How To Make A Dead Space Plasma Cutter?

If you are not acquainted with how to make a dead space plasma cutter, then it is high time you learn something truly exquisite and interesting. In order to make devastating damage to the target, the dead space plasma cutter is just marvelous.

Although this is a detrimental product and can surely cause loss of life for safety purposes to higher cases, this can also be used.

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The main importance of plasma cutter dead space lies in the sector of cutting precisely. When it comes to cutting big and thick metal sheets, the dead space plasma cutters come to the scene.

As the name implies, is a highly concentrating plasma arc to a specific point, where the subject intends to cut the thick metal sheet.

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What is a dead space plasma cutter?

How To Make A Dead Space Plasma Cutter

There is the term- “Dead Space” in the name of the cutter. You might’ve already thought about how exaggerating that product can be while at work. The plasma cutter dead space is nothing but a simple plasma cutter having graver cutting capabilities.

If you get to know how to make a dead space, you’ll easily understand why this product is named so. There are more than one plasma arc creators pointing at a single point, which has higher penetrating capabilities. This is predominantly the dead space with greater power in terms of plasma.

How to make a plasma cutter dead space?

Making a dead space plasma cutter at home isn’t that easy because it requires a lot of high-tech things at your hand. Moreover, it requires a suitable environment in your vicinity, which is highly costly. Yes, we are going to make you learn about making a dead space plasma cutter using cock-sheets.

Using less than 1/10 expense compared to making a real plasma cutter, you can make it using cock-sheets, a nice cutter, a tracing paper, a pencil, few spray paints, a glue gun, etc.

You’ll see a lot of varieties of plasma cutter dead space in computer games like COD, Counter-Strike, Far Cry, etc.

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1. Tracing of the stencils on the cock-sheets

Your first task would be to draw the three different stencil sketches on the hardboard/cock-sheet using a pencil. Don’t worry about the stencils of a dead space plasma cutter because you will get thousands once you search for them online.

While you are drawing the stencils, make sure that the drawing is precise and the board doesn’t move at all. You can use a dumbbell or heavy paperweight in order to make them stay steady while drawing.

2. Cut the stenciled portion out of the full cock-sheet

After you are done with the overall stencil drawing on the cock-sheet board, you’ll need to remove the stencil/tracing paper and the weights. Now take a sharp knife on the hand you work with regularly.

Cut the penciled portion precisely through the knife and pluck out the cut portion out of the whole board very nicely. But be safe and cautious. Also, make sure that you have fine/smooth edges at all the edges of the plucked-out part.

After you’ve cut all the pieces precisely, allocate them in one place and wear gloves and necessary gears

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3. Painting

This is the part that will require a mask, gloves, and necessary apron for your health safety. You are going to use spray paints to the separated parts of the plasma cutter. Paint the core/main part of the cutter with black spray.

Once the black is soaked and settled after a few minutes, use the silver spray and coat it nicely but lightly. Using copper or gold spray paints, paint the rest of the small parts in order to achieve greater detail/brightness.

4. Gluing

When all the painted parts have been dried, you’ll need a glue gun in order to attach the detailing small parts to the core part of the cutter. Make sure that you’ve attached the parts with almost the same amount of glue and have attached the parts very symmetrically.

Symmetrical outlook is one of the most vital parts of such a cutter in order to make it look like real. Now if you are completed with everything detailed; you have your original out-looking dead space plasma cutter.



Making such a dead space plasma cutter is always inquisitive, especially for youth. You can make such things and keep them in your showcase. This surely is something that will bewilder people as if you are having a real gun in your vicinity! But always make sure you’re equipped with all the safety measures and maintain safety manners. Now as you know how to make a plasma cutter; you can surely make some other sort of guns alike!

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