Hobart Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter Buying Guide

In this regard, we introduce you to a new product named Hobart Airforce 500i. This is a product filled with extraordinary capabilities and accessories.

 Hobart Airforce 500i
Hobart Airforce 500i 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter
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The Hobart Airforce 500i is one of the best plasma cutter in home necessities and accessories
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What’s in the product box of the Hobart Airforce 500i?

You’ll get a set of accessories required for the best prominent operation out of this product. You’ll get the following things in the box

  1. Hobart AirForce 500i with MVP (multi-voltage plug)
  2. HP-50 torch with 16.5 lead cable
  3. 5 ft. heavy-duty work clamp
  4. 2 extra electrodes and tips separately.
  5. 1 airline fitting consumable
  6. 3m power cord with MVP plugs
  7. Standoff

All these accessories are for your best use of the Hobart plasma cutter 500i.

But make sure that you have acquired all the necessary accessories because if you miss any, you might get into a hassle.

Hobart Airforce 500i

Besides all the extraordinary accessories of the Hobart plasma few sets, there are a few sets of benefits that are quite useful for you to know

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Reliable technology

The Hobart Airforce 500i is one of the best Hobart plasma cutter in-home necessities and accessories. Reliability is truly a convincing factor and this product just serves that with surety as a plus.

Inverter-based plasma arc production also makes a safe and sound plasma production form the plasma torch, which is the main function of this product.

Also, the portability has provided a lot of reliable task guarantees compared to any other conventional typed plasma cutters.

Cutting categories it covers

There is a good range in which this plasma cutter cuts quite effectively. It can easily take up mild steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel, or predominantly any other typed steel. However, the thickness of the steel sheet obviously matters.

This surely isn’t capable of taking care of .5 feet or more thick steel sheets. 

As for being a very portable device, its efficiency is limited to the greatest possible extent.

It can take steel sheets from 3/8 inches to 5/8 inches very proficiently. 

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Benefits of using this plasma cutter over oxy-fuel cutters

In most of the oxy-fuel cutters, the plasma arc can’t be controlled with greater attention and care.

In addition to that, oxy-fuel cutters produce greater slags and thicker kerf compared to that of plasma cutting steel cutting mechanism.

Hobart Airforce 500i is truly a convincing plasma cutter that guarantees to provide as little as possible kerf and produce extra steel debris. Moreover, flame controlling/tuning is another factor that is to set in oxy-fuel plasma cutters.

But Hobart inverter plasma cutters don’t require any such attention because it has a fixed amount of plasma sets.

Multi-voltage plug

Though this is a point from the technical specification this part provides massive benefits for all the users worldwide.

Hobart 500i

The multi-voltage plug (MVP) allows you to use the Hobart Airforce 500i plasma cutter at both voltages, either 110 volts or 220 volts.

Our world has many countries, which are producing electricity at 110 volts, and the rest are producing 220 volts.

You can easily take any voltage up and the built-in transformer of the plasma cutter will manage the output power accordingly to the plasma torch!

Keep Reading for more useful tips when using the Hobart Airforce 500i plasma cutter

Safety measures you should remember

As for being a very high temperature producing appliance, you always need to be very careful; especially at the vicinity of the plasma torch.

Fix the plasma torch very carefully and firmly so that the plasma arc is thrown symmetrically and very perfectly. 

Moreover, you need to make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and gloves while you are working.

Besides, you need to keep safety gear aside from you while working like a sandbox, water pipelines for emergency fire extinguishing, etc. You can think of any safety measures that you might feel necessary in the working room.


 Hobart Airforce 500i
Hobart Airforce 500i 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter
4.44.4 / 5
The Hobart Airforce 500i is one of the best plasma cutter in home necessities and accessories
Check Price at Amazon ››

A plasma cutter is highly tech equipment if that runs on electricity rather than the oxy-fuel combination. To make the best use of such tech products, you better get familiar with all the necessary steps first.

If necessary, you’d better Google/YouTube all the information about using this kind of product. Then plug and play the product according to what you’ve learned because unless that, you might fall into grave accidents!

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