4 Best Lotos Plasma Cutter You Need In Your Knowledge Granary

When you are tensed about buying a plasma cutter that doesn’t match with your pocket weight, then it’s high time you’ve learnt about a lotos plasma cutter. Lotos plasma cutters are the best price convenient for all times for all the users in the world. However, they are not highly technical but can easily take your home/garage tasks very easily and promptly. Many people tried using bare hands instead of buying a plasma cutter because of too much price compared to any other cutting methods. But lotos plasma cutters have been manufactured to fulfill this gap between human needs and price.

Among all the plasma cutters available in the market, lotos plasma cutters are the best price convenient compared to their technical specifications and purposes that it can handle. Due to this reason, the models of lotos plasma cutters were awarded as “Best Budget” products in 2014. Like every other brands of plasma cutting, lotos has different models. Your task would be to choose the best plasma cutter that matches with what you need to do and how you need it done.

Models of lotos plasma cutter:

lotos plasma cutter

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Like every other brands, lotos has different models for your convenience. However, it is highly recommended that you use all the precautionary measures while working with such equipments. They produce extreme heat that cuts metal sheets. In order to cut metal sheets, you also need to regard the plasma cutting thickness along with the thickness of the specimen. 4 of the best models for plasma cutting are Lotos TIG200, Lotos LT5000D, Lotos LT3200 and Lotos TIG140. You ought to know these plasma cutter reviews in order to select the best plasma cutter.

1. Lotos TIG200:

This is a substantial product having an array of functions simply inbuilt for fine and smooth plasma cutting. This product can work on both 110v and 220v voltage levels and also work in 56HZ or 60Hz. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you go to another country along with it for work. You can easily do it with the same output in both voltages. This is a square wave generation welder; this is the point where you get assured of your slag-less plasma cutting. This product requires 200 amperes of current while working and completes the circuit though the specimen. Therefore, you need to ensure that the specimen, on which you’ll work, it conductive.

2. Lotos LT3200:

In your garage, you might have a lot of light projects. Even from educational institution, you might receive any sort of project or assignment works. Well, this is one of the best plasma cutters with which, you can easily cut light materials and steel sheets. You can easily take mild steel of 16mm, stainless steel of 12mm and aluminum sheets of also 12mm thick. You can precisely cut all of them with precise edge.

There are some cool features that you won’t help knowing. It is a 32 ampere plasma cutter which is quite good for a small yet powerful plasma cutter. This is also a digital inverter plasma cutter for your information. It helps the specimen to cool down thorough its powerful fan cooling mechanism after plasma cutting. It weighs only 17.6 lbs which is quite cute to carry at any of your convenient working places. Things that you still don’t know are-1. This product cuts steel sheets 12 times faster than the speed of sound. 2. It doesn’t include oxy-fuel torch but only compressed air for plasma arc. Thus it is very easy to use, technically sound and non-hazardous. 3. You don’t need to be highly skilled to use this product for the first time and get served right away.

3. Lotos TIG140:

This is one of the best analog controlled multi voltage lotos plasma cutters. Why this plasma cutter might be useful, is very interesting. Through this analog plasma cutter, you can define the plasma level according to your own need. Therefore, you can control the cutting; you can yourself, decorate steel sheets according to your own discretion. Moreover about the plasma arc; that is IGFBT controlled. Therefore, it is highly powerful towards its cutting task. The plasma arc is concentrated, very clean, argon gas free and dry while operating on conductive specimen.

This lotos plasma cutter can take mild steels sheets, stainless steel sheets and other conductive materials of about 6mm thick. You won’t see any uneven edges and patchy ends. The input power cable is 1.8 meter long which is enough for you to move to and fro for your garage operations. However, this product can certainly be regarded a s a best plasma cutter due to its unrivaled and uncompromising quality. Towards any compatible specimen you need to work on, this is just the right one

4. Lotos LT5000D:

If you need a heavy duty plasma cutting material, then Lotos LT5000D is the right choice. This is one of the best reviewed plasma cutter that works scrupulously on metal sheets at about 50 ampere current. This is one of the Lotos products that work automatically on both 110v and 220v. As this is one of the best plasma cutters with a powerful arc on the3 lid of the torch, there must be a powerful cooling mechanism. Yes this product entails one of the best cooling systems. This is equipped with PAPST advanced German cooling system.

If you think how much area can the plasma cutter can cover, then you are at the right place. It can take stainless steels, alloys, mild steel, copper sheets, aluminum panes etc very suitably and effectively. With its plasma torch, there is a meter showing the gas pressure from the plasma cutter station. Therefore, you can suitably control your plasma cutting speed. If you need to make it slowly, then you can easily do it through changing the values.

All of the 4 plasma cutters above are very rigid and powerful in operation. However, they need to match with their technical specifications before going for plasma cutting. And to do so, you need to go through the overall plasma cutter reviews. Unless that, you won’t be able to make the best use of any lotos plasma cutter above.

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