How to Cut Tile without a Tile Saw ?

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Tile cutters work to make right cuts, yet that’s all they are best for. Tile cutters furthermore ensure to make it an easy task to cut an excessive amount of the particular tile in the event that you only have to eliminate one part. Luckily you can find techniques for trimming tiles that do not require a floor tile cutter. They’ll take a little longer plus a lot more elbow grease to utilize yet are much more affordable.

The initial technique the prospective tiler must learn is how exactly to slice the plain things, but obviously the term is a complete misnomer. What she or he must understand is how exactly to cut tiles without a best tile saw cleanly, safely and efficiently. Right here is how to accomplish it.

Essential Equipments:

  • Face Mask, Safety Gloves and Goggles
  • A new steel tape determine (5m is the most beneficial)
  • A Pencil
  • The Felt-tip pen
  • The Plumb Line
  • The Chalk Line
  • Floor tile Nippers
  • A Floor tile Scriber
  • A tactile hand Tile Cutter etc.


Cutting Straight Lines plus Holes:

Step 01: Gauge the region where in fact the tile will undoubtedly be installed. Subtract 1/4-inch to permit for a spacer to look for the exact dimension to slice the floor tile. Mark a relative line over the tile at that range. Hold the straight edge along with the tile prearranged with the marks you produced earlier. Score across the collection with the scoring device and bend the tile then. The tile will crack along the line.

Step 02:  Utilize the tile saw in order to slice the tile plus keep behind the smoother edge: Line up the blade around the saw with the exterior of the collection plus cut. The exterior of the line may be the section of the tile you’re cutting away. The tile saw also is most effective for “L” shaped cuts. Mark the tile first, using your measurements, and cut along the outside the lines.

Step 03:  Attach a new tile hole- trimming bit to your drill down to drill a new hole inside the particular tile. Secure the particular tile to a reliable work surface area, making use of clamps. Drill a hole from the very best of the tile and soon you have completely cut through the tile downward. As required, across the top plus bottom part edges associated with non-glazed tiles around the slice side to produce a smoother look.

Trimming Shallow Curves:

Step 01: Develop a template with regard to curved cuts, utilizing a piece of papers; add 1/2 on the relative part of the template facing the curved surface. Cut several fringes, 1/2-inch long, across the curved advantage from the paper.

Step 02:  Place the template along with the tile plus trace the contour onto the floor tile. Slice a number of grooves from the advantage of the tile inside toward the bent collection, utilizing the floor tile saw. They are known as relief cuts.

Step 03:  Placement the floor tile saw blade in the advantage of the contour. Start cutting, turning the tile as you go slightly. Cut slowly, paying near focus on the line and that means you do not inadvertently reduce away an excessive amount of tile.

Nipping Away Heavy Curves:

Step 01: Rating along heavy figure lines and rating several perpendicular ranges from the curve towards the advantage of the floor tile. Score more ranges diagonally across those perpendicular ranges. The more ranges you score, the simpler it shall be to nip away the excess tile.

Step 02:  Change the particular scoring device close to another part, the nipper part, and hook the particular groove on the advantage of the tile. Contain the tile more than the trash can or even bucket to capture the debris.

Step 03:  Press straight down around the device to go bits of tile aside. Continue nipping before extra tile continues to be eliminated. The tile will break along each rating line.

Some Other Types:

Cutting Glazed Tile:

Glazed tile is easiest to cut usually. Rating a collection in order to weaken the tile is manufactured easier from the coating of double glazed in the top, although if your body is extremely vitrified or you’re using tougher, porcelain tiles the advantage is lost then.

Cutting Unglazed Tile:

Manufacturing procedures utilized to make these types of the nightmare to slice. Imperfections and inconsistencies in the tile designed that right scoring and clear breaks were difficult, not forgetting tough on the tactile hands. These full days, modern manufacturing procedures have led to enhancements, but without a few weighty cutting gears you don’t want to cut a number of these.

Straight Cutting plus Notching:

A standard and simple way of fitting tiles close to pipes and so forth would be to first crack the particular tile utilizing the regular straight trimming technique, and notching semi-circles ( for instance ) into each 1 / 2 of the split floor tile. Certainly, the tile should be marked by you before splitting it!

That just about covers the essential tile cutting methods using hand tool or even without best tile saw. In the event that you remain individual and prevent trimming edges you then should not have any issues.