Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer Review

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Frame building projects nowadays have really turned into a beauty when products like Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer has been readily available in the market nowadays. This is a truly convincing and effective nailer product that can save a lot of your time and energy as well. Frame building is nowadays not only carpenter works but many of people looks forward to building different sized and shaped frames at their home for decoration purpose. However, due to the presence of this product, that frame building works has really turned into a task of joy and interest.

Introduction to Freeman PFR2190:

The Freeman PFR2190is truly a best framing nailer. It is not only rugged and tight at its construction but also is truly perfect at all its works and error free manufacturing. Although it might seem a bit small in size (20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches) but it really is truly an ace in case of framing works. The nail magazine is leaned at 21 degrees where the nails get a perfect shot from the nailer driver. The features of this product will make you better acquainted with the product.

Features of the Freeman PFR2190:

There are a good number of exquisite features of this product such as-

  1. This nailer can drive a suitable nail into the frame about 3½ inches deep inside. This range is quite effective and good for framing works with most compatible materials.
  2. The overall product is constructed with magnesium metal. This statement well acknowledges the powerful and rigid construction of this product.
  3. Over the surface of the driver, there is anodized aluminum so that the heat dissipation can be quite effective out of the driver. In addition to that, all the parts of this product are oil less and therefore are of extended range.
  4. This product will come to you with a massive 7 years of limited warranty.

Advantages of the Freeman PFR2190:

There are a good number of advantages that are served wit this product like-

  1. The trigger in the Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer is interchangeable. This means that, after a good time of usage, if the trigger seems to be problematic or shaky, you can use a separate trigger accessory removing the previous one.
  2. With this product, you get a durable plastic carrying case with which, transportation with this product will literally be very easy.
  3. Smooth, gripped handle of the driver gives you strong grip all over the product as a whole. Therefore, nailing work will be like dropping pins on the frames.
  4. This product works in the range of 60 psi to 115 psi (pressure per square inch) which is quite enough for framing different pieces together.
  5. You can not only use this product for framing works but also can use this product at wall sheathing, wood box assembling works, fencing works, sides installation works etc.

Disadvantages of the Freeman PFR2190:

As for being an electrical product, there will be a few disadvantages. Some of the points that you should know are-

  1. Last three or four nails will never be fired unless the nail magazine is filled again before firing. This becomes a great hassle sometimes while working continuously on any framing works.
  2. Weight can really be a disadvantage while using this product this product is about 14.5 pounds heavy which can really be a hassle while working with one hand.
  3. Changing ability of the trigger becomes a disadvantage in this product. Too many trigger changing behavior will cause the trigger to be loose and shaky.

How to use it best:

Using the Freeman PFR2190 will be best if you abide by a set of regulations. Some of the strong points are-

  1. Make sure that you keep the frame pieces together before starting your best framing nailer. If possible, use any other measure to keep those pieces together very strongly.
  2. Secondly, hold your nailer with both the hands as this one isn’t that easy to hold with one hand for heavy weight.
  3. After making all the things right, point your nailer right at the joints and then shoot when ready. This is how your nailer will work perfectly.

Who this product is best for:

This product is ideal for use for home people who are fond of decorating purpose. Although carpenters will also find this product really exquisite and impressive, but die to heavyweight, this product might seem to be tough to work with. However, for home works like fence solutions, window frames jointing etc. this is just the best framing nailer.


When you are up with different sort of home decoration works, then this product can literally be an ace for all the solutions you’ll need. But do remember that this is a very powerful product and should never be left to childs. This is a very hevy product and is very powerful towards driving nails to hard materials. To make the best use of the Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer, make sure that you go through all its reviews and then operate and the guides say.