10 Best Plasma Cutters: Complete Buying Guide and Review 2022

best plasma cutter
Best plasma cutters

You are here because you’re an avid metal artisan looking for a crucial tool of the trade: the best plasma cutters. Regardless of whether you need it for domestic or commercial use, you have come to the right place.

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Plasma cutters allow you to make easy and light work of your metal-cutting tasks. However, a lot of the technical specifications that describe these machines are enough to make it difficult to find the right one.

Today, I’ll walk you through the Best Plasma Cutters on the market.

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole review, take a look at 3 most prominent on our list here:

>> Top PickLotos LTP5000D: Buy It on Amazon.com

>> Best Preferred – PRIMEWELD CUT50: Buy It on Amazon.com

>> Best Bargain – Lotos LTPDC2000D: Buy It on Amazon.com

However, we highly recommend the Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter as the best all-around plasma cutter for under $300.

Our pick
Prime weld plasma cutters product review
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PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Automatic Dual Voltage 110/220VAC 1/2
4.74.7 / 5
Truely portable, ultimate and precise cut, extensive use in rugged industrial and construction environments, as well as at home DIY.

This list was compiled for one reason: to enable you to find the right best plasma cutter for your specific needs without spending too much time and money. And because we’ve taken the time to research and simplify our findings for your benefits, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for on this page.

Without further delay, here are ten plasma cutters you should consider buying if you want the most bang for your buck:

Product Name Dual Voltage Cut Thickness User Rating Action
Lotos LT3500
 Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter
Yes 3/5” steel
4.54.5 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
F2C 50 AMP
F2C 50 AMP Plasma Cutter CUT50 Welding Cutting Machine Digital Inverter
Yes ½” steel
4.44.4 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
PrimeWeld 50A
PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter
Yes ½” steel
4.74.7 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
 LOTOS LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc 50A Plasma Cutter
Yes ½” steel
4.24.2 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
AlphaCut 60 60 Amp
2016 AHP AlphaCut 60 60 Amp plasma cutter 110v / 220v DUAL VOLTAGE
Yes <�½” steel
4.24.2 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
PowerPro 164Si
2020 Everlast PowerPro 164Si 160Amp TIG Stick Pulse 40Amp Plasma Cutter 110v/220v Multi Process Welder
Yes < ½” steel
55 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
Powermax30 XP
Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America Edition Hand Plasma System with Case and 15-Feet Lead
(auto Voltage)
½” steel
4.94.9 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp
PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
No ½” steel
4.64.6 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
PowerPro 164Si
2020 Everlast PowerPro 164Si 160Amp TIG Stick Pulse 40Amp Plasma Cutter
Yes ½” on DC
¾” on plasma
4.64.6 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com
Powermax 65 plasma cutter
Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System - 25 ft Lead
Yes 1" steel
55 / 5
Buy It on Amazon.com

The 10 Best Plasma Cutters 

In this article, I will look at the best plasma cutters, from cheapest to high prices for beginners, professional mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and mechanical experts. This is a plasma cutter now they are rocking the bestseller list with high rankings and feedback positive from users in 2020.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each item.

1. PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50Amp Air Inverter Plasma Cutter – Our Pick

Also consider
Prime weld plasma cutters product review
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PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Automatic Dual Voltage 110/220VAC 1/2
4.74.7 / 5
It is truly portable, ultimate and precise cut, extensive use in rugged industrial and construction environments, as well as at home DIY.

Our top pick, the PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter cuts up to 1/2 “(Maximum thickness: 3/4”) easily. It’s designed for industrial use to cut metals in factory environments. This Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Automatic Dual Voltage 110/220VAC, as such it is considered the best 110v cutter.

This plasma cutter has been available for purchase on Amazon.com since December 2015 and has quickly become one of the most popular products.

It claims the ability to handle cuts of up to 1/2 “(Maximum thickness: 3/4”) easily. Within this range, you can expect precision cuts when used to cut stainless steel, mild steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, and other conductible materials.

