.


Porter-cable belt sander has devoted lightweight aluminum worktable. A slot is roofed by each desk for the miter gauge and can be angled from 0 – 45°. The belt station may be operated vertically or even horizontally. This is nice as you are allowed because of it to put the work piece in probably the most comfortable orientation. This sander requires hardly any set up. Out of the box, all you need to accomplish is connected both tables as well as the dirt exhaust port.

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