MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC Review

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Overview: The Handheld MIG Welder, 120VAC is little versatile and incredibly transportable making it an ideal welder for home, hobby and garage projects. It is a non- gas welded kit plus runs off of the standard electrical power plug as if you would discover in your house. It is a complete device plus includes all you need to begin with welding. Flux cable is included plus a welded mask, gun, welding sludge hammer, terrain clamp, and brush along with a carry handle.

The flux wire sits on the spool and contains a car feed dial that’s completely adjustable. This particular welder also offers a built-in overheat shut off function when welder duty cycle is exceeded. You can find of course the right reasons why this specific product is probably worth buying. Let us have a look at some known details pertinent.

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC Features:

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC

  • Fully adjustable drive method decreases cable tangle plus crushing
  • Can setup for gas-free flux primary welding or even gas-shielded MIG welded for steel,      stainless plus aluminum
  • Brass-to-brass gun link intended for enhanced conductivity
  • 50-500 IPM cable feed to speed control
  • Cast aluminum body along with rigid drive helps wire alignment

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC Pros:

  • Weld continuously for just 2  minutes whenever cranked round the most amperage before      needing to cool down
  • 2 voltage configurations in addition to maximum metal thickness are usually 18 gauges /     3/16- Inch. It moves from standard 120 volt outlet.
  • Welds a variety of carbon metals, magnesium, stainless, lightweight aluminum, nickel, silicon      copper, bronze plus various other alloys
  • For small to be able to mid-sized welding work the house round, garage area, or plantation
  • Includes terrain wire alongside grip, spool of flux cored cable, welded gun, experience shield      plus clean hammer

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC Cons:

  • The handle at the top is cheap.
  • This welder arrives in unattached condition and you have to attach.


  1. Affordable Price: The very first thing you need to know about MIG Welder, Portable, plus 120VAC is you could get the least expensive cost yet simultaneously you can find the mainly extremely expected item to satisfy your need. Folks are always in love with savings and savings they forget the very essential of shopping for a product often.
  2. Manufactured from Highly Chosen Components: This cannot really happen on the merchandise in just as much as the product is manufactured from highly chosen components also it goes through an extremely detailed production process. Therefore, you certainly do not need to be bothered with other products that you have already been making use of since the item may saving likelihood plus top quality item.
  3. Perfect for Home Use: This particular welder is really a heck of a deal. It really is ideal for home make use of. It had been used by me to make a welding table up to now; it had excellent warmth and penetration.
  4. Easy to Setup: For a novice welder, this device is very simple to utilize and setup. The setup consumer guidebook is offered inside. A sample spool core wire plus three replacement recommendations are usually utilized by the manufacturer. If your pastime is welding, this is actually the best selection to suit your needs actually.
  5. Versatile and Top Quality: This welding machine is incredibly versatile and ideal for the welder that basically wants to focus on auto body, household maintenance, or heavier farm projects that still want extra welding energy. This welder is fairly versatile in addition efficient because of its increased velocity and the very high quality of welding that will derive from its use.

Customer Reviews:

I have been using this MIG Welder for a long time. This welder makes actually messy beads. You cannot anticipate beauty if you’re not really using the gas protect though. I would recommend this for tiny tacking and jobs but nothing at all major. I’ve only used it several times and so considerably it does the work but I was dealing with eighth inch rods so only a tiny job.

Most of the clients are very much satisfied with using this welder. It really is pretty heavy because of its size. Apart from my cheap damaged deal with and the reduced work load restrict I’d say that overall this can be a good device as the construction is definitely attractive and appears to be durable.

 The Handheld MIG Welder, 120VAC is an excellent small welder intended for the purchase price. I wish it had a changeable current rather than just high plus low. According to the Amazon customer reviews this product has scored 4.0 out of 5 stars; so it is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts:

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC could possibly be the optimum solution for your problem. This particular item has been known, in order to a great extent, being an item that you can get a number of values simultaneously. The merchandise will not only get you the requirements you intend to have but also endows you along with other advantages. This really is specialized in making certain that you can find almost everything with just a single item.

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