Are you working in places with limited power outlets? If you are, then this plasma cutter is designed to make your life easier.

Thanks to its dual voltage power supply, you can work even when there are limited power outlets in your shop. Besides, it uses high-frequency DC plasma to produce cleaner cuts faster and without leaving a mess.

Many of its reviewers love its size and the carry handle that makes it easier to move around the workshop. Therefore it is the best portable cutter. And finally, for under $300 along with excellent cutting function, this is considered the best plasma cutter for the money.


  • It is powerful despite being so affordable and is conveniently designed for people without access to power outlets.


  • Sadly, the ground lead that comes with it is disappointingly short, but you can easily replace this with a longer cable.

Who is PRIMEWELD for?

Although its design appeals more to DIYers, the Air Inverter Plasma Cutter is well capable of performing commercial tasks. Hobbyists and professional metal fabricators will find it to be very well-suit to their needs.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

2. F2C 50AMP Plasma Cutter Cut-50 – BEST PRICE

F2C plasma cutters review
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F2C 50 AMP Plasma Cutter Cut-50
4.44.4 / 5
Works well and was a great price for the performance. Together with its top brand F2C, it has good welding and cutting capability.

This Plasma cutter Cut-50 has a 60% of duty cycle and 85% of efficiency. It can cut through 1-12 mm of material with its 60 HZ of power consumption. It is suitable for all your welding and cutting ease.

Many users got surprised by how strong Plasma cutter Cut-50  can perform with great value for money. Bear in mind that all F2C welding machines have wiring color codes like brown as hot and blue as neutral.

Finally, with a 110v input voltage and it costs less than $200. So it is considered to be the best 110v cutter and best plasma cutter for the money.


  • With a cheap price and it is compactly designed with good welding and cutting capabilities, because of the powerful features, it brings.


  • The user manual that comes with it is not very clear or helpful.
  • Also, the quality of the accessories could be better.

Who is Cut-50 for?

Overall, it is a good cutting tool that is suitable for light to moderate DIY and repair tasks.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

3. Lotos LTPDC2000D plasma cutter – BEST FUNCTIONS

Best Functions
Lotos LTPDC2000D product review
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Lotos LTP2000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter
4.24.2 / 5
One of the best 3-in-1 plasma cutters in the market. In addition to a 50A plasma cutter, buying this you will also get a 200A TIG welder and a 200A stick welder.

Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Tig Welder and Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine,½ Inch Clean Cut, Brown, the cutter features a non-touch pilot arc to cut through metal.

This technology is far better since it makes it possible to cut through painted or rusted metal without producing a lot of slags.

This plasma cutter has Max Ideal Cut Thickness: 1/2″; Max Severance Thickness: 3/4″; Pilot Arc Torch Efficiently Cuts Through Rough, Painted, and Rusty Surfaces and Produces Minimal Slag

The Lotos LTPDC2000D plasma cutter makes a choice ideal for places with few outlets since it features an automatic dual voltage power supply.

Buying this cutter will give you considerably more power for cutting through thicker pieces of metal. However, its power and functionality fully accommodating the demands of professional operators.


  • You will also be getting a handy multipurpose cutting and welding tool rolled in one.
  • For many satisfied buyers, that is enough to earn the plasma cutter a 5-star rating.
  • All LOTOS machines come standard with 1-year parts and labor warranty unless otherwise.


  • One downside you may have to contend with is buying expensive consumables.

Who is Lotos LTPDC2000D for?

The designed of this Lotos LTPDC2000D allows amateurs to have an easy time working with it, for businesses and DIY (do-it-yourself) users.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

4. Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter – BEST OVERALL

Also consider
Hypertherm plasma cutters review
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Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter
4.74.7 / 5
This high-powered plasma cutter is the pick of the great when it comes to industrial-class metal cutters. It combines the sheer power of a high-end cutter with the FineCut consumables to make more intricate cuts faster and with more smoothness.

Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America Edition Hand Plasma System with Case and 15-Feet Lead. Out of all its features, we found its automatic voltage detection to be the most useful. Its invertor is capable of detecting voltages between 110V and 240V, and this makes it a useful tool to have.

Auto-voltage automatically adapts to 110 V – 240 V input power. Plug adapters included.

There is a lot to love with this plasma cutter, but a free carry case addition comes with a hard carry case, eye shields, gloves, shoulder strap, standard consumables, and Fine Cut consumables.

The Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter with Built-in Air Compressor delivers much more power in its cuts without sacrificing overall cut texture. The free carry case and auto-detecting feature make it easier to use even for beginners.

It Cut any kind of metal Stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel even if rusted or painted, plug into 120 to 240 V power with Auto-Voltage technology Safe Only uses compressed air.

This plasma cutter has deservedly earned itself a perfect rating since it features the Two-in-one design High-power cutting up to 16 mm (5/8″) plus Fine Cut consumables for details.

Powermax30 XP  is a high-cost plasma cutter, but the price high comes with the good functionality that it brings.


  • Highly portable Small size, lightweight (only 9.8 kg) and carry strap ensure high portability.


  • If you’re thinking of buying this for menial DIY tasks, then prepare to be disappointed. There are much cheaper options than this if you simply want to perform some light repairs.

Who is Powermax30 XP for?

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty commercial metal cutter, this is definitely the best option for you. Watch this video for more visual reviews about this product. Powermax30 XP for beginners, professional mechanics, small fabrication facilities, or handheld repair businesses.

If you want to learn more, check out Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP Review

Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

5. PowerPlasma 50S – BEST VALUE

Best Value
2017 PowerPlasma 50S 50amps PILOT ARC Plasma Cutter 110/220v
3.43.4 / 5
Powerplasma 50s is undoubtedly one of the best Everlast plasma cutters. It can cut steel as thick as 1’’ thanks to the 50 amps cutting power.
Check Price at Amazon ››
Read the full review

Power Plasma 50S brings to use the latest inverter design technology.  It has a 50-ampere output on 240V single-phase power but can also be used with 120V which limits output up to 25-ampere. It is equipped with a CNC port for moderate CNC work. Arc start infuses block back design with an automatic pilot arc. The unit comes built-in with low air pressure protection safety shut down along with duty cycle and over current protection.

These safety mechanisms shut the plasma cutter till the resolution of the problem. Ok to cut light is another brilliant feature that helps operate determine a safe working range. The pilot arc’s robust design scours the metal’s surface and maintains continuity for a clean cut.

The unit is responsible for providing the pilot arc through a ground path in the torch head and back to the unit. The pilot arc current is reduced to 25 amps when activates which minimizes torch and consumable damage. Once the pilot is steady, the arc intensity and current increase as the arc transfers to the metal.

The unit is rated IP21S, which means that it can bear light contact with water. However, it is suggested to keep the unit away from water or moisture sources to reduce the risk of electrocution. This plasms cutter cannot be operated in standing water.

Power Plasma 50S requires thorough cleaning after 2 months for maximum efficiency and extended life. The device should be un-plugged, and capacitors should be allowed to discharge before opening it for cleaning and maintenance.

The unit requires an ample amount of air, a buffer distance of 2 ft from all sides, and a minimum distance of 18” clearance. This unit is not to be mounted in areas prone to heavy vibrations and shock. The Control panel should be protected from damage at all costs.

Power Plasma has a 60% duty cycle operating at 240V providing 50A output, or 60% duty cycle operating at 120V providing 25A output. The duty cycle is based on a 10min duty cycle taken at a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. It can be run at maximum current output of 50A for 6 minutes continuously. Under overheat condition, the temperature light glows and the device ceases to work. When this happens, one should cease to cut immediately so that the device’s maximum life is preserved. Cutting is affected by temperature and humidity as well. The overheated unit should not be shut down without safely cooling it. 

