5 Welding Safety Tips That Every Welder Should Know

5 Welding Safety Tips That Every Welder Should Know!

5 Welding Safety Tips That Every Welder Should Know
5 Welding Safety Tips That Every Welder Should Know

Welding is a dangerous job for many reasons. You are dealing with flames that could blind you and are often working in the air. Keeping safe and knowing a few simple safety rules for welding is part of the job.

Maintaining your personal safety while at work is one of the most important parts of being a journeyman welder. If you are injured then you cannot work and you might cost the company you work for money. Keeping yourself safe is the best way to stay in the job and keep your employer happy.

There are a few easy safety tips that every welder should know and follow. Keeping yourself safe on the job is important and following these rules will help you stay safe. Here are five welding safety tips that every welder should know.

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1. Cover Up 

There should not be an inch on skin showing while you are welding. Even if you are wearing the full welding suit, you should still be wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. All of your skin should be completely covered if you are welding.

The flames that are created when you are welding can get as hot as 6,332 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the little flames that come back at you are enough to create serious burns. Making sure all of your skin is protected by fire retardant clothing is basic welding safety.

If you ever see a welder wearing shorts on the job then they are a danger to themselves and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Wearing the proper clothing for any job is important but is a matter of safety for a welder. Cover up and stay safe on the job.

2. Protect Your Ears

This might seem a bit silly to someone who has never met a welder with ear damage, but it is very important. There are a lot of small flames that fly everywhere when a welder works. If one of those flames gets into a welder’s ear they will be deaf in that ear.

The flames that come off a welder’s machine are so hot that they will immediately cauterize any eardrum they puncture. That means a welder not wearing ear protection is in danger of becoming deaf in at least one ear. Basic welder safety includes wearing ear protection any time they are working.

Sadly, not every welder knows the danger that is posed when they do not wear ear protection. Especially newer welders who have never met someone with a burnt eardrum. Wearing ear protection is a huge part of staying safe for welders. 

3. Look Around 

The UV rays created during arc welding can cause arc eye, or welder’s flash
The UV rays created during arc welding can cause arc eye or welder’s flash

Before a welder turns on their machine they need to look at the ground around them and the materials near them. If there is a wet spot or flammable material then do not turn on the machine. It is very easy for materials around a welder to catch fire and if they are chemicals they could pose a serious danger to the welders’ life.

Especially when welding near engines or in a garage it is important to know what you are near. A common chemical used in cleaning and with cars is chlorinated hydrocarbon. When combined with UV light that chemical creates a toxic gas that can be deadly. 

Not even ventilation will help with the phosgene gas that is created when you weld around chlorinated hydrocarbon chemicals. Every welder needs to know what is in their environment and if it poses any risk to their lives. Especially if they might be welding around chemicals or flammable material. 

4. Protect Your Eyes

The proper helmet provides UV ray protection
The proper helmet provides UV ray protection

Never weld if you without the best welding helmet for proper face protection. Even a second of looking at the flames without proper eye protection could lead to “arc flash.” Arc flash is a painful condition that does not appear right away so you might think you are fine until suddenly your eyes are in excruciating pain.

Welders should also wear safety glasses underneath their welding masks for added protection. A welder cannot do their job without their eyes and welding without proper eye protection is a great way to take your eyes out of commission. Arc flash is very similar to a very bad sunburn on your eyes and needs to be treated by a doctor immediately.

Always wear a face shield when welding and make sure no one walks into the room you are welding in without a face shield. Wear coated safety goggles underneath your face shield for an added layer of protection. Think of the light that comes off a welding machine like a very small sun and treat it accordingly.

5. Wear Gloves

Welding gloves have come a long way from the cumbersome one-size-fits-all make that they used to be. Now welders can find gloves that move with them and do not restrict their fingers. The most important thing is that welders’ gloves are made to keep your hands safe.

It is important a welder can use their hands as they are holding their machine. It is also important their gloves are heavy-duty enough to actually protect them. Welders used to take off their gloves if they became hard to work in, but the creation of better welding gloves has made that an excuse of the past. Keeping your hands safe while welding is very important. Remember that you can still not pick anything that as been freshly welded up without the use of pliers. Welders gloves are one of the most important parts of a welder’s outfit and now those gloves are made to be easy to work in as well as protect your hands.

To Conclude

Welders work a very dangerous job. If they are not paying attention they could seriously injure themselves or someone else. Knowing a few basic safety tips for welding is a good way to stay safe on the job.

Wear the proper gear like flameproof clothing, ear protection, gloves, and a face mask to protect all of you. A welder should not have even an inch of skin showing while they work. It is also very important a welder knows what sort of chemicals and materials are around them before they start their machine to prevent any possible fires or chemical problems. Welders do a very important job that helps make our world go round. Making sure they stay safe on the job is just a small part of everything they have to do to prepare for a day of work. These are just five of the safety tips that every welder should know.