Lincoln MIG Welder: Electric K2185-1 Handy Review

The Lincoln MIG Welder is really a user-friendly, compact lightweight and portable wire-feed welder that plugs right into a 115-volt, 20-ampere wall socket.

4 voltage configurations and a continuing wire-feed speed adjustment enable you to weld mild metal from 24 gauges to 1/8 inch thick.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1
Lincoln Electric K2185-1
4.44.4 / 5
This helpful welder includes wire plus gun assembly, work clamp and cable, gas nozzle, a spool of strong cable, gas hose and regulator, contact tips and a new tactile hands shield.

Definitely, everything concerning this specific unit has been designed and developed through the bottom up to assist you to weld more effortlessly and efficiently.

Providing you every edge plus advantage to tackle projects is big in addition to small without any real complexity at all.

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Lincoln Mig Welder K2185-1 Features

  • This compact, light-weight and portable cable feed Lincoln Handy Mig welder plugs right into a 115V, 20 ampere outlet and it is user-friendly.
  • Four voltage configurations and constant cable feed acceleration adjustment allow you to welds mild metal through 24 gauge in order to 1/8-inch thick
  • Cold contactor safety function keeps welding cable electrically “ frosty ” until weapon result in is pushed
  • Continuous cable feed velocity to acceleration adjustment plus selectable voltage ranges for precise control
  • One year guarantee upon parts plus labor, 3 months warranty on wire plus gun


  • Perfect for several light welded
  • Good welder for sheet metallic fabrication on decrease gauge steel
  • You can work in the workshop or venture out in the field
  • Includes adjustable cable feed to handle and ac electricity and fan cooling
  • A lightweight welder that’s an easy task to maneuver


  • Safety tools incorporated with the Lincoln Handy Mig Welder are not exactly top-notch
  • Not ideal for heavy duty utilize.
  • The accessories can be a tiny trouble to transport

Light-weight and Portable:

Using a light-weight of just 49 lbs, that is really easy to move plus used in comparison to other heavy-duty devices obtainable in the marketplace.

The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 MIG Welder includes all of the necessary components for proper use.

They include hands shield, gas regulator, nozzle, contact guidelines, function clamp, wire assembly and so much more.

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Long lasting metal structure:

The tool may be used intended for welding of all basic metals that exists today including carbon steel, stainless aluminum, and steel.

Most of these metals work very well with the welding procedure through this tool.

It is possible to welds light metals in addition to thick plates easily.

Impressive and Basic Safety:

Another benefit is that you could weld at increased speed levels.

That is accredited to an extraordinary feature of the device enabling consumer in order to weld from any kind of position.

Therefore it provides impressive plus basic safety.

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Very Speedy:

MIG welder reviews advise that these machines can provide you 4 times faster speed than stay welding type tools.

Faster speed subsequently means reduced hours of working, lower cost and reduced project closing time.

Overall increased effectiveness is attained along with MIG welder.

Lincoln Mig Welder Electric K2185-1 Handy

Simple Repair and Maintenance:

Your machine requires quite a few maintenances or even repair every day. However, you could easily maintain plus repair within your working area after that.

Customer Reviews:

Lincoln Mig Welder Electric K2185-1 is included with plenty of additional things; various other welders like this have been unequipped with.

The set up is quick and I can weld extremely in minutes.

I love how you get MiG cable with the Lincoln Handy MIG Welder in addition to guidelines, hose, regulator and a nozzle for MIG and everything to weld with flux primary absolutely.

I use the product all the time! And it is an excellent investment!

Clients say that, if you’re not really searching for an extremely effective welder, you will find this MIG welder can perform exceptional welds for such small welder.


Lincoln Electric K2185-1
Lincoln Electric K2185-1
4.44.4 / 5
This helpful welder includes wire plus gun assembly, work clamp and cable, gas nozzle, a spool of strong cable, gas hose and regulator, contact tips and a new tactile hands shield.

Lincoln MIG Welder Electric K2185-1 is absolutely perfect for your project.

It’s certainly a very impressive setup.

The Lincoln subsequently Electric brand name includes a legendary reputation within the welding tools sector.

In addition, you also know you will get a top-notch option, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 MIG Welder.

This machine is the sort of welding equipment that should last at least a few decades.

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