How to Cut Firewood with a Chain Saw ?

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Cutting firewood yourself may provide you a sense associated with satisfaction and accomplishment knowing your effort has contributed in order to maintaining your home warm for a comparatively low cost. However, cutting your personal firewood could be dangerous and exhausting.

Cutting firewood within the particular forest with the best chain saw has become a favorite family members outing with regard to Americans. You could be assured of making use of one of these brilliant powerful machines without accidents in the event that you adhere to reasonable guidelines associated with security. The following steps below can help you and your family members take pleasure in your firewood trimming outings even more simply by reducing the chance associated with potential chain saw incidents.

Tools required:

  • Chain saw
  • Chain saw oil
  • Gloves
  • Axe

Procedure To Cut Firewood with a Chain saw

Step 1: Security First:

Not only for anyone who is concerned about wearing clothes such as gloves, shoes, hats, and eyeglasses, but other less obvious precautionary measures that folks overlook often. For instance, loose clothing will get captured in the chain saw or even its bar; however the roar of the chain saw motor can cause listening to harm to those that neglect to wear hearing plugs.

Step 2: Finding the right firewood:

Collection of woods species could be complex. If the luxury is had by you of choosing, make certain the particular wood is healthful and not rotten. It must be too much nor too soft neither. And when it’s as well tough (with a broad diameter), this means weightier function. Hardwood includes a high fuel-value, meaning that it gives high temperature plus long burning period. However, remember that the high heat can damage the stove also.

Step 3: Taking Care along with Potential Flammable Materials:

With any burning motor, such as all those applied to chain saws, you always have to be worried about the chance of sets off that may fly out from the exhaust. These sparks aren’t only a possible fire hazard however they can also arranged open fire to close by flammable materials such as a gas can remaining close by after deploying it in order to pour gas in to the chain saw.

Step 4: Using Care in Starting Your own Chain saw:

Starting the chain saw could be one of the most dangerous of actions including chain saw make use of, as the person beginning the chain saw can only just use one hands to carry the saw. He utilizes other hands to pull the beginning cord. The easiest method to take up a chain saw will be to put it on the floor, constant the chain saw along with one foot, plus pull the beginning wire. Never try to take up a chain saw when the trimming blades have been in connection with the wooden you would like to cut.

Step 5: Trimming with a Chain saw:

If you are likely to slice a dead tree standing up vertical relatively, decide which way you shall want the tree to fall. Privately of the tree trunk that faces the path toward that you shall drop the tree, reduce a V- formed notch about 3″ to 4″ in to the trunk. Before you begin in order to slice through the trunk area, make sure to clear the particular region of individuals or even property that may be hurt or broken from the dropping tree. On the other side of the trunk, directly across from the slice you just made, saw through the trunk towards the V-cut. Whenever your cut has reached the V-cut, the tree will start falling in the path you wanted.

Step 6: Eliminating Hands or legs from the Tree Trunk:

Clear all bigger limbs from the trunk area with the chain saw, after the tree has decreased. It is possible to take off just about all tree limbs 2″ or less within size faster having an axe than using the saw. It’ll be more secure because your saw’s string will undoubtedly be less likely in order to turn out to be tangled within the tree’s limbs.

Stage 7: Trimming Firewood Pieces:

Slice the tree’s trunk and everything limbs bigger than 2″ in size in to firewood. If you want more solid wood, you can start searching for the next dead woods.

Cutting your personal fire wood is rewarding plus money saving, and utilizing the best chain saw makes the going a lot faster plus easier. Whether you’re felling a splitting or tree the rounds for used in your fireplace, it is the best to keep security at heart and be acquainted with your chain saw before you begin.

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