Best Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews & Compared: 5 Best Pick

best-lotos plasma cutter review
Best Lotos Plasma Cutter

Are you looking for the best Lotos plasma cutter? Then you are at the right place, as I will the Lotos plasma cutters review on the market for you. This is in review and essential buying advice for Lotos plasma cutters as they are high-quality, accurate, safe, and durable.

LOTOS has always been an esteemed brand amongst the community of metal fabricators, it is the price is very affordable yet offers practically dependability for all your personal metalworking projects?

Lotos is a name that has achieved a solid reputation as a dependable, praiseworthy source of quality welding machines, cutting tools, and accessories for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) buyers and small businesses.

Don’t have enough time to read the whole article? Don’t worry!! I’ve picked out 3 of the 5 best plasma cutter Lotos choices for you right below:

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  1. Our Pick – Lotos LTPDC2000D          Buy It on 
  2. Best functionality – Lotos CT520D  Buy It on 
  3. Best mobility – Lotos LT3500           Buy It on

Why Choose An Lotos Plasma Cutter?

  • Lotos may not be the biggest brand of plasma cutters but its machines do get the job done. That is especially true if you’re looking for a unit that can help you handle home-based projects.
  • They are affordable and offer entry-level to intermediate cutting functions. Some like the Lotos LTPDC2000D and Lotos CT520D even add welding to their amazing list of functions.
  • That means no matter what you’re looking for in a plasma cutter, Lotos has a model that fits your needs. Depending on why you need the cutter, you can choose an entry-level model or an industrial-grade one.

Comparison Chart

Our PickBest functionalityBest mobility
Lotos LTPDC2000D
Lotos CT520D
Lotos LT3500
3.93.9 / 5
3.73.7 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1Air Plasma Cutter
Cutting 1/2"- 3/4"Cutting 1/2"-3/4"Cutting 5/16"- 1/2"
14 x 5.5 x 9"
Maximum Severance Cut Thickness* 3/4”Cuts Steel/Iron up to 4/9" ThickThickness: 1-12mm

Best Lotos Plasma Cutter 

We’ve selected Lotos plasma cutters LTP5000D, LTPDC2000D, LT3500, Lotos Supreme CUT60D, and CT520D to review in our article. We’ve picked up these 5 models for they’re known to be affordable and versatile with great usability.

#1. Lotos LTP5000D – Best For Most People 

Lotos LTP5000D
Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter
3.93.9 / 5
The machine uses compressed air and an electric arc to make cuts through metal materials. That combo results in a faster and more efficient cut than if you use oxy-fuel.

Designed to cut through perforated, painted, rusty, and rough materials, the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter is ideal for various materials. It allows you to work with steel (stainless, mild, and alloy), aluminum, copper, and several other materials.

That is largely due to the efficiency of its pilot arc torch. The cutter has the ability to sever up to ¾-inch materials. But as you may expect, the thicker the material the slower it will be. That is especially true when you’re dealing with aluminum.

A robust unit, the Lotos LTP5000D accepts both 110V and 220V power plugs. In fact, it comes without fitted ends on the power cord so that you choose whichever end you want.

While the 110V option is ideal for light work, the 220V option takes this cutter closer to industrial-grade tools. At that level, it will cut through very thick materials (¼-inch and more) with a lot of ease. Another thing that you will like about the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter is its small torch size and long (10ft) hose.


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  • Offers both 110V and 220V
  • Very affordable
  • Pilot arc technology ensures precision
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cuts through various materials, including thick ones.


  • Uses consumables much faster than high-end plasma cutters
  • The attached hose is not the most durable, may need replacing

Who is it for?

Its solid construction and low price tag make the Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter an attractive choice for home use. Plus it is versatile. You can use either 110V or 220V, which means it is compatible with all the power sources available in a typical home. LTP5000D weighs just 26 pounds and is fitted with a handle at the top. You can walk around with it as you get all your projects completed in no time.

#2. Lotos LTPDC2000DBest For Experienced Welders

Lotos LTPDC2000D
Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter
4.14.1 / 5
The machine uses compressed air and an electric arc to make cuts through metal materials. That combo results in a faster and more efficient cut than if you use oxy-fuel.

It doesn’t matter what you consider, the Lotos LTPDC2000D just has an edge over its counterparts. It supports three functions in one machine, has a high maximum severance of ¾ inch, accepts both 110V and 220V power inputs, and can cut through steel, copper, and aluminum.

Most other Lotos plasma cutters do not have such an amazing combination of capabilities. As far as plasma cutters go, the Lotos LTPDC2000D plasma cutter could easily pass as the ultimate value-for-money tool.

In addition to a 50 A plasma cutter, the Lotos LTPDC2000D also features a 200A DC TIG welder as well as a 200A stick welder. 