If the duty cycle is exceeded, the over-temperature indicator light turns on and the device should be allowed to cool for 15 minutes.

When using for CNC purposes, use caution to prevent overheating.  The best way to prevent overheating in CNC applications is to use the unit at a lower amperage output to increase duty cycle time and to extend the cutting life of the consumables.


  • Cuts through rusty materials, too.
  • Has adjustable post flow.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Since everything is front-mounted, it is easy to use.


  • Replacement tips are hard to find.
  • The unit comes with a water trap but it can’t remove moisture.
  • The handle is of poor quality

Who Is Powerplasma 50s Built For?

This Everlast plasma cutter is designed to perform heavy-duty work for both home users and technicians.

It can cut a variety of metals including steel, aluminum, and titanium…

Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

6. Hypertherm Powermax 65 – BEST Function

Also consider
plasma cutter product review
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Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System
55 / 5
This has a maximum clean cut rating of 1 inch, and satisfied customers have been flooding it with great reviews.

It is not easy for products to achieve perfect ratings on Amazon, especially if they’re mechanical in nature. The Hypertherm Powermax 65, however, has been flooded with positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Looking at its specifications, it is apparent that the plasma cutter deserves every bit of the acclamation it has been getting.

Input Voltages: 200-480 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz | 200-600 V, 3-PH 50/60 Hz. Use Smart Sense™ technology automatically adjusts the gas pressure according to cutting mode and torch lead length for optimal performance.

For starters, it has a maximum clean-cut rating of 1 inch, which is quite impressive. It can also cut cleanly through metal that’s 1 ¼ inch thick, though not as cleanly.

As recommended by the manufacturer, it is recommended as follows: Recommended Cut Thickness: 3/4″, Maximum Cut Thickness: 1″, Severance Cut Thickness: 1-1/4″

Luckily, it packs a lot more consumable power than the rest, allowing you to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. The manufacturers have managed to keep it nice and compact despite giving it industrial-class capabilities.

Other than its impressive cutting power, the plasma cutter is also very portable and light enough to carry by hand. It can be said that this is the best portable cutter.

All in all, the Hypertherm Powermax 65 is a robust industrial tool that can handle whatever you throw at it. It is suitable for commercial use and can last longer and work harder than the others.


  • One great benefit is that it comes with a 25-foot long lead—this is considerably longer than you’d expect from other cutters.


  • Hypertherm Powermax 65 is very powerful but the price is a problem for beginners.

Who is Powermax 65 for?

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty commercial metal cutter, Powermax 65 is definitely the best option for you. Watch this video for more visual reviews about this product.

For professional mechanics, mechanical workshops, and working at the site.

Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

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7. AHP AlphaCut 60 Amp Dual Voltage – Top Choice

Top Choice
AHP plasma cutters product review
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AHP AlphaCut 60 Amp Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter
4.24.2 / 5
AHP AlphaCut 60 110v / 220v DUAL VOLTAGE designed to undertake heavy tasks with ease.

This AHP AlphaCut 60 model allows you to get more work done at a time thanks to its 60 % duty cycle at max amp. The  AHP AlphaCut 60 cutter uses a continuous pilot arc to slice through painted, rusty, or rough metal effortlessly.

It a great machine but really needs 220 volts to work properly. At 220 volts, it’s as powerful as a monster and cuts steel like butter.

You may cut 1/8, 3/16, 3/8, and 1/2 mild steel plate like butter. I had to use it on 110v to cut some 1/8 stainless steel and it performed wonderfully. Lastly, it costs less than $600, which is the best plasma cutter for money.

Click here to read an in-depth review of this model!


