Ramsond CUT 50DY, A Plasma Cutter For New Era

A plasma cutter is most prominently effective for those who are inquisitive about making projects and giving life to any machine/electrical works. Through a plasma cutter, you can cut a metal sheet to any convenient and smaller parts according to your project needs. You know, cutting steel sheets according to preferred dimensions isn’t easy as cutting paper through a scissor. A plasma cutter is the best thing at your lab for precision metal cutting works!

Rasmond Cut 50DY is one of the best air plasma cutters available in the market nowadays. This is a portable air plasma cutter having almost all the necessary facilities a person would require for workshop or lab works. This really is one of the best ones due to its set of exotic features. Some of the best features of this air plasma cutter are detailed below in brief-

Ramsond CUT 50DY Features

Ramsond CUT 50DY

  1. Measurement and weight: The measurements of this product is 14.2 x 6 x 9 inches and the overall weight of this small product is only 19 pounds; yet this is capable of doing almost all the works a heavy duty plasma cutter The measurements of this product allow you to carry to any convenient places.
  2. Portability: The measurements of this product are quite impressive. In addition to that, you’ll see a handle mounted right on the top, which allows you to carry it very easily without any hassle.
  3. Automatic dual voltage/dual frequency: The best feature of this product so far. This is manufactured and engineered with both 110 and 220 voltage options. Therefore, you can use it at many countries of the world. In addition to its portability, you can easily travel with this plasma cutter and work anywhere you want. It also supports dual frequency that is both 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  4. Integrated digital display: Right above the current controlling panel, you’ll see a digital display. This shows the current (in amps) rating in which, the product is working. You can also measure the required amount of current and do calculations that might be required in future works!
  5. Integrated pressure gauge: Right between the on/off button and the current controlling knob, you’ll see a pressure gauge indicating the air pressure of the plasma arc. This gauge meter is really necessary because you need to see at what pressure of plasma, you are working. Without the measurement, you wont be able to distinguish between metal sheets and their cutting regulations.
  6. Severance level: This air plasma cutter is capable of cutting metal sheets thick up to 1-inch. But depending upon the metal type, this cutting thickness might differ to up to ¾ inches. Compared to the type of this portable air plasma cutter, this one is truly effective.
  7. Cooling system: This tiny yet effective product is equipped with a cooling system also. As for being a plasma cutter, this produces a lot of heat, which cuts the metal sheet. But the sheet also needs to cool down right after plasma cutting so that it remains perfectly at the shape cut. Therefore, its German Cooling system allows convenient cooling and calms metal sheets down very conveniently.
  8. Latest Inverter technology: Unlike any generic plasma cuter, this plasma cutter uses world-class standard Inverter technology to cut metal pieces down very easily. The high frequency options breaches out from its V-MOSFET technology molded by Toshiba. Moreover, the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ensures precise, consistent and perfect amount of current to flow through the plasma torch.
  9. Types of metal you can cover: Through this small yet effective product, you can easily cover wide ranged metals like aluminum plates, steel, copper, brass materials, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys etc. The best part of plasma cutting with this product lies in zero debris and perfect edge promise.

Safety measures that you should follow strictly

As for being a very powerful product, you need to maintain a set of safety measures prior to working with this portable product. As for being portable, you need to put extra car on your works. Some of the most important ones are-

  1. Make sure that you put gloves and eye protecting shades on. Before turning the machine on.
  2. Always keep water or sand box beside the place of working. This is mandatory because you never know when an accident can happen.
  3. When you are starting to work, make sure that you’ve held the metal specimen tightly, otherwise, cutting line wont be precise.
  4. Always make sure that you are working at a specific current rating and pressure, check the pressure and current rating intermittently in order to see if the product is working consistently or malfunctioning.


The Rasmond Cut 50DY is truly a convincing product that is not only price effective but also task effective. Not all but you can get most of the necessary features from this product compared to any other heavy-duty plasma cutting products. Make sure that you’ve connected all the accessories tightly and firmly prior to working. This product is sure to lead your projects very perfectly.

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