So basically with this one tool, you can cut materials and then weld them back together. That’s the cost-saving benefit of this Lotos plasma cutter. For starters, it is fitted with a non-touch pilot arc. The purpose is to shield the tip of the nozzle from being in direct contact with the metal you’re cutting.

In doing that the non-touch pilot arc protects both the material and the cutter from damage. Additionally, the arc increases the accuracy and smoothness of the cut while reducing lag. And that is the case regardless of the type of material you’re cutting.

Whether it is rusty, rough, or painted, the finish will be amazingly smooth. As a matter of fact, this Lotos plasma cutter is designed to make half-inch clean cuts. Its severance thickness goes as high as ¾ inches.

That’s pretty impressive on all accounts and can easily compare with high-end plasma cutters. Another appealing feature of the Lotos LTPDC2000D is its dual voltage. The machine runs on both 220V and 110V (needs a pigtail that is sold separately).

It will sense the power automatically, so you don’t need to alter any settings. That means you can plug it in any typical power source found at home. If you want to learn more about this cutter please check it here.


  • A multipurpose machine that combines three functions in one.
  • Cuts have a very smooth finish thanks to the non-touch pilot arc
  • Cuts various materials, including steel (virtually all versions), copper, and aluminum.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty and top-notch customer support.
  • Easy to use even for people who don’t have professional/technical knowledge.


  • May not cut to ½ inch when the material is too thick.
  • The pigtail is sold separately, which amounts to an extra cost.

 Who is it for?

The Lotos LTPDC2000D plasma cutter is a great DIY tool. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t call ‘the guy’ to fix your things then you need this in your toolbox.

It is pretty simple and straightforward to use despite packing three different functions in one unit. You can cut through materials and weld them together using this one tool.

#3. Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air – Best mobility

Lotos LT3500
Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter
4.24.2 / 5
The machine uses compressed air and an electric arc to make cuts through metal materials. That combo results in a faster and more efficient cut than if you use oxy-fuel.

With a weight of just 17.6 pounds, you can carry Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter around quite easily. For starters, you can use it to cut several types of metal. They include stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and others.

This Lotos Plasma Cutter boasts a high amperage range of up to 35A (when in 110V power).

That accounts for its ability to cut through metals as thick as 2/5 inches. The severance rating of the cutter is 3/5 inches.

You don’t need a special power outlet to plug the Lotos LT3500 plasma cutter. With its 110V input, Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter can easily connect to a typical wall socket found at home. The machine uses a dual-frequency of 50 and 60Hz (selected automatically).

It comes with a pre-installed NPT ¼-inch D plug that connects to your air compressor.

Basic function lotos 3500

Once that is done it will be ready to go. It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to prepare the cutter for use.


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  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Very portable; perhaps the most compact plasma cutter on the market today.
  • Everything is pre-installed, which makes it easy to set up and use.
  • Uses non-toxic air.
  • It can cut several types of metal, including common ones like steel, copper, and aluminum.


  • Not suitable for commercial or industrial-grade projects.
  • It uses consumables a lot faster than most other plasma cutters.

Who is Lotos LT3500 for?

It may be powerful to cut through 2/5 inches of metal but the Lotos LT3500 can’t handle industrial-grade work.

However, the unit makes an ideal choice for DIY hobbyists who handle light-cutting projects frequently. It would especially be a perfect pick for you if you’re cost-conscious or working with a tight budget.

Compared to other plasma cutters, the LT3500 Lotos Plasma Cutter is definitely an affordable unit with a few high-end features.

#4. Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter – Best functionality

Lotos CT520D
Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter
3.83.8 / 5
A Plasma Cutter, a TIG and stick welder was awarded the second best plasma cutter of 2016 by

Like the Lotos LTPDC2000D, the Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter is a 3 in 1 machine that offers cutting and welding functions in one unit. In addition to a plasma cutter, the machine also has a TIG welder and stick welder.

This Lotos CT520D plasma cutter can slice through ½-inch metals easily. In fact, it works on materials as thick as ¾ inches.

Plus you can use it on all the popular metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper. The lack of a pilot arc means you’ll have to touch the cutter off whenever you start cutting.

It’s also the reason why the Lotos CT520D uses consumables pretty quickly. You may want to purchase and keep a good stock of consumables. The CT520D is a dual voltage machine. It accepts both 110V and 220V power inputs, which makes it compatible with domestic wall sockets.

But you’ll need to buy a pigtail as it’s not included in the box.

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  • Offers three different functions in one machine
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Uses compressed air that is non-hazardous
  • Solid construction that features a high-grade steel
  • Fairly compact and portable


  • Doesn’t come with an amperage control foot pedal
  • At 6 feet and 4 feet long (respectively), the plasma and power cords are quite short and may limit mobility.

Who is Lotos CT520D for?