  • In a nutshell, you can expect a lot more in terms of power and speed from this cutter.
  • It is also packed with several handy features that make work easier for professionals. For instance, dual volt technology makes it possible to work where there are no outlets.
  • Seller Warranty Description: 3 years warranty


  • On the downside, this plasma cutter is not for everyone due to its high price.

 Who is AHP AlphaCut 60 for?

If you’re looking to work with metal for commercial purposes, this is a solid investment for your business.

The plasma cutter is powerful and sturdy, yet compact and portable for maximum freedom while working.

Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

8. Everlast PowerPro 164Si 160a Tig Stick Pulse 40a Multi-Process Welder – Top Product

Top product
Everlast plasma cutters product review
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Everlast PowerPro 164Si Plasma Cutter
55 / 5
A compact but powerful multipurpose cutter/welder with very user-friendly controls and a long-lasting build.Everlast PowerPro 164Si is so easy to use that you only need to flip a selector switch to choose between cutting and welding modes.

The plasma cutter first appeared on Amazon last year and has since become one of the top products in its category. Other features enjoyed by several of its buyers include its Dual Voltage design allows the unit to be used where 120V or 240V voltage is present.

With design AC and DC, output welds any metal, including aluminum and magnesium, and offers the maximum quality weld.

PowerPro 164Si Multi-Process Welder is well equipped to handle your needs, with TIG, Stick, and Plasma cutting features. It is able to weld up to 3/16″ aluminum and 1/4″ steel in a single pass in TIG mode and handle many common 1/8″ stick electrodes.

To get the most out of your machine you have to use a 220v plug, but to be honest, 110v works well. You can cut 3/8 steel all day after you upgrade your cutter to 40 amps. 

Features a generous 60% duty cycle in TIG mode at full power, so there’s more welding being done than sitting around waiting for the unit to recover.

Several users also enjoyed cleaner cuts and shorter work times thanks to its efficiency. What’s more, its multifunctional design gives it an edge over single-purpose plasma cutters.

Everlast PowerPro 164Si is certainly the better option compared to other models, especially when it comes to sheer power.

This plasma cutter has deservedly earned itself a perfect rating since it features the perfect combination of power and functionality. Considering its capabilities, its price tag is also very fair.

Looking at its specifications, it is easy to see that it is a bit overpowered for simple DIY tasks. Hobbyists and professional metal artisans, however, will benefit a lot from this Everlast PowerPro 164Si  plasma cutter.


  • The compact design makes it easy to move in buildings or repair workshops.
  • 5 Years (Parts and Labor) and 30 days money back.
  • TIG, Stick, or Plasma operation combined in one single unit.


  • On the downside, this plasma cutter is not for everyone due to its high price.

Who is Everlast PowerPro 164Si for?

The Everlast PowerPro 164Si is perfect for beginners, professional mechanics, small fabrication facilities, or handheld repair businesses.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

9. PrimeWeld Ct520d Plasma Cutter- Also Great

Also Great
PrimeWeld Ct520d plasma cutters review
Check Price Now ››
PrimeWeld Ct520d
4.74.7 / 5
A multipurpose 3 in 1 unit offers a variety of multiple welding and cutting functions: PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 Amps Plasma Cutter, 200 Amps Tig Welder and 200 Amps Stick Welder Combo

If you’re in search of an affordable triple-function plasma cutter, you will get no better value than PrimeWeld Ct520d. This affordable tool gives you a plasma cutter, TIG/stick welding, and arc welding, all for less than $400, this is the best plasma cutter for the money.

The plasma cutter can cut up to 3/4 inches cleanly and has a duty cycle of 60% at 50 Amps on all its processes. In addition, this unit can switch between DC TIG Welder and DC STICK Welder quickly and easily.

For moderately sized tasks, PrimeWeld Ct520d is a beast of a machine that will make light work of all your cutting projects. Professionals are better off investing in something a bit more suited to the industrial landscape.


