Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter Review

The new Powermax30 XP plasma cutting system delivers high performance in a small, portable package, the Hypertherm Powermax30 XP plasma cutter is a versatile cutting tool for metal up to 5/8” (16 mm) thick as well as Hypertherm’s FineCut technology for detailed cutting of thin metals.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP
Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP
Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Hand Plasma System with Case and 15-Feet Lead
4.94.9 / 5
The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP is a plasma cutting system that gives you excellent features that separate it from other brands in the same league.

Below is a Hypertherm Powermax30 XP review that will make you consider investing in one.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Review

Powermax30 XP Easy to use

Whether you are an expert or beginner, you will find the cutter very easy to use. Because the Hypertherm Powermax30 plasma cutter uses the drag-cutting technology, which significantly reduces your learning curve and allows you to spend more time working.

High Performance

The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP is built with performance in mind from the ground up 50% increase in cutting power* for fast cut speeds

Easy setup and controls allow you to get to work quickly thus boosting your overall productivity.

Video Powermax30 XP Setup

Very versatile

Especially relevant, the Powermax 30 Xp offers capabilities for cutting thick metals up to 5/8″ or for delicate and precise cutting of thin metals.

Changing the abilities is just a matter of configuration. You can set it to a high power to cut thick metals.

The FineCut feature will appeal to craftspeople who need precise and delicate cuts.

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Cuts a wide range of metals

The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP also features a Continuous Pilot Arc feature for cutting expanded, rusted and painted metals.

It can cut any sort of metal including (but not limited to) mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

It is not affected by metals that are painted or rusted.

Can operate in using 120V and 240V A.C sources

The unit can operate on 120 Volts or 240 Volts.

To achieve this, it ships with adapter plugs.

It also comes with the Safe Only Feature and Auto-Voltage technology. Also, the cutter works on compressed air.

Very portable

The cutter is very mobile, and you can carry it with you to your job site.

It is relatively light as it tips the scales at 21lbs and it also comes with a hard plastic case.


High efficiency

The Powermax 30 XP is very efficient, in fact, it is 70% more efficient as compared to other models.

It operates on fewer consumables than other cutting systems comparable to it.

In the long run, the focus on efficiency offsets the higher retail price.

Comes with extra gadgets for quick setup

The cutter comes with all you need to start using it.

All is packed inside a lasting carrying case when you purchase the unit. Some of these items include shaded glasses and gloves.

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Made in America

The Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP is an American product.

It is thus designed to perform exceptionally well through years of heavy use.

The cutter is therefore robust, reliable, and dependable.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP: Very safe

The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP operates on nitrogen gas or air as opposed to explosive or dangerous gases, therefore ensuring your safety health-wise.

Comes with the Duramax LT torch design

Duramax LT torch design provides a comfortable and sure grip made from impact and heat resistant material.

Pros And Cons Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP


  • Setting it up is easy, and it is very portable.
  • Powerful and affordable.
  • Come with other shaded glasses, rugged case, standard consumables, carry strap, and FineCut consumables.
  • Powermax 30 operates on either 240V or 110V currents.


  • You have to acquire an air compressor
  • You will need extensive practice before mastering how to make precision cuts

Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP Comparison Chart

Miller Spectrum 375
Hypertherm Powermax30 XP
Lotos LT5000D
3.83.8 / 5
4.84.8 / 5
3.73.7 / 5
Ships with cord adapters
Glasses, gloves and cord adapters
Cutting Ability
3/8” of steel
Cutting Ability
5/8” on 220V and 1/2” on 120V
Cutting Ability
1/2” steel
Voltage Mode
120V and 220V
Voltage Mode
120V and 220V
Voltage Mode
No dual mode


Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Hand Plasma System with Case and 15-Feet Lead
4.94.9 / 5
The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP is a plasma cutting system that gives you excellent features that separate it from other brands in the same league.

If you are a novice to plasma cutters then Hypertherm Powermax30 XP is just the right gadget for you.

You will get started in no time as it easy to learn and use.

However, if you prefer taking your plasma cutter to your job site, then the Powermax makes it easy for you as it is very light (portable).

Artists, craftspeople, and hobbyists will love the cutter due to its ability to produce delicate and thin cuts.

Probably you work in metal artwork, ornamental or sign manufacturing, auto repair e.t.c, you will find the Powermax30 XP a very efficient and versatile tool.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Powermax30 XP is, no doubt, one of the best plasma cutters on the market.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP has compelling features and an appropriate price.

I would recommend it to you if you seek to buy a new cutter or upgrade to a better one.

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