PrimeWeld CUT60 Review: CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter

The PrimeWeld CUT60 is a user-friendly machine that doesn’t require any special skills or experience. It’s built to last and is ideal for top-notch cuts, fast turnaround times, and ease of operation. This versatile unit is perfect for both industrial/construction work and home/hobby use and can be used to create artistic patterns in metals.

When you’re in the market for a plasma cutter, pay attention to its cutting quality. A well-constructed machine, like the PrimeWeld CUT60, offers a clean and smooth finish on most heavy materials like aluminum, copper, and steel. 

So in this review, I’ll take you through the highs and lows of this cutting equipment, then dig deeper into its specs and performance. Without further ado, let’s take a look! 

PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter. Clean Cut
4.54.5 / 5
It’s made for both light-duty home projects and heavy-duty tasks. From simple metalwork in the workshops to more salvaging jobs that require a strong cutting power, this tool hardly disappoints you.


  • An affordable plasma cutter with decent cutting capabilities  
  • Fantastic construction quality 
  • Dual voltages for enhanced flexibility 
  • Durable torch to ensure secure operation 
  • Pilot arc features a blow-back start for efficient cutting 
  • Excellent portability thanks to a lightweight design 
  • Continuous arc mode gives efficient cuts on rusted and painted materials 
  • Compatible with CNC machines 
  • Three-year warranty 


  • The power cord is short
  • Poorly written instruction guide 
  • The blow-back start occasionally fails 
  • Cheaply-made welding helmet

PrimeWeld CUT60 Review

You can tell that this is a modern and versatile machine right off the bat, but you’re probably asking if it’s the right choice for your needs. To help you decide whether this 60 Amp plasma cutter is worth your spending, our PrimeWeld CUT60 plasma cutter review will dive into its key features.  

Primeweld Cut60 60amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc

Pilot Arc allows you to start your cutting arc without touching the tip of your torch to the metal. This is great for cutting rusty or painted steel were direct contact can be difficult to have.

A portable unit with well-built safety features

PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter

The PT60 has the dimensions of 20 x 11 x 19 inches, and it weighs more or less 30 lbs, so you can carry the machine with one hand only. This compact and convenient size allows multiple welding tasks in different locations, from home workshops to other job sites. 

The plasma cutting process involves the heating up of metalwork and the cutting torch, which will produce flying sparks. A fire hazard can also happen if not handled properly. That being said, aside from taking safety precautions, standard safety features of a plasma cutter are key criteria to consider before buying one. 

Euro Central Connection Torch

Primeweld Cut60 EURO Central Torch

Equipped with a Euro Central Connection cutting torch, the PT60 plasma cutter is thoughtfully built for optimal users’ convenience and performance. This notable detail gives premium control on your cutting projects. It is not only easy to attach to the machine but also further enhances durability. 

Better still, the European-style connection system effectively reduces the risks of causing electric fires or shock. As there is a trigger to prevent possible accidents, you can tell that users’ safety is undoubtedly what PrimeWeld prioritized when designing this cutting tool. 

Cut Thickness and Capacities

The PrimeWeld CUT60 is a stellar product packed with power in a portable design. It is designed to provide first-rate cuts in copper, aluminum, alloy steel, stainless steel, among many other metal types. 

Cutting Tests on 220V (60 Amps)


When operated at its max rating of 60 Amp, the machine can cut steel of 7/8-inch thick, and its rated duty cycle is 60%. When being in the lower output of 20 Amps, the unit can work on metal sheets of 22 gauge. Given this, versatility is what sets this device apart. 

This plasma cutter is also an all-embracing and adaptable design, made for both commercial and home use. It can be used with two different voltages, 110v and 220v. While the standard 3-pole makes it easy to work with 220-volt power cords, the adapter allows quick plug into a 110-volt wall socket.