If you’re a DIY expert who is in the market for a plasma cutter that will give you the best versatility at an affordable price then the Lotos CT520D fits the bill perfectly. With a weight of just under 40 pounds, this unit is ideal for home projects that require mobility. More importantly, it allows welding in addition to plasma cutting. You won’t have to purchase two different tools for those two functions.


#5. Lotos Supreme CUT60D

hobart 500564
Lotos Supreme CUT60D Plasma Cutter
33 / 5
It is perfect for you if you’re a DIY enthusiast who cuts metals frequently.

Also, the unit supports both 2T and 4T cutting functions. The 2T setting is where you pull the trigger and then hold it continuously as you cut.

You only release it once you’ve finished cutting.

With the 4T setting, you pull the trigger, cut, and then pull the trigger again to stop cutting. This is a good option if you don’t want to hold the trigger continuously.

The will automatically switch between 110/120V and 220/240V. So basically you can plug it in typical home wall sockets and it will work just fine.

Lotos Supreme CUT60D Plasma Cutter

Regardless of the power setting, the Lotos Supreme CUT60D plasma cutter will deliver to your satisfaction.

It provides a 4/5-inch ideal clean cut and a 1¼-inch maximum severance cut when using 220/240V power input.

When plugged to a 110/120V power source, the machine makes 1/3-inch ideal clean cuts and has a maximum severance of ½-inch. 

It doesn’t matter the amount of power input, this Lotos plasma cutter works on steel (stainless, alloy, and mild), aluminum, copper, and all the common metals. Besides good performance, one thing that makes this Lotos plasma cutter a favorite for many is its ease of setup.

It comes pre-installed with an NPT ¼-inch D plug and an air regulator. That makes it super easy to connect your air compressor. The torch is simple to connect too, it shouldn’t take longer than a minute. In all, you only need between 1 and 2 minutes to get the machine ready to go.


  • Works with 110 and 220V power sources
  • Comes complete and ready to use
  • Uses compressed air that is non-hazardous
  • Solid construction and performance
  • Cuts through all the common metals, including steel, copper, and aluminum


  • Relatively expensive compared to other Lotos plasma cutters
  • Blows through consumables very fast

 Who is Lotos Supreme CUT60D for?

It may not be ideal for high scale industrial use but the Lotos Supreme CUT60D Plasma Cutter is more than capable of handling DIY work. CUT60D Plasma Cutter is perfect for you if you’re a DIY enthusiast who cuts metals frequently. Its price is a bit on the higher side compared to other Lotos plasma cutters. But that is mainly because of its versatility.


You may have noticed that all the 5 Lotos plasma cutters do not vary widely with regard to functionality. That makes choosing one an uphill climb for many. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are our top 3 picks and why they make the list:

  • Lotos LTPDC2000D is the best choice for professional welders: It doesn’t matter what you consider, the Lotos LTPDC2000D just has an edge over its counterparts. It supports three functions in one machine, has a high maximum severance of ¾ inch, accepts both 110V and 220V power inputs, and can cut through steel, copper, and aluminum. Most other Lotos plasma cutters do not have such an amazing combination of capabilities.
  • Lotos CT520D plasma cutter is the best functionality: The CT520D Lotos Plasma Cutter wins in this regard because it is a 3-in-1 combo that offers cutting and welding functions. Although the LTPDC2000D offers the same, its price tag is on the higher side.
  • Lotos LT3500 is our favorite budget-friendly choice: With a weight of 17.6 pounds and dimensions of 14 x 5.5 x 9 inches, this Lotos Plasma Cutter is arguably the smallest plasma cutter you will find on the market. If you’re shopping for a unit that you can carry with ease then this is it.
  • If you intend to carry out CNC applications, the CUT60D is there to help.

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Now that you’re aware of the key points about each unit separately, you should be able to decide more comfortably and wisely. Still got questions? Please read the questions below to understand more

Lotos Plasma Cutter FAQ

Q. Does Lotos CT520D feature a non-touch pilot arc?

A: No. It uses an air inverter on the plasma cutter function.

Q. Does the Lotos ltp5000d come with all its accessories?

A: It comes with an air hose, a cable, ground clamp, an air hose connection. You need to buy a pigtail.

Q. Are there any instructions for operating the LTP5000D Lotos cutter?

A: You need to be very steady and move the torch very slowly on the sheet.

Q: What is the best plasma cutter for home use?

A: The best plasma cutter for home use is the Lotos LT3500.

Q: What gas do you need for a plasma cutter?

A: You need to use one of several different gases for a plasma cutter, including compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon-hydrogen mixtures. Different types work better for different metals.

The Bottom Line

Lotos plasma cutters are designed primarily for professional as well as non- professional users, to deliver a consistent and professional grade performance on a wide range of metal surfaces and materials. The Lotos Plasma cutter is still an excellent plasma cutter suitable for DIY/hobbyists and light cutting.

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