  • 3-year Warranty, USA Based Parts and Customer Service 7 days per Week


  • At 32lbs, it is a bit heavy to carry around, but it’s still portable enough to be moved around with ease.

Who is PrimeWeld Ct520d for?

For many DIY enthusiasts, this is a far more affordable option especially since it’s multifunctional. However, its power is relatively weaker than the others.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !

10. Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter – Most Affordable

Most Affordable
Lotos plasma cutters product review
Check Price Now ››
Lotos LT3500 35Amp 2/5 Inch Clean Cut, 110V/120V
4.54.5 / 5
The Lotos LT3500 has a Pre Installed NPT Quick Connector, Portable & Easy Quick Setup.Here is a tool that many amateur metal artisans and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The compact 18-pound plasma cutter is designed with simplicity in mind. Setting it up takes a minute or less, and using it is just as straightforward too.

The Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air is powered by a regular 110V outlet, which you probably have at home or at your workshop, hence it is considered the best 110v plasma cutter.

In the meantime, this powerful unit is strong enough to cut 10mm (2/5inch) metal with 15mm (3/5inch) severance thickness, making it an ideal choice for cost-conscious DIY hobbyists.

These specifications simply mean that the plasma cutter is suitable for light tasks such as cutting through thin sheets of metal, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc.

One of the reasons many home improvement gurus love this plasma cutter is because it uses non-hazardous compressed air to cut. This is not only more cost-effective but is also a lot safer for use around the house.

Looking at prices under $200 along with good cut function, it is the best budget plasma cutter for you.


  • The perks of using this cutter include an easy setup process and low maintenance costs. Its compactness also makes it ideal for carrying around the workplace of transporting it from home to the shop.


  • The only downside to this cutter is that its ground cable is just over 6 feet long. The good news is, you can easily replace this with a longer ground cable from your local hardware store.

Who is Lotos LT3500 for?

For budding DIYers and hobbyists, this is the perfect entry-level metal-cutting tool. It is also ideal for light home repairs and upgrades.
Buy It on Amazon.com NOW !


To make your life easier, we have also ranked the listed plasma cutters in categories that are easier to choose from. If you’re still having a hard time deciding, here is a much simpler analysis:

Most Affordable

If a bargain is what you’re after, the Lotos L3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter is your safest bet. It costs just under $200 and is enough for DIY cutting projects. I recommend it for amateur hobbyists and newbie artisans since it is the most affordable.

Best Functions

You may hardly find a cutter with better functionality than the Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter. Despite having enough power and features to handle commercial tasks, it is quite easy to operate. This allows the user to take full advantage of its functions well.

Best Compatibility

The 2017 Everlast SuperUltra 206Si Plasma Cutter is arguably the most compatible with a wide variety of uses. It is not every day that you come across an entry-level tool that would also suffice in commercial applications. Furthermore, it is a multifunctional device, meaning it also incorporates various welding tools. For that reason, this plasma cutter is what you should buy if you’re looking for something that is compatible with a wide range of uses.

Our pick

The PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter plasma cutter is the most frequently bought cutter on this list. Reviews praise its ease of use, its flawless performance, its satisfactory cutting capabilities, its affordability with almost half-price reduction, and good customer service from Primeweld folks. If you’re looking for a generally good plasma cutter, this is the most likely to fit your needs and your budget

Let’s see a complete buying guideline for the best plasma cutters. Believe us: it is going to help you quickly find the best plasma cutter for your desired action.

best plasma cutters
best plasma cutters

Buying Guide

Are you a newbie in the sector of plasma cutting? Do you need a perfect guideline by which you can select a good plasma cutter to cut any metal for any purpose?

What to Consider When Buying a Plasma Cutter? The process of finding the right plasma cutter for your projects can be a lot smoother if you know what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, that is easier said and done.

A plasma cutter is a potential device that delivers a clean, easy, and quick cut of any dedicated metals (without wood and plastic). However, lots of plasma cutter manufacturers still dominating the market, including several fantastic features and offers in their products.