Cutting Tests on 110V (20 Amps)


The dual-voltage input of 110 and 220 volt also means that the machine is flexible, so there is no need to spend extra money for additional purchases if you need different cutting power levels. Users might want to note that when running on 110V, its max cutting power is 20 Amps, which is equivalent to the cutting capacity of 1/4-inch steel.

A simple yet effective design for rapid and easy cuts 

The PrimeWeld 60Amp plasma cutter has the air requirements consumption of 5CFM at 90 PSI, allowing you to cut a wide range of materials with little effort. 

Its air pressure is easily adjusted thanks to a little push knob. Once turning it to where you want, simply push it in for locking. Additionally, there is a digital readout that shows the current air pressure going through the torch. These added-on features are all well-designed to enhance usability. 

While plasma cutters that work on the starting system of high-frequency (HF) technology are not suitable for electronic devices, the PT60 is perfectly designed for CNC use. Thanks to a blow-back torch, it builds up air pressure right on the material surface, then moves the electrode away from the nozzle. This process effectively creates an arc that triggers the torch’s power. 

Better yet, this unit comes with a drag tip, meaning users can also drag its tip along the cutting metal surface, providing thinly cut metal sheets. The PT60 is undeniably an ideal tool for complex artwork that requires a high level of precision.

Better quality for the same price

While other machines within this price range don’t usually include a pilot arc, the PrimeWeld CUT-60 does. Designed to improve the cutting quality, the pilot arc efficiently burns through any rough, rusted, painted, or mesh steel materials without leaving hazardous compressed air. 

What is more important, the pilot arc also helps to extend the lifespan of consumables as your machine does not deal with blow-back gas when starting the cut. 

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Regarding the speed, each type of metal requires some adjustments to achieve the desired results. A cut chart is included in the user manual, so you might want to check that out to have top-notch cuts with minimized dross.

For example, when the electrical output is at 60 Amps, the air compressor is set at 75 psi, and the torch setting is at 0.06 inches, you can cut mild steel at approximately 2 inches/minute and aluminum at around 27 inches/minute. 

Some notices before using PrimeWeld CUT-60

As a user-friendly machine, the PT60 from PrimeWeld doesn’t require any special skills, which means users with no experience can use it safely. However, it’s worth taking note of some below problems that you might face.

Beware of the unforeseeable risks 

As with any devices that use electricity, a plasma cutter carries electrical risks. This kind of machine works by combining different parts of various operating voltages, and some of which involve high voltages. 

That being said, plasma cutting can electrocute you if not used carefully. A simple yet inexpensive solution is to use an anti-creepage switch to protect yourself from risks of shock. 

Wear proper safety equipment 

Plasma cutting produces intense flashes that can be harmful to your eyes, whereas the heat it generates can cause a fire hazard. Also, breathing in metallic dust can lead to serious problems for your lungs’ health. 

Thankfully, all of these risks are manageable as long as you wear proper protective equipment. Cover your entire body with flame-resistant clothes, wear a welding helmet, gloves, goggles, and masks. 

Make sure to only pick those that have passed standardized tests to prove they can protect you against corrosion and flammables. 

Choose reliable electrodes

Hot deals or discounts are sometimes irresistible but don’t fall for overly cheap electrodes and accessories. It’s best to pick those from PrimeWeld only for your safety and your machine’s longevity. 

Who is PrimeWeld Cut-60 Plasma Cutter for? 

It’s made for both light-duty home projects and heavy-duty tasks. From simple metalwork in the workshops to more salvaging jobs that require a strong cutting power, this tool hardly disappoints you. 

Last words

I hope this review has equipped you with sufficient information about this well-made yet affordable plasma cutter. The tool provides impressive cut quality for its price. 

More importantly, PrimeWeld CUT-60 also comes with useful features which allow you to tackle multiple welding jobs, be it basic welding on metals or other tougher tasks in the construction sites.

PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter. Clean Cut
4.54.5 / 5
It’s made for both light-duty home projects and heavy-duty tasks. From simple metalwork in the workshops to more salvaging jobs that require a strong cutting power, this tool hardly disappoints you.

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