6 Different Models Of Miller Plasma Cutter

Miller plasma cutter is the name of the equipment that you wish for your homely small tasks. If you have a small garage attached or underneath your house, then you should know that a cutter is one of the primary and essential things. In a garage, you need to cut several pieces of steel sheets into several sizes and shapes. But do you think it is feasible to cut those through your bear hands? Never!

Nowadays, electrical and electronics has been updates and technology has touched each and every sphere of our lives. You need to cook food, you have oven; you need to travel from one place to another, you have vehicle. And so on and on. Now you need to cut steel sheets of different sizes and shapes, there are different typed plasma cutters among which, miller plasma cutter is conveniently regarded as a best plasma cutter.

Miller plasma cutters are price convenient, efficient in working, reliable and highly rigid for small yet hard operations at your convenient place. You can easily cut steel sheets of different thickness, mild steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper modules etc. through this plasma cutter. All you need to make sure is that the specimen to work on is electrically conductive because, it has to complete the circuit through the plasma cutter.

Miller Plasma Cutter

You just need to plug the plasma cutter on, take the plasma arc torch and set the specimen with the other clamp emerged from the cutter. Then you trigger the torch and complete the circuit through arc cutting on the specimen. This is all you need while cutting a metal sheet. But in order to cut different steel sheets, you ought to know about different models of miller plasma cutter. Getting acknowledged to different typed miller plasma cutter will help you to get known with what type of cut you need, what thickness you should deal with, what temperature would be the best to cut ,what precautions you need to mention etc.

There are different models like Spectrum 125C, Spectrum 375, Spectrum 375 X-TREME, Spectrum 675 X-TREME, Spectrum 875, Spectrum 875 Auto-line. These models have different features and you can match your working requirements along with individual plasma cutter reviews.

6 Miller Plasma Cutter

1. Spectrum 125C:

This is a product for light industries like condensed milk can processing, tea bag processing, beer can processing etc. However, all sort of light tasks can easily be handled with this plasma cutter. If you have any educational project that requires different pieces of steel sheets, then you can easily use this product. It works at 12 ampere completed circuit current and the duty cycle is 35%. You can even pierce different sheets for nut-bolt operation. It can cut steel sheets of up to ¼” and works at maximum 2500 watts. Be sure to connect the product with a power socket; not your conventional light fan power socket.

2. Spectrum 375:

For a bit powerful operation than the previous one, you can use the spectrum 375. It consumes tremendous 4000 watts and work in power line only. This is a single phase working plasma cutter, works at 27 ampere completed circuit current having a duty cycle of 35% and can easily take steel sheets thick up to 3/8”. This product is also feasible for light industries but you can do a bit harder task  with this like cutting sharp edges, removing residue slags of sheets, smoothening steel bars etc.

3. Spectrum 375 X-TREME:

This is also the same in specification and alike the Spectrum 375. This also lay in the light industry line models. But there are a few differences which has made it X-TREME. You can use this product in Multi-voltage and have no problem in its output. Also, if you miss any fire through the torch, you won’t have any imbalance because it is equipped with auto re-fire technology. You can use this product for HVAC systems, constructional works and requirements and maintenance works without any sort of hassle.

4. Spectrum 675 X-TREME:

Although this product is called a product for light industries, you can even use this product for mid level industrial works. You can easily accomplish tasks like prototyping, body cutting and automobile body shops, all sorts of maintenance works of electrical (heavy duty) appliances/equipments, light constructions etc. it works at a tremendous current of 40 amperes through completed circuit with the specimen having a duty cycle of 50%! It can cut steel sheets of up to 5/8”. And last but not the least; this product consumes a tremendous power of 8000 watts!

5. Spectrum 875:

This is the first industry level product of miller plasma cutter in this review guide. This is a product intakes power of massive 11000 watts. However, it is never compromising with steel cutting thick up to 7/8”! You can easily take plasma cutting tasks up to this thick and can effortlessly pierce metal sheets. You can easily use such product in your fabrication industrial works, roads or building constructional works, maintenance or repair works for automobile workshops etc.

6. Spectrum 875 Auto-line:

Spectrum 875 Auto-line miller plasma cutter is the one and only plasma cutter in this review guide which can work in both 3-phase and 1-phase power. However, this product can be easily used for mideum0heavy industrial works without any doubt. This product consumes 11000 watts and cuts through plasma arc at 60 ampere completed circuit current having a duty cycle of 50%. It is equipped with high definition XT60 plasma torch and has auto-refire technology inbuilt. It provides automatic air regulation service after the plasma cutting to the material for cooling it down. Also, it is equipped with MVP (multi voltage plug) for which, you can use it and both voltage levels, 110v and 220v.

These were the 6 tremendous products in the miller plasma cutter line. There are different technologies inbuilt in individual products. However, they have common features in most of the points but a few differentiates them. According to your need, you have to choose the best plasma cutter out of these and then serve your purpose. We are pretty sure that you will get served through any of the miller plasma cutter available.

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