Let’s dive into the details.


A good air compressor with an Air Filter, a Ground Clamp with other Consumables, and the Power Source of a plasma cutter is not the only feature you need to judge when you intend to purchase one best from the plasma cutter list.

If you ask me how you should select an Ideal Plasma cutter, I suggest you see the below aspects. Put your concentrations on the below-listed factors. It will help you to find a suitable plasma cutting device. 

  • Build with:

The first and foremost factor related to a good plasma cutter is its construction materials. Steel-made plasma cutters are more durable, decent, and user-friendly than others. Proper construction of your plasma cutter offers you frequent use of it for a long time.

  • Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle is the time; a plasma cutter can work efficiently. The lower the duty cycle, the user will get limited performance with their plasma cutter.

We suggest selecting a plasma cutter with a 50 to 60 percent duty cycle if anybody wants to perform heavy work from his/her plasma cutter.

  • Easy-to-use:

For a newbie in the plasma cutter field, you need to purchase a plasma cutter that features an easy-to-use and easy-to-control nature.

If you face a complex control of your cutting device, it can spoil your full operations. Basically, for the new user, the control panel of the plasma cutter should feature an in-built consumable compartment.

  • Cutting type & Speed:

Cutting Metal With Plasma-Cutte

Three types of cutting speeds are present nowadays in metal cutting technology. 

  • Rated Cut: High-quality cutting speed + medium/thinner thickness. Ultimately produce a thin layer of a cleaned and flat metal piece.
  • Quality Cut: Takes a relatively long time to deliver a thickened metal cutting.
  • Sever Cut: Very Slow, Very Thick. Moreover, we need to clean the device once the cutting process finished. 

If you compared all the cutter types, you should choose such a cutter, which can work at your pre-set speed and thickness.

  • Portability:

Using a plasma cutter at different places over time, you’ve to purchase a portable plasma cutter. An excellent portable plasma cutter features a lighter weight relatively than a more substantial plasma cutter.

Moreover, shoulder straps or a top-handle included over the plasma cutter; make it easier to carry from one place to another.

  • Safety Accessories:

A plasma cutter supposed to be more supportive, offering a safe and most comfortable metal cutting operation.

A good helmet, thicker hand gloves, safety goggles, protective leather jacket, etc. are the safety gears or accessories you need to get with your plasma cutter.

If a plasma cutter doesn’t provide all these gears, you’ve to purchase all those separately.

  • Versatility:

It is wise to use a versatile plasma cutter for getting multi-purpose cutting operations. Find a capable plasma cutter that can cut all types of metal (like Stainless steel/alloy steel/mild steel/copper/aluminum) very decently.

Also, confirm you’ve chosen the plasma cutter, which allows a different metal thickness.

  • Brand Value:

A reputed brand never trends to lose its consumer’s hope. So, select a famous brand to purchase your best plasma cutters(Hobart plasma cutter, Hypertherm Plasma cutter, Miller Plasma cutter, Lotos plasma cutter, Suncoo plasma cutter). It is gonna service you in a durable way.

The only downside of choosing a famous brand is, you may expanse a high for a branded product. But in the future, you don’t have to go to the visit of any technician to resolve the malfunction of a cheap plasma cutter.

  • Availability of power outlets

It is important to know the type of power outlets you have access to before settling on a cutter. Some cutters only support 110V, while others only work with 220V outlets. Ideally, a cutter fitted with a dual voltage power supply will work best in both scenarios.

Alternatively, you can opt for a cutter that automatically detects and regulates the output voltage. These are often more expensive though.

  • Size of task/Frequency of use

What thickness do you need to cut through? Do you intend to use the cutter on a daily basis? Is your cutter going to spend most of its time stashed away in the garage?

These are three important questions that you should have answers for, in order for you to find the ideal plasma cutter. Although most cutters are enough to handle daily use, some are more durable than others.

You don’t want to be spending upwards of $1,000 for a tool you’ll be using once or twice a month. Similarly, you don’t want to start your metal fabrication business with a cutter that cannot handle heavy commercial use.

To avoid needless spending, it is important to know beforehand the kind of projects you will be undertaking with your cutter.

  • The texture of the cut

Some cutters are only able to make clean cuts up to a certain thickness. If the texture of the cut is an important aspect of your project, ensure you get a cutter that can comfortably make a clean cut in the thickness that you desire.

The maximum severance cut thickness of a cutter is the maximum thickness it can cut through without necessarily providing a smooth finish. The maximum clean cut thickness, on the other hand, indicates the maximum thickness through which your cutter can cut cleanly

  • Power Output

While most cutters work just fine on a 110V power supply, some require a 220V power outlet to unleash their full potential. Pay attention to this to avoid buying a tool that doesn’t have enough power for your needs.

  • Functions

A lot of cutters on the market come with dual or triple-purpose functionality. In addition to a plasma cutter, these machines also come with welders (TIG/stick/arc) to make work easier for you.

If you just need a cutter, there is no point in buying a 3-in-1 plasma cutter. Similarly, if your project requires all three tools, you can save some money by buying a multifunctional unit. Keep in mind that cheaper multipurpose cutters won’t serve you as well as the more expensive options.

  • Consumables

Consumables are the parts and pieces of your cutter that eventually become worn out and need replacing. Most cutters come with their own consumables and are not compatible with other types of consumables.

  • Price:

Pay attention to the price of consumables as these will become a regular expense as soon as you buy your cutter. One of two ways you can avoid these high maintenance costs is by buying plasma cutters with cheap consumables.

Alternatively, you can seek out other compatible options that are more affordable.

A cheap brand always manufactures a low-quality product; it is not always true. There still several new brands that offer a quality product relatively at a low price due to promote their brand value. You’ve to just find those brands through a little bit of research.

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  • Customer feedback:

Lots of e-commerce sites (like Amazon) available nowadays, including thousands of customer feedbacks about any products.

However, it’s a tricky matter to see the customer reviews to know the real scenario of any products. Only customer reviews will tell you the truth (whether it is good or Garbage) about any product before you bought it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: Why should I use a plasma cutter in my Stainless-steel accessory factory?

Answer: Stainless steel-made accessories need to cut the steel first. To make the cutting process trendy, flawlessly, and cleaner, and speedier, you need a plasma cutter.

FAQ-Two: Why I supposed to use the safety gear while using a plasma cutter?

Answer: As a plasma cutter produces a metal spark, so these tiny parts can invade your eyes, ears, mouth. Moreover, the heat produces in this unit also can burn you suddenly in the absence of your safety gear.

If you wear proper safety gear (Like- helmet, hand gloves, eye goggles, jacket), you can minimize the chance of being happening of any sudden accident with you.

In summary

You cannot gather all the valuable features in one product. There are certain brands, which only can offer you an optimal product with more potential.

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  • Purchasing the Best Plasma Cutters for the first time requires some research. Your workplace, the nature of your projects, and your budget are the three key factors that will help you decide which tool is ideal for you. Keep your budget low by focusing on cutters designed for light tasks.
  • However, if you’re looking to expand your fabrication business, you should prepare yourself to invest in a good plasma cutter. Buy a multifunctional cutter if you can use an extra welder or two in your shop.
  • Observe proper safety when using your cutter by ensuring that you plugged it into the right power supply. Using the right voltage can be crucial when it comes to getting enough power for your work.
  • Lastly, good maintenance practices are what make your cutter produce consistent results and last longer. Never use consumables that the manufacturer does not recommend. This can lead to significant damage.

That is all about the buying guideline for the best plasma cutters. If you already read the full article, now you’re ready to grab one perfect plasma cutter as soon as possible.

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